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How To Make My Face Look More Masculine?

Ever ask a man if he wears makeup or why? Makeup on men is acceptable because they deserve to look their best. People have recognized that men and women alike can benefit from makeup products in today’s society. Masculine makeup products are now widely acknowledged in the beauty and cosmetics industry.

When it comes to purchasing makeup items like concealer for guys, guyliner, tinted moisturizer, mascara, etc., it’s simple for any newbie in men’s makeup. Still, when applying masculine makeup products, things are quite different. You’ll look messy if you don’t follow the proper guidelines. These items are not just about wearing makeup but how natural you appear.

Inexperienced males often rush into applying makeup without thinking about how it would affect their look, and they finish up looking like they’ve been painted. However, if you’re willing to put in the time and effort, you can become a professional. We will show you a step-by-step guide on how to look more masculine with makeup, without creating any mess.

How To Do Male Makeup?

The following are seven tried-and-true techniques for applying natural-looking masculine makeup that is guaranteed to work every time. Even though this may take some time to master, you’ll be able to achieve a fresh and glowing masculine makeup look you’ve always wanted.

Apply Moisturizer

Moisturizing your skin is the first and most crucial step in achieving a healthy-looking radiance. For the foundation to appear natural, your skin must be well-hydrated. Dehydration will cause dry areas on your skin, making your complexion unnatural. Consider your skin type when selecting a moisturizer, and don’t blindly follow the advice of others. It isn’t necessarily a guarantee that it’ll work with your skin tone. Keep your foundation on your skin all day long with an excellent moisturizer.

Apply Foundation

Face moisturizer allows you to put on foundation once your skin has been properly hydrated. A long-lasting, dewy finish is only possible with a high-quality foundation. After application, a proper foundation conceals and cures long-term skin concerns, including enlarged pores. BB Cream can be used in place of foundation.

Apply your foundation with a sponge or makeup brush to achieve the most natural appearance. With a high-quality applicator, you can apply the perfect foundation for your makeup. To get the best results from your other cosmetics, you must first apply your foundation properly before using concealers.

Apply Concealer

It’s possible to achieve flawless coverage using concealers, but you’ll also need to know how to apply them properly. Avoid overdoing the application by using a small brush. Concealers may hide even the most noticeable black spots. It’s also possible that some spots won’t be covered entirely if your concealer is applied unevenly. To get the hang of product application and get a natural-looking finish, blend the product appropriately.

Use Blotting Sheets

No one desires a sparkly face; thus, most women use loose powder to absorb excess oil from the skin. However, because men have wider pores, this is more noticeable. Instead of coating your skin with slathered oils, using blotting papers removes the slick with ease. Blotting papers are significant for touch-ups on the go because they’re small enough to fit in your wallet.

Apply Brow and Facial Hair Filler

Fill in your brows with a pencil. Instantly, your brows will look thicker and more natural. Use a fine-pointed brow pencil to expand the brow outwards to lengthen your brows gently.

You can also use a brow and facial hair filler to fill in any bare spots in your beard, or you can purchase beard cosmetics created exclusively for those with facial hair. You can achieve a full, bushy beard with a bit of work.

Use Contour Powder

You can add a nose, temple, and cheekbone contouring with good contour powder. For nose contouring, apply strokes down the sides of the nose bridge with a fine contouring brush. Blend well to make the lines disappear to leave shadows of a more sculpted nose.

Create the perfect, sculpted cheekbones by applying contour powder just beneath your cheekbones. Apply masculine contour powder slowly, so you don’t overdo it. Apply masculine contour powder to your temples to finish the look. Apply the product in small, circular motions to achieve the most natural result. How to do masculine contouring perfectly? Watch the video tutorial.

Apply Highlighter

If you want to highlight your face, apply it immediately following your contour application. A good highlighter should be applied down the center of your nose bridge, the center of the forehead, and directly on your cheekbones. The right highlighter will leave a naturally dewy finish. Your radiant skin won’t be questioned.

Apply Finishing Powder

Finally, you’re done! Spritz your face with a little dusting of finishing powder. Avoid harsh buffing if you don’t want to mess with your makeup or expose any flaws.

