how to curl lash extensions

The Best Way To Curl Your Lash Extensions

Learning how to curl lash extensions is beneficial because the eyes seem more open, and you have a more attractive appearance when you curl your lashes. 

Because of this, some ladies choose to have their eyelashes lifted, while others opt for eyelash extensions with abundant curls. However, how to curl lash extensions? Are eyelash extensions capable of being curled?

Eyelash extensions cannot be curled, although the natural lash to which they are connected may be curled with a hot curler. Eyelash extensions come with a curl that has been set for you already.

curl your lash extensions
Curl Your Lash Extensions (Image Source: Pinterest)

If you would like your extensions to have a more pronounced curl, you may either rebook an appointment with your lash stylist or wait until your next refill to have them refilled.

Please keep reading to learn the primary causes of lash extensions losing their curls, as well as solutions to the problem when it occurs, the advantages of using hot curlers, and the proper technique for doing so.

You’ll also find out why you shouldn’t use a typical eyelash curler or have a lash lift when you have eyelash extensions, as well as how to keep the extensions’ curling ability intact and how to curl lash extensions. Let’s get started!

Why Curl Eyelash Extensions With a Curler?

When you wear eyelash extensions, the only reason you would want to use an eyelash curler is to curl your natural lashes so that they contour the curl of your extensions. This is the only time you would want to do this.

You shouldn’t even attempt to curl the extension since you can’t! The thermoplastic fiber known as PBT is used to manufacture the vast majority of synthetic eyelash extensions. The manufacturer has predetermined the curl pattern of the extensions. 

They curl the synthetic lashes in a way that is permanent by using specialized instruments and the ideal amount of heat. It is impossible to do this procedure at home, particularly when the extensions have already been attached to the client’s natural lashes.

If your lash extensions have lost their curl, are going straight, or if you just do not find them curly enough, you should rebook an appointment with your lash stylist as soon as possible.

In light of the fact that a picture is worth a thousand words, let’s take a look at how to curl your natural lashes while you have eyelash extensions in place.

Eyelash extensions are applied to natural lashes before curling them with a wand. The darker lash is meant to reflect your original lash, while the lighter lash is meant to depict the extension.

What do you take into account? The natural lash has a more subtle curl, whereas the extension has a more obvious curl.

In all honesty, you can hardly tell a gap between the extension and the natural lash. However, you may minimize the appearance of the gap by curling your natural lashes.

Eyelash extension applied to natural lashes after curling with an eyelash curler. However, take precautions!

When using eyelash extensions, it would be best never to use a mechanical curler on your natural lashes. This post will demonstrate how to curl lash extensions using a hot curler.

How To Curl Lash Extensions Using A Hot Curler

You simply just need to follow these steps to learn how to curl lash extensions using a hot eyelash curler:

  • Wash and clean your lashes.
  • Make sure to comb them to prevent clumping or adhering of the eyelashes.
  • Because moist lashes won’t keep their curl, let them dry fully on their own.
  • Activate the eyelash curler.
  • Bring the lashes into touch with the heating surface once it is heated enough (some devices will sound an indication when it is ready). 
  • Avoid using the hot curler at the root of your lashes, where the extension is connected to the normal lash. Put the lashes on the silicone pad for the model. You should let your eyelashes fall into the comb for the wand model.
  • Depending on the kind of curls you desire, lift or twist the appliance.
  • To lock in the curls, hold for three to ten seconds.
  • If you want your eyelash curls to last longer, repeat three times.

That will be the end of the bog. I hope you liked it and learned how to curl lash extensions. If you want to read about the latest beauty and fashion trends, visit BS Makeup Kits.