how to curl eyelashes permanently

Hacks On How To Curl Eyelashes Permanently

I was fortunate to inherit incredibly long lashes. Sadly, they also won’t maintain a curl for more than 30 seconds. My eyelashes start to fall just a few minutes after I’ve finished with my makeup. I decided to test out common eyelash curling hacks and tips to see if they may help me learn how to curl eyelashes permanently.

The issue about my eyelashes is this: They are lengthy and practically straight down over my eyes in their natural form. Both curled and uncurled, they are fairly thin and appear a little sparse without any mascara.

curl eyelashes permanently
Curl Eyelashes Permanently (Image Source: Pinterest)

When I remember, I wear spectacles, so I normally only curl my eyelashes as part of my daily makeup regimen because I know they’ll be concealed behind my frames. However, when I decide to wear my glasses, I’ll grab any random mascara I have on my makeup vanity.

Fortunately, despite all of my issues with my lashes, there are plenty of cosmetic tips on the internet. Whether it’s popular TikTok videos or influencer suggestions, whatever you’re looking for is probably already online.

Beauty tips can, of course, be hit or miss, but putting them to the test will reveal whether there is, in fact, a technique to help your lashes maintain their curl for more than 20 minutes. I looked up popular curling techniques on how to curl eyelashes permanently and tried them, so you don’t have to.

How To Curl Eyelashes Permanently Tips

Here are the how to curl eyelashes permanently tips I tested out and what actually worked to keep my eyelashes curled, from heating the curler to using the wiggle method to apply mascara.

Hack #1: Wiggling mascara 

In terms of my daily cosmetic routine, especially when it comes to mascara, I am quite slack. My hands simply aren’t steady enough to apply it without smudging my eyelids or poking myself in the eye.

But this trick, which suggests twisting your mascara brush for enhanced eyelash lift, seemed to play to that strength once. Since it will also ensure that your lashes stay de-clumped and appear fuller, I had heard of this technique as the “correct way” to apply mascara, but I had never tried it out for myself.

You must quickly draw up while wiggling the applicator at the base of your lashes, and the curl eyelashes before and after results are going to be mind-blowing. This ensures that the product doesn’t burden your lashes down by allowing the majority of the product to be at the bottom rather than the top of your lashes.

Hack #4: Apply waterproof mascara first, then regular mascara

To learn how to curl eyelashes permanently, use waterproof mascara first, then regular mascara. I’m not too fond of anything waterproof for whatever reason.

I’ve avoided waterproof cosmetics for years, but I don’t know if it’s the chemicals or hydrophobic components in the product that frighten me—especially because it will be applied close to my eyes.

However, a lot of advice for keeping eyelashes curled longer suggests using waterproof mascara first, and the curl eyelashes before and after results are amazing. This is the proper way to keep your lashes looking gorgeous all day, say the experts, makeup blogs, and even the pros.

Hack #3: Warm up my eyelash curler

Heating up your eyelash curler is one tip on how to curl eyelashes permanently. This tip has been shared with me a dozen times by makeup artists and on Pinterest.

The theory behind heating eyelash curlers is that they maintain their curl for longer. The idea seems reasonable because heat can be used to straighten or curl your head hair, and eyelashes are also made of hair, right?

The only tools needed are an eyelash curler and a heat source, followed by your standard curling technique. I warmed up my go-to Shu Uemura eye curler with a hair dryer before curling each eye for this trick.

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