how to fix eyelash extensions

How To Thin Out Eyelash Extensions That Are Too Long And Thick?

Silk, mink, or featherweight synthetic lashes can be used as eyelash extensions straight to natural lashes. A professional lash artist applies for the extensions with a semi-permanent adhesive. Furthermore, the extensions are typically put to the upper lash line, and they are applied in “clusters,” “fans,” or separately.

You might be concerned about artificial effects like eyelashes that are too long, thick, or allergic responses if you use lash extensions for the first time, especially if it’s your first time. To achieve your perfect look, you must evaluate all aspects before utilizing eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extensions may make you look like you’re wearing mascara or artificial lashes when you’re not wearing any. It’s possible, however, that you’ll end up with wide eyelash extensions that are too long, causing irritation or pain. If you are trying to cut eyelash extensions, you risk irreversibly damaging them, whereas they are already attached to your eye. So, how to fix eyelash extensions that are too thick? Request a different length and thickness at your next appointment, or remove them yourself.

What If I Don’t Like My Eyelash Extensions? | What To Do?

Step 1

Your specialist should be able to provide you with a new pair of lashes; if you notice that your eyelashes are too long after they’ve been applied, ask the technician to shorten them. They may need to schedule a second visit for you since lash extensions require a couple of hours to apply. 

If your eyelashes aren’t quite what you expected, maybe eyelashes are too long, don’t be hesitant to request a change. Request shorter lashes at your next appointment. If you find that your lash extensions are overly lengthy while going about your everyday routine, ask for shorter lashes. Remember to inform the expert that the eyelashes they previously applied did not work for you.

Note: If you wear spectacles, ensure your eyelashes are no longer over 12 millimeters long (1.2 cm).

Step 2:

Be detailed with images and words when expressing the look you want to achieve with your eyelashes.

Consider this: “I’m going for a natural look,” or “My friend uses lash extensions, and I enjoy how they look.” That’s why I’ve included a photo to see what I’m talking about.”

Step 3:

Insist that your technician remove your lash extensions. If you don’t like how your lashes look and don’t want to wear them any longer, schedule an appointment with your eyelash specialist to get them removed. They’ll be able to get things done quickly, and you might even be able to get in without making an appointment.

How To Fix Eyelash Extensions At Home?

Observe Yourself In The Reflection Of A Mirror.

If you’re not careful, trimming your eyelashes can be dangerous. Even minor mistakes can cause damage to your sight. Make use of bright lighting to ensure that you can see what you’re doing. The best tweezers for eyelashes are Innova’s favored eyelash extension tweezers. Ensure the mirror is appropriately set up so you don’t make any mistakes.

Trim Them To The Desired Thickness

Can you cut eyelash extensions? You’ll need to cut down your artificial lashes once you find they’re not optimal.

Artificial lashes may need to be clipped when you get a new pair with small eyes. Eyelash manufacturers make false lashes in various lengths to suit most people’s needs.

Clipping artificial eyelashes is a simple way to get rid of them. You do, however, have the option of putting your counterfeits through a variety of quality or branching checks before making them appear genuine or fake.

Cut A Few Strands With Care

Can you trim eyelash extensions? Long eyelashes that have overgrown can be cut short with small lash scissors. It’s because it’s simple to cut your lashes too short, resulting in an unsightly appearance. Measure it over the lashes again to see whether it’s trimmed.

Little Bend Upward

While cutting eyelash extensions can shorten them, there are alternative options. The edges can be twisted upward to give them some curve, making them appear shorter. Don’t be concerned; releasing the glue will only improve your appearance.

How Can You Save Yourself From The Issue Of Too Thick Eyelash Extensions?

Types Of Eyelashes Extensions
Types Of Eyelashes Extensions (Image Source: Pinterest)

You can save yourself from the issue of too thick eyelash extensions by talking to your technician and discussing the length and thickness of them. The following are few more suggestions:

Check The Length Before Installation

Eyelash Extensions
Eyelash Extensions (Image Source: Pinterest)

Confirm the length of the lashes with the technician before they are applied; you don’t want your eyelashes too long. They should also provide charts and sponges to assist you in selecting the ideal length for the eyelash extensions. Before you apply the false lashes, take the necessary measures and, if necessary, cut the false lashes.

Innova Lash Tweezers Hints

You’re clueless if you were handed a brand new pair of lashes and have no idea how long they should be. Consider the Innova lash tweezers hints before trimming the lashes.

Choose The Best Extension For You

Eyelash extensions come in various styles, including curves, thickness, lengths, and a comfortable and natural-looking option.

Can you cut eyelash extensions? Choose a different lash type. If the lash strip is too broad for your eyes or the eyelashes are too long, then you desire to simply cut a few strands. Remove each eyelash strip before putting fresh ones to achieve the most appealing appearance and fit.

How Do You Take Care of Eyelash Extensions?

How To Take Care Of Lash Extensions
How To Take Care Of Lash Extensions (Image Source: Pinterest)

As eyelash extensions make you stand out, it’s critical to take proper care of them to stay longer and give you the most bang for your buck.