Get radiant, refreshed skin by following these steps. You may not get it right the first time, but with practice and perseverance, you’ll be able to perfect this masculine makeup technique.

How To Choose The Right Masculine Makeup Products?

Masculine Makeup FTM
Masculine Makeup FTM Contour (Image Source: Pinterest)

The color is the most crucial consideration when selecting masculine makeup products. It’s essential to pick a concealer, foundation, or color corrector that matches your skin tone precisely.

Be sure of your skin tone before investing in any particular cosmetics if you aren’t. Consider purchasing some inexpensive samples at the drugstore, or visit a cosmetics store like Sephora, where an expert can match your hue and assist you in choosing the right products.

Stepping into natural light after wearing your makeup will reveal whether or not it’s the perfect hue for you. Use your phone’s mirror or selfie mode to check your look. If your skin tone doesn’t match the product color, you’ll need to choose a better shade.

It’s also important to keep in mind that this varies with season. Your winter makeup may not seem right when the weather becomes warmer and you start to build a tan. Go a shade or two darker in this case.

Keep In Mind These Factors While Purchasing Masculine Makeup Products

How to make your face look more masculine? Consider your needs and wants before shopping for any makeup product because there are many possibilities. Before you buy masculine makeup, keep these things in mind:


  • If you’re searching for a product with a high level of coverage, consider whether or not you’d like something lighter.
  • If you want a more opaque finish, go for a thicker concealer or foundation to cover more imperfections quicker.
  • More natural-looking than anything caked on, sheerer coverage may not be able to remove all of the zits and marks.


  • The way you apply your makeup is equally important to consider. Using a brush to apply some items is necessary, but many can be applied with just a finger.
  • Don’t waste money on expensive makeup brushes and applicators. Use cream formulas instead.
  • If you like to apply your makeup with a brush rather than your hands, you can find it much more manageable.

Length Of Wear

Wear time and weather resistance are crucial factors to consider. Many cosmetics manufacturers claim that their products have all-day wear and waterproof composition. You don’t want your makeup sliding off your face or having to race to the washroom to reapply after a few minutes in the summer.

Masculine Makeup Routine To Hide a Hangover

So you woke up feeling great and had a two-hour review with your boss. In the boardroom, they’ll be able to see your eyebags from a distance of ten paces. Male cosmetics won’t make you forget about your cotton mouth or your dread of beer, but they can help you look less like you’ve had a night to remember.

Step 1: Because of dehydration and a lack of sleep, your face looks like a neglected package of prunes. Apply a sheet mask for a quick moisture injection for 5 to 10 minutes.

Step 2: Is slathering on a primer or BB cream the first thing you do in the morning too much for you? It’s a place we’ve all been. Instead, use primer water, which instantly refreshes and hydrates the face.

Step 3: Blood vessels dilate when you drink too much alcohol, resulting in a tell-tale ‘red-faced’’ sign. Avoid any blotchiness by using a green color corrector to even your complexion. Apply a small quantity with your fingertip to any areas that appear particularly irritated.

Step 4: Concealer is your best friend on hungover days after Berocca and a dark room. Gently pat the concealer into any dark spots or eye bags with the ring finger, which is the weakest.

Step 5: Dry lips and stale breath are evidence that you spent last night at the bar. Use a lip balm containing the mint extract for moisturized smackers and better breath.

Masculine Makeup Routine For Acne-Prone Skin

It doesn’t matter what you call these blemishes — acne-prone skin can undermine your self-esteem. To conceal breakouts without hurting them, use medicated formulas and mineral-based makeup.

Step 1: Acne requires a specific type of concealer, not just any concealer. Look for a product that contains salicylic acid, which has anti-irritating properties, to help cure and hide blemishes. Apply a small, clean brush immediately to the affected regions and mix to avoid transmitting bacteria from your fingers.

Step 2: The presence of acne scars is not a problem, but if you want to conceal them, look for a foundation with anti-blemish properties (sometimes labeled “Anti-Blemish”).

