Bad lash lift

How to fix bad lash lift: Guide 2023

Most lash lifts fail because the perming solution isn’t applied at the proper time and ends with a bad lash lift. It’s possible to encounter problems with lash placement, tools that don’t stick, or improper curling rods. When it comes to non-invasive beauty treatments like lash lifts, there’s no better option than lash extensions.  Has your lash lift gone wrong? If yes, you probably notice over-curling, frizzing, and broken lashes. Yikes!!!

A bad lash lift can make all the difference, whether you’re a novice or a lash lift expert. Don’t let your lashes become clumpy or frizzy throughout the day. Take control and find a long-lasting solution that suits you.

What Does Mean “Lash Lift Gone Wrong”?

A lash lift can go badly wrong in various ways. But fortunately, there are multiple ways to fix a bad lash lift.

Too Curled Lash

Over-curled lashes can be caused by the rapidly moving silicone pads, excessive use of perm solution, or excessive time spent on the job.  Having curled lashes detracts from the lash lift’s aim of lengthening and volumizing the lashes. 

How To Fix Too Curled Lashes?

Perming the lashes a second time might help straighten out curly lashes.

You may also relax the curl by moisturizing the lashes with castor oil or using your eyelash curler. Prep your lashes by wiping them down with an oil remover, then apply castor oil from root to tip and let it sit overnight.

Fused Lashes

Even though your lashes have fused, there is hope for lash regrowth. To repair the damage caused by the previous lift, a keratin perm using cysteine will assist in reinforcing your lashes. If you have fused lashes, this is a much more severe issue. In most cases, the best advice is to allow your lashes to recover before getting a new perm.

How To Fix Fused Lash Lift?

If you’re planning on getting your lashes permed again, taking a few weeks off should help your lashes recover faster. Using the spoolie tool, ask your esthetician how to comb each lash out correctly. The next lift will be less clumpy if you set a timer for the chemical treatments. 

Crossed & Crinkled Lashes

Crinkled eyelashes are often the result of a misplaced curling rod. Even if lashes were placed correctly, they could not be combed out evenly.

How To Fix A Cross & Crinkled Lashes?

The best technique to fix a crinkled lash lift is to reset and retry the perm, like the other solutions mentioned above. It’s important to moisturize your lashes in between treatments if they’ve become crinkled from chemicals. 

  • Consult with your lash artist to ensure that the application is straight and that the curling rod is the proper size. Consider asking a buddy for aid if you utilized an at-home lash lift kit.

Lash Lift Didn’t Work

After wrapping up a beauty treatment, the last thing you want is to discover that it didn’t work. After your lash lift, the perming solution may not have been left on long enough.

Too much adhesive is another major cause of a bad lash lift. When you use lash adhesive, it prevents the perm solution from adequately adhering to the hairs, resulting in unpermable lashes.

Lash Lift Didn’t Work Can I Do It Again?

Yes, your eyelashes can be re-permed either in a salon or at home, but if you want the best results, I recommend going to a skilled lash specialist.

I hope you’ve gained enough knowledge about the lash lift treatment.