how to fix over processed lash lift

How To Fix Over Processed Lash Lift At Home

How to fix over processed lash lift? Long, thick, and beautiful eyelashes are essential to any girl’s self-confidence and ability to pull off a stunning look. For girls like us, having a pair of enticing eyes makes life a breeze. However, this isn’t always the case. It’s possible that when you wake up one morning and look in the mirror, your eyelashes are too curled. It’s difficult to accept, isn’t it? I will guide you on how to restore an over processed lash lift.

What Are The Reasons For Over Processed Lash Lift?

As with any other technique, an artist’s missteps in eyelash curling might cause a lift to go wrong. For starters, the adhesive had not been placed or appropriately dissolved, which was causing the lash lifts to be uneven or overly processed.

Secondly, lash lifting demands a lot of patience from both the lash artist and the client. Taking shortcuts when applying perm solutions to the eyes is never a good idea. Your lashes could be damaged if you wait too long to remove the perm. Leaving it there for too short a period has a negative effect on the outcome. I recommend not rushing the process, and you can always ask your lash artist to double-check.

Lastly, it is possible that the lifted chemicals are of poor quality or are not correctly preserved. They must be kept in a temperature-controlled environment. It is also possible to damage the root of the lashes by not sanitizing the utensils and hands properly. The inappropriate silicone pad shape or improper placement of your lashes could also be to blame (not too close to the eyes root).

How To Fix Over Processed Lash Lift?

By Perm Solution

No, you didn’t mishear. To fix an over perm, you simply apply the perm solution. Lifting your lashes is probably the closest analogy, but you want to flatten it up a little this time. Spoolie, perm solutions, and cotton pads are all you’ll need to get the job done right. 

  • You started by placing a cotton pad under your upper lashes. You can use a unique adhesive to keep eyelash perms away from your eyes if that is necessary. Alternatively, you can simply close your eyes very tightly if you choose. 
  • Next, brush lashes with a spoolie dipped in perm solution. Vertically brush it from the root to the ends of your lashes. Just keep going down for a minute and relax.
  • You can leave it on for 3 to 5 minutes to get the best benefits.
  • Please don’t leave them for more than six minutes at a time. Once you’ve achieved your desired result, all that’s left to do is clean them up. This is how to correct the over processed lash lift.

Use Tweezer

Even if it’s less popular, you can use this method if your eyelashes are stubborn and have an odd L-shaped appearance, so what are you waiting for? 

Taking one eyelash out is as simple as picking it up by the root and pulling it out with a tweezer. Do not vigorously straighten it out; instead, softly and gradually straighten it out.

This approach is safer than the others as long as you don’t break or pull out any of your lashes. Using a tweezer to correct an over processed lash lift is an option if you have a lash lift and tint and your lashes are still thick from the excess color.

We can’t always restore an over-processed lash lift ourselves, unfortunately. If none of the methods I’ve shown you work, your only option is to visit a salon and ask for specialized assistance.

I hope loved this article on how to fix over processed lash lift and find it helpful. Also, you may be interested to read about how to reverse a lash lift at home without a kit.