how to put bat winged eyeliner on hooded eyes

How To Put Bat Winged Eyeliner On Hooded Eyes

I can’t help but save every single glittering, graphic, and dreamy eye makeup look that Katie Jane Hughes, a New York City-based cosmetics artist, posts on Instagram. One of her signatures aka bat wing eyeliner, for example, is both practical and attractive.

She’s come up with a terrific method for those of us who want to learn eyeliner for hooded eyes.

For people with this downturned eye shape, which typically involves the skin around your eyes folding over your wrinkles, applying eyeliner for downturned eyes that appear as sharp as Ariana Grande’s can be difficult. When you close your eyes and make flicks, you’ll notice a dip when you open it.

hooded eyes
Hooded Eyes (Image Source: Pinterest)

Because I have hooded eyes, I often make allowances by bringing my wing closer to my temples to draw attention to it. Not everybody, though, is as daring as I am.

Hughes’s ruse yields a solution. When your eye is open, you draw a bat wing liner-like shape on the eye, and your bat eyeliner looks like any other cat eye. It does, however, have an interesting swooping design when closed. Hughes argues that as a result, it’s two looks in one.

Eyeliner in the form of a bat’s wing. When people struggle to achieve a bat eyeliner look, it’s mainly due to hooded eyelids, which smear the design rapidly. Hughes’ bat wing eyeliner technique, thankfully, comes to the rescue. The secret to applying eyeliner is to keep your eyes open and stare straight ahead.

With the hope that your angled bat wing liner silhouette will be apparent when you close your eyes, you’ll be able to achieve the coveted bat wing liner’s sharp tip with this method. This isn’t a bad thing, to be clear. Kate created the iconic design, which has now gone viral on social media.

How To Do Bat Wing Eyeliner: the best way

Hughes first draws out the form with a malleable pencil that glides easily across lids, rather than sketching the bat wing eyeliner with a pencil that is malleable and glides easily across lids.

Two of her favorites are Charlotte Tilbury’s Rock ‘N’ Kohl Eyeliner Pencil and Em Cosmetics’ Matte Gel Pencil, which won a Best of Beauty Award.

Hughes suggests creating your own pigment to our eyeliner for hooded eyes by spritzing a matte black shadow (or any color you want to wing it with) with a setting spray like MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ if you have sensitive, possibly uncomfortable skin surrounding your lids.

Do you want to try a fresh bat wing eyeliner look? We have just what you are seeking. A makeup artist, Amrita Mehta, shows how to create this ultra-graphic bat wing eyeliner look. It has the appearance of a typical cat eye, but it has been cranked up to 11.

It’s attractive and surprisingly easy, and it flatters all kinds of eye shapes, especially hooded eyes. So you can say that this is a look tilted eyeliner for hooded eyes.

Bat Wing Eyeliner Tutorial

Here is how this bat wing eyeliner tutorial goes:

Step 1: Priming the lids

With complete coverage and high wear concealer, make a smooth even skin tone on the eyelid. To achieve the clear appearance of the bat wing liner, mix it all the way up to the eyebrows and all across the eyelid.

Step 2: Set the primer with powder

To finish the concealer, use a loose setting powder. Choose a translucent powder or a color that matches your skin tone precisely. Amrita’s recipe calls for banana powder. 

Step 3: Make a rough sketch of the bat wing eyeliner

Begin by drawing down the bat wing eyeliner shape you wish to attain. “I’m intending to chisel out my bat eyeliner shape with a pencil,” she proclaims. “The basic guideline is to align the pencil with the bridge of your nose and the corner of your eye, then tilt it toward your brow.”Bat eyeliner should be applied from the tail of your brow to the corner of your eye and then to the corner of your nose.”

While sketching down your bat eyeliner outline, Hughes recommends keeping your eyes and brows as relaxed as they can get.

The form you make when applying eyeliner with wider eyes or higher brows may be bent once your face has been loosened. Whatever your baseline is, try to keep your facial expression as neutral as possible.

Step 4: Conceal to freshen the bat wing eyeliner

When you’ve established a basic outline of the bat eyeliner shape you want, go in with a concealer or a makeup remover-soaked brush to create more precise borders. Steps one and two should be done on the other eye, using the first as a guide for placement (to get a more even, symmetrical look).

Step 5: Link in the lash line

With the same product, draw a line from your top lash line to the edge of your bat wing. Use an angled shadow brush to smooth and velvet out the pencil lines for a precise, uniform line for the bat eyeliner.

Step 6: Draw an angled point

Construct an angled point by drawing a line from the tip of the outer wing to the eye crease and filling in the region. Use an angled brush to fine-tune the shape of the bat wing eyeliner.

