how to contour a pale face

How To Contour A Pale Face

In this tutorial, we will teach how to contour a pale face. Though we are not at the peak of the contour movement, we are still eager for a sculpted appearance, although one that is more natural than in previous years. The strongly shaded and highlighted style may not be for everyone, but it has at least taught some of us how to carve our cheekbones and define our jawlines.

Contouring is still a bit of a scary idea for the paler set. After all, no one likes to overdo it, and people with pale skin are substantially more likely to do so. But pale women also want cheekbones. Here is a step-by-step guide to contouring pale skin.

how to contour a pale face
How To Contour A Pale Face (Image Source: Pinterest)

Prep Your Skin

prep your skin
Prep Your Skin (Image Source: Pinterest)

Do not skip steps; a healthy and cheerful complexion is necessary for a flawless contour application. After applying a generous amount of skincare, apply a thin layer of primer, your preferred foundation, and concealer.

The expert explains that translucent powder relies on the contouring formula you choose. If it is a cream or gel, you will put it on top of your foundation and then possibly set it. However, if you’re using a contouring powder, you’ll need to set the makeup beneath to make blending simpler.

Choose the Right Shade

choose the right shade
Choose the Right Shade (Image Source: Pinterest)

People with pale skin avoid the temptation to apply colors that may look good on their tanned friends. When it comes to particular products, Bobbi Brown’s Golden Light Bronzing Powder is an excellent product for pale complexion since it’s a very light, delicate bronzer that merely provides warmth and a touch of depth to the desired contouring areas.

Go for the Creamy Products

go for the creamy products
Go for the Creamy Products (Image Source: Pinterest)

Choose a stick, a pot, or a compact whenever possible. Contour kits are also fantastic for custom blending but often include colors you would never use. The Hourglass Vanish Foundation Sticks have a superb consistency and a wide variety of hues and may be used as a contour.

Apply It Correctly

apply it correctly
Apply It Correctly (Image Source: Pinterest)

The pale set may go wrong with contouring in two primary ways: by applying it too thickly and by selecting the incorrect shade. To minimize sharp lines, apply a powder contour to the hollows of the cheeks, temples, and jawline using a medium fluffy brush. When applying creams, you may also use foundation brushes, but you must clean them in between use.

Apply Bronzer

apply bronzer
Apply Bronzer (Image Source: Pinterest)

Bronzers are an excellent technique to warm up even the fairest complexion. Finding a hue that does not pull orange and blending is extremely significant. “If you want to maintain a little warmth and radiance, you’ll use Dior’s Mineral Nude Bronze or Chantecaille’s Radiance Gel Bronzer.

Consider choosing a powder that is 2 to 3 shades darker than your regular face powder. This will ensure that the contouring on your skin shines out just enough.

Fix Your Mistakes

Mistakes do happen. The secret is not to worry; instead, blend in. Use a big, fluffy powder brush and translucent powder to soften the appearance of sharp lines. Using a generous quantity of a face mist. “This unites the layers with the skin and offers you the ability to move, blend, and dilute the ingredients of your makeup application. Occasionally, it can even fix what has gone wrong.

Highlight Your Features

highlight your features
Highlight Your Features (Image Source: Pinterest)

When discussing contouring, we never neglect to enhance some areas using a highlighter. It is the same for pale skin tones. I love a highlighter to highlight my cheekbones and brow bones and to provide a shine to your usual foundation when required.