how to do sfx makeup without latex

Tutorial On How To Do SFX Makeup Without Latex

We all know the importance of latex in SFX makeup, but unfortunately, many people are allergic to it, so today we will learn how to do SFX makeup without latex. So let us get started. 

sfx makeup without latex
SFX Makeup Without Latex (Image Source: Pinterest)

How to do SFX makeup without latex

Knowing how to do SFX makeup without latex, is the method of using scar wax, and this can be a fantastic and versatile product but can be a little bit tricky to work with, so I’m going to tell you some tricks to kind of help you out.


So first, begin to lay down a base of spirit gum, such as the Mehron Makeup Spirit Gum, where you want to apply the scar wax. 

This is helpful because you can tap it a little bit to create that tacky base with a little bit of texture, and this means that when you start to apply the scar wax. It will have a better chance to grip your skin instead of hanging onto your fingers which can be a common problem as the name suggests it is a quite waxy substance. 

I like to use a metal spatula to scoop some out, and then you can start warming it up in your fingers, and as it gets warm, it becomes far more malleable, so I like to create the little worms with it and then start laying it down.

Once it starts getting warm, though, it gets a little bit stickier, so it can be hard to get off of your fingers, which is why I like to use a little bit of Vaseline on the tips of my fingers and then as you lay it down, it will have a much better chance to stick to the spirit gum and blend in where you want to.

I find the best way to blend it is a mix of different tools and your own fingers because you have the heat from your body. 

Still, I like to start with squishing down the edges with either a metal spatula or a silicone blending tool. Both work fantastic, and then from there, you can even carve out the inside to create some little extra extensions in the wound and then start blending the edges in. 

I find taking a little more Vaseline on your fingertips and using that to go along the edges works with scar wax because, again, the natural heat from your body will start warming the scar wax. It’s going to almost kind of be able to melt into your skin and get a softer blend line.

Something to note with scar wax is that you want to keep it on areas that don’t get too much bending because it is kind of cool and hardens back up to its waxy substance. You can get a little bit of cracking in areas, so you want to keep flatter sections of either your face, hand, or neck.

Something like that so it has a better chance of lasting the night, and then the paint job for this is pretty much the same steps as many different wounds and cuts of the types of reds, but I did want to make this one seem a little bit more aged, so I went with the darker blood. 

So there wasn’t as much blood in the wound because it would have kind of either coagulated or dried up and be more central to the wound itself, and then just a fun, quick extra thing you can do is to add a little bit of dimension to a fake wound is to take a stipple sponge with some of the fresh or dark blood.

You kind of pull it along your skin to make little scratches so you can easily create that effect of like road rash or getting a scrape punching a wall hard, something like that, and proof here because I accidentally did go overboard very easy to do with blood is that you can go back, a little bit of the 99 alcohol and kind of picking it back up.

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