Step 7: Liquid product on your penciled wing

Once you have created a wonderful, neat, precise shape with a pencil, go over it with something that will remain much longer: liquid eyeliner. Rather than buying a liquid liner, Hughes prefers to make her own with black eyeshadow and setting spray for her bat wing liner.

She continues, “Now I’m going to take a black eyeshadow and a little bit of M.A.C. [setting spray] and spritz some of it straight onto the eyeshadow.”

“Then, with a delicate liner brush, I’ll blend everything to make a combination.” As you can see, this sort of eyeliner formula is one of my faves since it glides and has an inky, flowing, opaque appearance.

Starting at the base of the bat wing eyeliner, apply this paste (or your preferred liquid eyeliner recipe) over the form you sketched in pencil during step one.

Fill in any gaps or spots where the drawing is thinner than was left by the pencil. And there you go, your how to do bat wing eyeliner tutorial has been completed with the dream bat eyeliner look.

Bat Wing Eyeliner Tutorial

Bat Wing Eyeliner Hooded Eyes

A powerful makeup appearance is something we admire. While brilliant red lips, draping blush, and mile-long lashes are reasonably easy to achieve with a multitude of products and methods to note on almost every skin tone and face shape, nailing the perfect wing tip is significantly more difficult.

At least, not until celebrity makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes came to Instagram to provide what we believe is the best cosmetic tip of the year.

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Bat Wing Eyeliner Hooded Eyes (Image Source: Pinterest)

Eyeliner is shaped like a bat wing liner. When women struggle to achieve a winged eyeliner look, it’s mainly due to hooded eyelids, which smear the design rapidly. Hughes’ bat wing eyeliner technique, luckily, comes to the rescue. The secret to applying eyeliner is to keep your eyes open and stare straight ahead.

You’ll be able to get the correct wing tip this way, with the exception that your angled bat wing eyeliner silhouette will be visible when you close your eyes.

This is not anything to be embarrassed about, in my opinion, because it is entirely normal. Katie created a one-of-a-kind bat wing eyeliner design that has gone viral on the internet.

Bat Wing Eyeliner Hooded Eyes

How To Put Eyeliner On Hooded Eyes

Are you always struggling to put on the sharp liner on your hooded eyes and by the time you get it right it all smudges together? Here are a few more eyeliner suggestions for hooded eyes to remember next time you attempt an eyeliner for hooded eyes.

1. Elongate the wing

If your hooded eye forms are weighed down or downturned, you may seem drowsy. By guiding your eyeliner wing upward and beyond, you may level off your hooded shape and create the appearance of a more awake appearing eye shape.

2. Credit card trick

Try using a credit card if you’re having difficulties drawing exact strokes with your product. Simply place a credit card or other kind of card over the spot where you want your liner to go and paint a smooth border around it. This is a terrific eyeliner trick for people who want an eyeliner for downturned eyes.

3. Pointed cotton swabs on hand

To refine your bat wing eyeliner or any other shape for easy clean-up, use a tipped cotton bud. When soaked in cleanser water, the precision tip makes sharpening minute details a breeze (like the very tipsy tip of your wing).

4. Sketching the shape

Mark out your form with an eyeliner crayon or pencil prior to actually applying a long-lasting, waterproof gel liner that’s practically hard to remove.

When drawing out your outline, make it a little thinner than you want the final result to be, then go over it with a longer-lasting formula. It’s far easier to build up your eyeliner to the correct thickness than it is to remove previously applied makeup.

5. Keeping the eyes opened

When you are applying eyeliner to the eyelid edges, your first instinct is to close your eyes and start painting/creating. However, if you keep your eyes open, it is most probable that you might be able to improve your situation.

When you are drafting with only one eye opened, it’s tough to tell how far out your wing has gone. Keeping your eyes open gives you a better idea of the look you want to achieve with your eyeliner for downturned eyes.

Different Looks To Try With Bat Wing Eyeliner For Hooded Eyes

“The trick to applying eyeliner for hooded eyes is really developing the wing with the eyes open,” as said above.  recommends starting by building the design with black eyeshadow so that any mistakes can be readily remedied.

“When you’ve built the form, draw over it with a highly pigmented liquid eyeliner,”  is suggested. It’s also important to avoid making your bat wing liner with your eyes closed. “You’ll wind up with a huge scandal on your hands,” warns the artist.

Completing the wing tip eyeliner is a must-have technique for everyone, even if you’re a cosmetics novice or an experienced artist. Regrettably, things are not quite as straightforward as they look.

You’ll get there with practice, but it’ll be especially difficult if you have hooded eyes. Your cat-eye gets smeared all over the place before you realize it because it isn’t working properly.

In this case, the bat wing liner approach comes in handy! When you draw the eerie animal by your eye, it’s not a Halloween craze. You may get a winged-out cat-eye that addresses your crease shape by placing your liner in this approach.

