how to do female to male makeup

How To Do Male Makeup For Female?

You don’t need a custom-made mask to give the impression of a masculine face. How to do female to male makeup? To achieve a more manly look, use an eyebrow pencil and a powder foundation in dark and light colors. Choose apparel, accessories, and a hairdo that emphasize your masculinity for a macho Halloween or costume party look.

Sketch Mustache

Create a mustache by drawing individual hairs onto the upper lip using an eyebrow pencil. Use this facial hair technique on tiny mustaches for a realistic appearance reminiscent of a character from Theater on a Shoestring.

Sketch A fake Goatee Style

female to male makeup
Sketch A fake Goatee Style (Image Source: Pinterest)

If you want to create a “soul patch,” draw a rectangle of fake hairs starting at the bottom of your lower lip and going down to the middle of your lower chin.

Brad Pitt and other males have sported modern-day goatees with soul patches. Begin at the bottom of the mustache and draw vertical lines from the bottom of the mustache on both sides. To create a goatee, draw a line from the chin to the end of the beard.

Hide 5 O’Clock Shadow

Using dark brown eyeshadow, create a splotchy beard. Apply it sparingly to the parts of the face where a man’s 5 o’clock shadow typically appears, such as the cheeks, chin, and, if you don’t have a mustache, the area around it.

Style Thicken & Straight Eyebrows

Fill in your brows lightly with a brow pencil and a soft hand. Men’s brows can have arches, but they shouldn’t be as pronounced as those on women’s brows, whether plucked or made up. 

Pixie Sideburns

Using the eyebrow pencil, add sideburns to your hairstyle. If you want to make your sideburns look more masculine, cut them off squarely at the bottom instead of using feminine pixie hairstyle points.

Sculpt and Chisel Your Face

Makeup can help you achieve a chiseled effect. If you’re going to use pressed powder, pick a shade or two darker than your base foundation. Apply the deeper shade under the cheekbones and under the jawbones with a wide-bristled makeup brush. Use your fingertips to mix the foundation into your skin, so it doesn’t abruptly terminate at the edges.

Highlight the cheekbones and jawbones using a lighter color than your skin tone or base foundation.

Style Or Hide Your Hair

Use a cap to hide your hair. To build a bun out of long hair, gather and twist it above your head. Cover it with a hat or a bill cap to keep it in place.

  • If you want to look more manly, don’t wear your wig long or straight.
  • You can wear your long hair down, providing it’s not angled or layered. You can also put it up in a ponytail and secure it with an elastic at the nape of your neck.
  • Using gel, mousse, or spray, you may turn a short, feminine haircut into a macho ‘do.
  • You can achieve the 5 o’clock shadow look by tousling short hair with a styling product.

Dress Like A Man

Choose an outfit that is traditional for a man, for example,

  • Wear a man’s suit with a tie if you’re a white-collar professional.
  • A blue-collar worker should wear jeans or other sturdy-fabric pants or slide into blue mechanic’s overalls.
  • Wear a jersey, oversized shoulder pads, and tight slacks as an athlete’s costume, or design your own.
  • Rent a costume or make one for your male musician alter ego and have fun at your next party.


  • To complement your costume, wear a man’s watch.
  • At a dollar store, you can get a set of reading glasses (just pop out the lenses) or a pair of men’s sunglasses.
  • Tie a paisley bandanna across your brow as a sweatband for an extra touch.
  • Don’t bring your purse with you. Depending on your outfit, use a gym bag, backpack, briefcase, or metal lunchbox to transport your necessities, plus a makeup and costume repair kit.

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