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How To Do SFX Makeup | Bear Attack Tutorial

Another day another idea, related to our topic we will learn how to do SFX makeup, but not any “how to do SFX makeup”, but a bear attack on how to do SFX makeup tutorial! The following tutorial will be a detailed and clear guide on how to do SFX makeup, with every aspect and step simple and straightforward, and guided. So without further to do let’s get started!

how to do sfx makeup: bear attack
How To Do SFX Makeup: Bear Attack (Image Source: Pinterest)

Guide on how to do SFX makeup: Method

First of all, you want to grab a pencil that matches your skin color and tone, and then you will outline where you want to make the cuts. 

You want to add the cuts somewhere above your eyebrow and somewhere underneath, and then take a scar wax such as the Ben Nye nose and scar wax, and this is the process where you are going to make them into like little sausages and make sure that you have oil on your fingers because if you don’t, it’s going to stick to your fingers.

It’s going to be a mess, and you won’t be able to do anything, so make sure you have oil on your fingers when you start. Apply it to your skin and blend it into your skin. Also, it’s good to have spirit gum underneath the scar wax to make it last a little longer, but the choice is yours because it’s harder to remove it with the spirit gum.

 So, go forward and do the same thing on all of the cuts you just applied to your skin, and then blend it into the skin and make sure that the edges are pleasant and smooth. You can use the oil to make sure that the edges are smooth.

Now it is time to grab your Kryolan liquid latex and a sponge and apply the liquid latex around where you are going to cut through the wax so it doesn’t move when you start cutting through it. Also, it becomes a bit stronger, so now grab the back of the tweezers well, and you want to just cut a slit right through the wax to make the cuts, and it’s pretty straightforward, you take your tweezers and make a cut right through.

This is the most fun part because a lot of people enjoy and have fun cutting through the wax next, grabbing more of the liquid latex, and then applying it around the edges of the cuts so it’s stronger and it seals the liquid latex, so it doesn’t move around.

You want this to dry, and now grabbing your Ben Nye FX called a wheel and bruises and abrasions and going to color in the cuts. Take the wheel and apply the darkest red inside of the cuts with a thin brush so the cuts look a little deeper, yet the darker the color, the deeper the cut. You want that cut to look pretty deep, so that’s what you want to do.

Next, taking the meat map through a mini pallet from the bomb and using the red like reddish color from that palette, and applying it around the wounds to make it look irritated and so it looks a little bit red around the wounds as well around the cuts and then takes the been nice gay blood and start applying that inside of the cuts to make them look bloody and fleshy.

So now apply it inside of the cuts with a brush and then take some stage blood and a stipple sponge also from Ben nye and dip it into the blood, and then I start stippling it on and around the cuts to make them look a little bit bloody and look like the blood has kind of splatter a little bit like all-around your face.

Also, you are going to grab a toothbrush sort of thing and just go to splash through the blood around your clean side of the face and my neck and then strip some blood down your neck. 

And that’s it for this look. It’s a pretty simple, straightforward look. You can be glad about this look, and I wish you loved it and how it turned out. It’s super bloody and super attacked. It sure does know it looks like a bear attacked, so I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and do try it yourself.

If you enjoyed taking a look at 12 Special Effects Makeup For Beginners and getting a few more ideas on SFX makeup. We’ll see you next time bye guys.