how to do horror makeup at home

Step By Step Guide On How To Do Horror Makeup At Home

Today in this blog, we will be discussing how to do horror makeup at home with a step-by-step guide! So, without further to do, let us get started.

horror makeup at home
Horror Makeup At Home (Image Source: Youtube)

Steps to do horror makeup at home

Step: 1

First, outline where you want the split to be. Just use a nude eye pencil for that, so it’s not that visible, and you still know where you want the wax to go. Then grab some spirit gum. This is the glue, so apply it to where you want the wax to go later so the wax will stick and not move around.

Step: 2

Then take some scar wax, roll it into a little sausage, apply it to where you had outlined, and then start to mold it with your skin. You want to smooth it out with your skin very well to look like your real skin. 

And make sure that you use oil on your fingers before you start working with the wax or vaseline, you can choose what you like best, but if you don’t have any of those, it’s going to be so hard to work with wax. It’s going to stick everywhere.

Go over it a couple of times, smooth out everything, and then move on to the nose. Do a split from the tip of the nose and up to the head. This part is tricky, take your time, and it will be settled in. Just make sure that you smooth everything out and make sure that you have oil on your fingers.

Step: 3

Then take something sharp and just cut through the wax, so it cuts all the way through, and then grab something to lift the wax a little bit away from the skin, so it looks a little bit raised and but make sure that you don’t lift it a lot because then you might take the wax off completely so be careful. 

Step: 4

Now take some liquid latex and apply it with a q-tip all over the wax, so it is a little more sturdy and doesn’t move around, so you can’t deny it or anything because of the wax.

It is very fragile, so you must put liquid latex on top of that to make it more sturdy, but then also take a sponge with liquid latex and apply a really thin layer out from the cut so you don’t have any edges. Then just let it dry completely before doing anything else.

Step: 5

Now grab a color wheel from Mehron the Mehron Makeup 5 Color Bruise Wheel using the black color and fill the inside of the split. Use black if you want the split to look deep, and the deeper the color, the deeper the cut looks.

Apply black to your hair to make it look complete because you will put blood there, and you don’t want your skin to show. Take the red from the color wheel and apply it inside the narrower part of the cut and then apply the same red on the inside of the wax on the skin flaps. On the inside to make them look bloody as well. Next, take a reddish blush.

Apply that around the edges of the wax to make the skin look bruised and sore after getting the cut, then grab the thick blood from Mehron the Mehron Makeup Stage Blood. This is gel-like blood. Apply it inside the cuts with a small brush. 

It makes a nice texture. It makes it look fleshy and gross, don’t just use this for everything. Use the spatula to apply the thick blood in the hair because you want it to look like it went up to my head.

Step: 6

For the last step, take the stage blood and also a stipple sponge to apply it with. Stippling it on the outsides of the split. Use the sponge to apply the blood.

Then apply a little bit all over the face to look like the blood splattered all over the face, and while the head was split open. The look is complete.

How To Do Horror Makeup At Home

That is a wrap, if you want to read more such bogs read the 12 Special Effects Makeup For Beginners, till then bye!