Aftercare is critical for the first 48 hours following the application to allow the adhesive to set. Within the first 24 hours, keep an eye out for any sensitivity or itching.

If you’re experiencing these symptoms, you may be allergic to the adhesive to secure the extensions. Make an appointment with your lash specialist right away. Other techniques to look after your eyelash extensions and natural lashes include:

Avoid Sweat And Water

Avoiding sweat, water, and hot baths allows the glue to adhere to the extensions flawlessly. The lashes will remain longer if you wait until this time.

You may wash the other parts of your face, but avoid getting any water in your eyes. Additionally, avoid heating your face, washing your hair, and practicing yoga during this time because these activities will interfere with the extension adhesive.

Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes

This restriction is in effect for the first 48 hours after the glue has been applied. Rubbing your eyes can also spread bacteria to your lashes, resulting in eye infections.

It is okay to touch or rub your eyes after 48 hours. However, you should avoid touching your eyes as much as possible when wearing eyelash extensions to help keep the eyelashes extension in place.

Avoid Eye Makeup

It is not recommended to use eye makeup for the first 2 days after application. You can avoid eye makeup entirely because the false lashes extension makes your eyes pop after 48 hours. If you must use eye makeup, choose oil-free formulas and use light strokes to keep your lashes from falling out.

Protect Your Lashes In The Shower

Your shower regimen should not be affected by eyelash extensions, particularly after the first 48 hours. Unfortunately, if you’re not careful, water might ruin the extensions. 

Use Spoolie Brush

A lash brush, often known as a spoolie, is a little comb used to brush your lashes. You’ll utilize it, especially in the morning, when your lashes are most likely to get knotted. To keep the shape and appearance of your extensions, you should always use a spoolie rather than your fingers.

Avoid Makeup

As previously stated, avoid using eye cosmetics for the first 48 hours following lash insertion. After that, you can wear any eye makeup you like, including mascara.

Make sure your makeup is oil-free and eyelash extension-friendly. The adhesive bonds that hold the extension in place can be weakened by oil. Keep waterproof mascara off, for example, even when mascara is permitted. The mascara is difficult to remove, and attempting to do so may weaken your lashes.

It’s also a good idea to stay away from eyeliner pencils. Because most pencils include oil, sketching along the lash line may cause tension, causing the extension glue to weaken.

Oil-free mascaras & eyeliners are likely to be sold at your lash studio and artist, so ask for advice.

How To Clean Your Eyelash Extensions?

As previously said, you should avoid cleaning near the lashes for the first 48 hours.

After the glue has dried, thorough cleaning of the extensions will help them last longer and prevent eye problems.

First and foremost, never sleep with your eye makeup on. If you sleep with your eye makeup on, you risk developing blepharitis. It is a skin disorder caused by the accumulation of microorganisms that causes inflammation along the edges of the eyelids.

You should use oil-free removers to remove your eye makeup because the idea is to keep oil off the extensions.

Cotton balls, cosmetic wipes, and cotton pads should not be used to clean the extensions because they can harm them.

To get rid of infection around the eyes, use specially developed lash extension cleaners with antimicrobial qualities.

You can also clean your lashes with a gel-based shampoo instead of rubbing, pulling, or straining them. It’s also a good idea to use it to remove any remaining eye makeup, according to lash experts.

FAQs About Eyelash Extensions Length

Why Do My Eyelash Extensions Look Ridiculous?

Your inner eyelash extensions are unnaturally lengthy and thick. This happened because the lash technician used too-long extensions for a small region of natural lashes. When you apply eyelashes too long in the inner corner, you get an artificial look, which you do not desire.

How To Thin Out Eyelash Extensions?

There’s a difference between thinning down eyelash extensions and cutting them short. As a result, they are carried out in different ways. Feathering can be used to thin out lash extensions. However, general pruning works well for shortening them.

How To Fix Bad Eyelash Extensions?

To begin, gently straighten them to restore their natural curl. If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to go back to the salon to see if your technician can help. You may avoid or fix lash extension clumping with the proper care and attention.

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

You will not leave lash extensions too long. Because they will last about eight weeks if you let your lash extensions fall out with your natural lashes. However, because natural lashes do not develop simultaneously as extensions, you may get gaps in your eyes once the extensions fall out.

As a result, go for a lash replacement every two to three weeks to maintain your eyes looking excellent. This will also assist the lash artist in inspecting your eyelash extensions and ruling out any potential issues. Furthermore, getting a refill is less time-consuming and less expensive than scheduling a new full set because you have lost too many eyelashes to be replenished in the standard 60 to 75-minute refill visits.

We love fake eyelash extensions because of their magical, transformative abilities, as many people know. They acquire too thick or long eyelash extensions, especially if they seek their stylist’s dense and fuller look. There’s no need to be concerned if you got them wrong or appear strange.

To get it corrected, you go to your eyelash technician. If you can’t, you can feather your eyelash extensions at home to fix them if they’re too thick. It thins out volume lashes while preserving their natural shape when done correctly. Read about What Eyeshadow Color Goes With Blue Eyes And Fair Skin?