Without any discussion here are a few looks on bat wing eyeliner:

The classic

After being shared on TikTok, the wing eyeliner style became quite popular. Take Jenny Stubb’s famous refresher course on the classic bat-wing design, for example. She breaks it down into three easy stages to show how it’s done. If you keep a steady hand while gazing directly into the mirror, you’ll be nailing it in no time.

Foggy bat wing eyeliner

Hughes, the creator of bat wing eyeliner, understands how to apply it in both thick winged eyeliner hooded eyes, and translucent ways. She created a look that was comparable to traditional eyeliner formulae using eyeshadow and makeup remover.

Graphic lines

Because everyone enjoys a good graphic moment, go all out with your liner and look to up the ante. Go from the original 60s mood of the bat wing eyeliner to the current e-girl in just a minute with crisper lines.

Sheer gray bat wing eyeliner

Remember that a lined lid doesn’t always imply the use of liquid or even classic crayon eyeliner. Instead, moisten an angled eyeshadow brush with water and dip it into the chosen color before applying. Cotton buds soaked in micellar water can be used to clean.

Dramatic bat wing eyeliner

While the bat wing eyeliner technique is simple, there are ways to make the effect more dramatic. How about this as an example? These tattoo-inspired wings are big and striking.

The whole silhouette may be seen when Tesha’s eyes are half-closed. When she closes her eyes, though, the fitted shape transforms into a traditional wing. Isn’t it cool?

Old Hollywood bat wing eyeliner

Bold (but basic) black eyeliner and ruby red lips were all the rage in old Hollywood. SmithaDeepak, an Instagram MUA, and YouTube celebrity nailed the look, in our opinion. Perfect your bat wing eyeliner with OFRA Cosmetics Verified Liquid Liner and the brand’s Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Brickell to get the look.

Bat-Winged Eyeliners For Different Eye Shapes

Winged eyeliner for small eyes

To bring out the attraction of your close-set eyes, draw a double-wing around them, as Lavonne suggests. After drawing the liner along your top lash line, make a little flick outward.

In the same way, line the bottom lash line, but don’t go much deeper than the center of your eye, as this will make your eyes appear even closer together. Dab a little concealer between the wings to make them stand out even more.

Round eyes

If you can see around your iris, you have round eyes (on the bottom or top). Lavonne advises drawing at a downward angle toward the eye’s outer corner using an angled brush and cream eyeshadow or liner, starting from the outside corner.

Apply the liner inwards, stopping at the center of your lid, where your pupil is when you’re looking straight ahead.

Thick winged eyeliner hooded eyes (almond eyes)

If your eyes are oval in form with thin corners, you have almond-shaped eyes. If you have almond eyes, Lavonne recommends taking advantage of your lid area. From the inner corner, draw your eyeliner all the way across the lash line, then flick it out, finishing at the tip where your crease begins.

How To Do Winged Eyeliner For Hooded Eyes

How to do winged eyeliner for hooded eyes, and how to put eyeliner on hooded eyes are the top listed asked questions, you see eyeliner is a small detail that may make a significant impact.

Whether you’re going for a classic cat eye or a more modern neon look, a little color on your upper lid may help to highlight the colors, form, and general look of your eyes. 

winged eyeliner for hooded eyes
Winged Eyeliner For Hooded Eyes (Image Source: Pinterest)

However, it’s one of those things that, unless you have the steady touch of a surgeon, maybe tough to perfect, especially if you have a hooded eye shape.

A single flinch or blink at the wrong time might set you on a never-ending loop of removing and reapplying eyeliner or even cause you to give up the product completely. But fear not: along with a few little adjustments to your placement method, you’ll be an eyeliner pro in no time.

How To Do Winged Eyeliner For Hooded Eyes

Even though the spooky season means Halloween is one of our favorite festive times of the year for makeup, there are a few styles that can be worn throughout the year.

Take bat wing eyeliner, for example (and no, we don’t recommend drawing the terrifying animal too near to your eye). 

A bat wing liner is a hooded eye cosmetic procedure that leads you to call this an eyeliner for hooded eyes, that gives you a winged-out cat-eye that matches your crease form.

If you haven’t tried bat wing eyeliner before, now is the time to do it. If you have hooded eyes, the finest hack for you is bat wing eyeliner, which you will cherish for the rest of your life.

We’ve put up this tutorial to answer any questions you might have about bat wing eyeliner.

Winged Eyeliner For Hooded Eyes

We hope you enjoyed this unique and fun bat winged eyeliner tutorial and guide along with a whole load of knowledge of different types of structures, especially hooded eyes. For more info and knowledge on hair, skincare, makeup, and more visit  BS Makeup Kits.

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