how to dry gel nail polish without led lamp

How to Dry Gel Nail Polish Without LED Lamp

Today’s article is about how to dry gel nail polish without LED lamp.

  • For a simple at-home option, use non-UV gel polish. There are a variety of nail polish manufacturers available today that provide non-UV gel paints that may be used at home. In the same way that regular, non-gel polishes are applied, these gel polishes have the added feature of being able to cure on their own without the need for LED light.
  • Ensure that when buying a gel polish that it indicates on the label that it does not need the use of a LED light to cure. If the polish does not specify that it is a non-UV polish, probably, it will not cure in the absence of a LED light.
  • Use a nail polish spray that dries quickly on newly painted nails. Place one of your hands on a flat surface that has been coated with paper or paper towels and let it dry. Hold the quick-drying nail paint spray approximately 6 inches (15 cm) far from your hand, and then spray a light layer over the nails while the polish is still wet. Repeat the process, on the other hand. Allow several hours for your nails to dry completely. Once the polish has dried and set, wash your hands well with soap and water to remove any remaining spray from your hands.
  • While quick-drying nail polish sprays are often intended for use with non-gel nail polishes, they may be willing to help in the drying of gel paints. However, it’s important to remember that it will most likely take hours for the nail polish to harden.
  • Hold the nails in ice-cold water for a few minutes to help harden the gel paint. Allow for around 5 to 10 minutes for your nails to begin to air dry. Fill a small bowl halfway with cold water and a few chunks of ice. Submerge your nails entirely in the water, ensuring they are completely submerged in the water. Keep your nails submerged in water for about 3 minutes before removing them from the bowl of water.  Allow for at least an hour of air drying time on your fingers and nails. 
  • The majority of the time, your nails will feel entirely hardened right after you remove them from the cold water; nevertheless, they will not be completely dry for many hours. As a result, it’s essential that you take extra care with your nails for many hours after pulling them from the water to avoid damage.
how to dry gel nail polish without led lamp
How to Dry Gel Nail Polish Without LED Lamp (Image Source: Pinterest)

Can gel polish dry without an LED Light?

The simple answer is no. The presence of oxygen might interfere with the curing of gel nails. The presence of air inhibits the gel molecules from joining together to harden, which explains why the gel polish will never dry in the open air. I’m not sure what the science is behind it, but gel nail paint will never dry on its own or without an LED light, no matter how long you let it dry.

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