how to cover up scabs on face

Guide On How To Cover Up Scabs On Face

How to cover up scabs on face? You little wild thing that you are, it appears that you have lost control and pinched the place. It is not ideal, but it does occur, and we are not here to play the shame game because we can relate.

No matter how much tea tree oil, aloe vera, salicylic acid, or benzoyl peroxide you use, there are just some spots that can’t be left untouched. It doesn’t matter how much you use any of those treatments; there are just some spots that can’t be left untouched. The elimination of blemishes is not a simple task.

cover up scabs on face
Cover Up Scabs On Face (Image Source: Pinterest)

Squeezing, however, does not always prove to be the brilliant plan you had envisioned it to be all along. We’re willing to wager that you’ve ended up with a nasty pimple scab that is quite difficult to conceal. We are aware that this is a harsh irony, given that you were attempting to make the damn thing less obvious.

It is never a good time to apply your typical creamy concealer or full-coverage foundation over the flaky skin that is surrounding your acne scab, which is another reason why it can be a nightmare to try to conceal acne scabs.

You will, nine times out of ten, come to the conclusion that your scab looks so goddamn obvious that you should immediately begin requesting a plus one to everything.

The question now is, how to hide scabs on the face? If you have acne-prone skin, this might be the best beauty tip you’ve come across so far, according to our pals on the Makeup Addiction community, who have the perfect way to get rid of pimple scabs.

How To Cover Up Scabs On Face

In a recent discussion, someone suggested that, in addition to making the healing of acne scabs your top priority, you should also forego the use of your typical concealer and instead choose to cover the scab with a full coverage loose powder foundation. 

You should simply use the pad of your finger to apply the powder rather than poking about it with a large old powder brush or concealer brush. This will give you a more natural look.

According to the person who goes by the name MyNeighBertoloro, the outcome of using this procedure was absolutely no discernible texture. “I know this is going to sound completely wrong, but if you want to avoid flakes, the best concealer to use is full coverage loose powder foundation,” the makeup artist advised. 

“What you do is you press the pad of your finger into the powder and then press that on top of the spot, and it will be even more full coverage and skin-like than a liquid or cream concealer,” wrote MyNeighBertoloro. “What you do is you press the pad of your finger into the powder and then press that on top of the spot.”

After having difficulty concealing a scab on chin, the user wrote, “I have dry skin and one time had a pretty horrible purple boil between my brows from BHA purging.” 

The user went on to say that they actually discovered this handy little tip after having difficulty doing so. It became crusty and quite painful. The infamously full-coverage Shape Tape would pool in the center, then fade away from the edges while sticking to flakes after ten minutes, making it appear as though there was some sort of nasty pus wart thing on the face.

It doesn’t sound like much fun to have a terrible pus wart. People honestly couldn’t tell at all that there was a bulge there unless they were standing way off to the side. 

As a last effort, I discovered the powder method, which flattened its general aspect as well. Additionally, it lasted for more than eight hours without the use of a primer.

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