how to curl your lashes without a curler

What Things To Use Instead Of An Eyelash Curler?

How to curl your lashes without a curler? My eyelash curler is the one item in my collection of beauty supplies that I seem to lose the most regularly. In all seriousness, that thing tends just to get up and walk away, especially on days when I am very focused on my big doe eyes. 

things to use instead of a eyelash curler
Things To Use Instead Of A Eyelash Curler (Image Source: Pinterest)

After sending out a search party in an attempt to locate my misplaced tool and coming up empty-handed, I am left with two choices:

I can either skip the curl, which is not a great option for my lash hairs because they are so stubbornly straight, or I can try to curl my lashes without using a curler. It’s true that professionals do have a few secrets up their sleeve.

How to curl your lashes without a curler

Still, we strongly suggest using a good lash curler if at all possible (and if you’re in the market for a new one, check out these mild tools), but if you find yourself in a pinch, the following ways will give you the bend you’re looking for on how to curl your lashes without a curler.

Employ a cotton swab

While you wait for your mascara to dry, you have a valuable window; make use of it by promoting even more curl! After applying mascara, you can hold a cotton swab horizontally at the base of your lash line. Lift the lashes gently into the appropriate position, then hold them until the mascara has completely dried. The lashes should hold their raised position as you pull back.

Make use of your mascara brush

It’s not true that all mascara brushes are made the same: Some are wonderful for adding volume, others are terrific for adding separation, and others are designed specifically for adding curl and lift.

When it comes to the latter, you’ll need a curved mascara wand, which helps lift the base, and the brush’s bristles should be rather dense, especially on the inner end of the wand.

According to makeup expert Jude Andam, “if you’re looking for short curly eyelash extensions, you want a mascara wand that is dense, and that has a lot of bristles” to achieve the desired effect.

This mascara brush is designed to capture lashes and gently pull them up as you apply them, creating the appearance of lifted lashes.

It is comparable to a circular brush that is used for hair. The Curling Mascara from Graylane Beauty and The Big Clean Mascara from Kosas are two examples of mascaras that meet the requirements.

The way in which you use your mascara can also make a significant difference. “Building a strong layer of mascara at the base of your lashes can assist give them some lift,” adds Patinkin.

“When applying mascara to your eyelashes, start at the base and work your way up, pressing and lifting the mascara as you move your applicator in a smooth, back-and-forth motion. You shouldn’t take too much of the product up to the tips, but you should hold your lashes up with the applicator while the foundation dries, and then repeat it one or two more times.”

It should be possible to keep the lashes elevated if you hold them up while the mascara dries at the root. Just be careful not to pack on too much color at the very tips of the lashes since this can cause them to become heavier again.

Heated toothbrush

Hot water should be used to thoroughly clean a toothbrush before it is gently pressed into a fresh towel to dry. Starting at the base of the lid, run a brush through the lashes, stopping at the tips to curl them. This is very efficient if you want short curly eyelash extensions.

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