Step 3: Avoid using loose or pressed powder because it blocks pores and produce spots. For those with oily skin, blotting papers are a quick and easy way to get rid of sheen. For further protection against sweating during a heat wave, throw a couple of them in your crossbody purse.

Step 4: Cleansing is even more critical when prone to acne breakouts. For a more calm and brighter complexion, use a face wash at night and in the morning.

Masculine Makeup Routine For Sleep-Deprived Dads

Have you woken up looking like a cast member from a zombie movie during the night? Halloween costume parties are the perfect venue for this horrific look. Dull, lifeless skin is a particular sign that you haven’t face-planted long enough throughout the rest of the year. Cosmetics are an excellent accompaniment to your morning coffee.

Step 1: Slices of cucumber should be scraped. To avoid looking like a salad bowl, use a cooling eye serum under your eyes. Droopy eyes can be perked up with a formula high in caffeine.

Step 2: Skin that seems fatigued and lackluster can be improved with ginseng-infused primers and foundations, like a double shot of espresso for your face.

Step 3: It works in the same manner as green color corrector redness and lavender tones lift the sallow complexion. To instantly brighten dull skin that looks like a zombie, use a color corrector stick.

Step 4: Using a tinted moisturizer, night owls can bring some color back to their cheeks (in the most subdued way possible). Instantly, you’ll notice a noticeable difference in your skin’s tone. In addition, many provide additional protection from the sun’s rays during daylight hours.

Masculine Makeup Routine For Everyday Guys

However, certain people are blessed with skin that is less prone to spots and wrinkles than the majority of the population. Congrats. But let’s face it: Unless you’re Christian Navarro(an American Actor) or Liam Hemsworth(an Australian actor), your skin could use a little attention now and then. Masculine makeup products that can be worn for various purposes are excellent.

  • The most noticeable change to a person’s appearance can be made with their eyebrows. Cleanse your eyebrows with a clear brow gel carefully, and you’ll instantly appear more polished. Just tweeze away any excess monobrow fluff before you leave the house.
  • A foundation product that does it all should be easy to get by if you don’t have any skin issues. Choose a mattifying or hydrating primer with SPF, depending on your skin’s needs.
  • Use concealer sparingly, only on blemishes or dark circles beneath the eyes or on the cheeks. Don’t bother with the sloppy liquid formulas anymore. Make the application as easy as possible by using a convenient stick or pen.
  • Do you want to achieve an open-eyed look without getting too close to your girlfriend/sister/mother’s mascara wand? Eyelash curlers are a well-kept secret among the A-list of male actors. Clamp the tool as closely as possible to your lash line for a few seconds.
  • The appearance of chapped lips is never desirable. Using a matte lip balm can keep your lips from looking shiny or if you’ve been dousing them in lip gloss.

How To Make Your Face More Masculine?

How to make my face look more masculine? You can use these tricks to enhance your face masculinity.

How To Make Yourself Look More Masculine By Jaw Exercise?

You can assist your jaw by doing jaw exercises and chewing gum. Shaven faces appearing more masculine since they have less peach fuzz. In other words, have you ever considered the position of your brows? You can play around with them instead of putting on makeup.

Make them look bigger by pressing them the wrong way. Putting on the “wrong spectacles” might give the appearance of a feminine face. If you wear glasses, they may draw attention to your nose. Having a hairstyle that is too short might make a round hairline appears even more prominent.

Nose Features

Shapes and sizes of noses can be found in a variety of ways. When it comes to determining a person’s masculinity or femininity, the nose plays an important part. Because of this, rhinoplasty (or nose surgery in general) has evolved into an art form in and of itself. To avoid the nose looking too masculine, it’s essential to maintain a balanced relationship between your brow and nose.

Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery, implants, fillers, and fat removal are quick cures for a more masculine facial appearance. One long-term solution is to maintain a proper tongue position (mewing).


You need to get your nutrition on the right track before anything else. If you don’t get enough nutrients, you won’t have healthy skin, strong muscles, or normal testosterone levels. You won’t be regarded seriously as a man if your food lacks nourishment and you look like a slob.

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