reverse perm to straighten hair

How To Do A Reverse Perm To Straighten Hair?

We get it if you prefer wavy hair for a few days and straight hair for others. Try a reverse perm at home if you’re sick of your permed hair. Your hair will be straightened at home with a flattening iron or perming kit. Also, smoothing and straightening permed hair without causing harm to your hair is possible with some safety measurements.

What is a reverse perm to straighten hair? It is a method of removing curls from hair. It’s most commonly used to loosen up kinky curls. This is one of the natural ways to straighten your perms. A waving lotion or gel can use to straighten your wavy hair instantly.

There are several advantages to doing your own reverse perming at home than going to a salon, such as saving money and time. If you’d want to learn how to do a reverse perm to straighten hair a perm, keep reading. 

2 Methods To Straighten Permed Hair

reverse perm to straighten hair
Reverse Perm To Straighten Hair (Image Source: Pinterest)

You went to great lengths to get curly hair, but now you’re considering reversing the perm since you’re unsatisfied with the results. In the end, you’re not the first and won’t be the last person to either become tired of or dislike their curly hairdo.

Although it’s not suggested, there are methods you can do to go back to having a straight, sleek do instead of your current one. At the very least, you must wait two weeks before doing anything new. If you’ve recently had a perm, your hair is susceptible, and using chemicals or heat on it could have terrible effects. If you decide to accomplish anything, just be patient.

Method #1 (Use Flat Iron)

Yes, you can use this as a short-term fix. Straightening your hair too regularly and exposing it to heat will only make the results persist until you rewash it.

Straight hair can be achieved with flat iron if you want to do it for a special occasion. The damage will still be there, but it won’t be as bad as the chemicals used.

In addition to being the least damaging, this method is the most accessible to the general public. Before using this tool, you may also minimize the damage to your hair by using a heat protectant and conditioner.

One of the drawbacks is that it’s only a short-term fix, and you shouldn’t do it too often. No matter how often you straighten your hair monthly, you must wait at least two weeks following a perm before using hot tools on your hair again to loosen the curls.

The perm will leave your hair brittle, so even if it is healthy and well-nourished, you should wait a few days before applying heat to it again to allow it to settle.

The refined look will persist if you don’t wash your hair for a few days. After that, you’ll be back at your perm-loving best. If you use an iron to straighten your hair too often, the perm will get looser with each wash. Waves will continue until the perm effect is gone.

Method #2 (Use Perming Kit)

This method will help you keep your permed hair straight for the long term. Before reapplying chemicals, you should ensure your hair is properly hydrated so the following procedure can be carried out safely. A professional hydration treatment or a highly nourishing one at home is recommended.

Straight hair can be achieved using a perm solution and a neutralizer provided by the kit. The use of strong chemicals in this procedure makes it best suited for having done by a professional hairstylist.

Apply the straightening solution to your hair if you prefer a do-it-yourself treatment. When applying the solution, comb each hair strand straight and ensure it stays that way while you want. Now, wash your hair with very hot water, apply the neutralizer and again wash your hair with very hot water as per the instructions on the packaging.

This method has several advantages, the most important of which is that it is permanent and can be tried at home. The hair might be damaged and become dry and brittle as a result.

In the end, you’ll have straight hair that needs extra attention. Your hair may not be completely straight, but it will no longer be curly if you try to reverse perm immediately. I hope you loved this article and find it helpful. Also, you are maybe interested to read about how to straighten permed hair permanently.