how to curl your eyelashes with a spoon

Complete Guide On How To Curl Your Eyelashes With A Spoon

You’ve probably read a lot of beauty advice over the years, but I still have one that might surprise you, such as how to curl your eyelashes with a spoon. I recently learned about an ancient craze that has come back, thanks to TikTok: using a spoon to curl your eyelashes. Yes, you did read that right.

Hear me out on this one, even though it seems a little out of the ordinary. You may not enjoy eyelash curlers, have given up using them totally after experiencing damage to your lashes, or have found yourself in a situation where you’ve lost or forgotten your curler. 

curl your eyelashes with a spoon
Curl Your Eyelashes With A Spoon (Image Source: Pinterest)

Whatever the justification, curling your eyelashes with a clean, old-fashioned spoon actually works. Don’t worry if anything seems difficult or complicated.

Tutorial On How To Curl Your Eyelashes With A Spoon

Here is a lesson on how to curl your eyelashes with a spoon. This method is so simple that you can decide to stop using your eyelash curler entirely.

Step 1: Position Your Spoon

After cleaning your spoon, locate the part that slightly curls (it’s just before the front tip section) and position it so that it gently rests against your lash line and eyelashes.

Before you start the curling procedure, apply mascara primer to your eyelashes if you enjoy doing so. Before applying mascara, it won’t obstruct and will give your lashes a terrific start.

Step 2: Warm Up Your Spoon (Optional)

You can achieve a somewhat stronger curl if desired by carefully heating your spoon with a blowdryer. Before placing the spoon close to your eyes after heating, test its temperature by tapping it on the inside of your forearm. If the metal is excessively hot and has to cool down a bit before use, you will be able to know right away.

Step 3: Gently raise the lashes

Once the spoon is parallel to your lash line, gently press your eyelashes up against the curved portion of the spoon. Continue doing this along your lash line until the spoon reaches the inner corner of your eye, which is where your lashes start.

Depending on the kind of curling effect you want, you can start at the base of your lashes and work your way up to the tips. This helps you to cover each area thoroughly and properly curl your lashes without leaving any dangling.

You get the same benefits from an eyelash curler with the gentle pushing motion against the metal that encourages lashes to curl upward.

Find the spoon angle that is most comfortable for you by experimenting with it. For instance, if holding the spoon on its side when curling is preferable, choose to do so. You can also press while angling the tip lower if necessary. The ideal technique is to move in a way that feels natural to you.

Step 4: Apply mascara right away

It’s crucial to apply your mascara as soon as you’ve finished curling your lashes. The kind of mascara you use is crucial for giving your lashes the best possible curled and voluminous appearance. For instance, choose a solution that will help thicken and add some length if you want your lashes to look bigger, and so on.

Step 5: Take a look at those lashes

All that’s left to do is relax and enjoy your freshly curled eyelashes. It wasn’t so difficult, was it? 

Remember how to curl your eyelashes with a spoon. It’s actually very simple if you like to do so after applying mascara. You can simply repeat the process by bending your eyelashes forward with your fingers for more lift, and you won’t have to worry about them sticking to the inner section like they might with a lash curler. 

To avoid getting mascara on your fingers, the spoon, or flaking, wait a few minutes after applying it before curling your lashes.

I hope you liked today’s tutorial on how to curl your eyelashes with a spoon and that you enjoyed it. If you want to read more, visit BS Makeup Kits.