how to get eyelash extensions off without damage

DIY On How To Properly Remove Eyelash Extensions

Do you want to learn how to get eyelash extensions off without damage? It would seem that eyelash extensions have taken the lead as the most popular beauty procedure of the moment.

Because lash extensions can provide anybody the immediate pleasure of longer, fuller eyelashes (even if you weren’t born with them), the days of having to apply a fresh pair of fake eyelashes every day are passed.

The appearance of longer eyelashes is usually enough to persuade a person to spend their hard-earned money on treatment of this kind. However, because of our hectic schedules and our ever-expanding list of duties, we aren’t always able to take the time to have our lash extensions touched up (or removed). 

As a result, the subject at hand is how to get eyelash extensions off without damage at home.

How To Get Eyelash Extensions Off Without Damage At Home

Here is a list of the top 3 ways how to get eyelash extensions off without damage.

Try using a lash glue remover that is designed for professionals

Before trying to remove eyelash extensions on your own at home on a whim with little to no assistance, it is crucial to know all there is to know about How To Get Eyelash Extensions Off Without Damage At Home since your eyelashes are fragile and the skin around your eyes is extremely sensitive.

use a lash glue remover
Use A Lash Glue Remover (Image Source: Pinterest)

Lotti underlines that “you can undoubtedly loosen extensions by taking hot showers and bathing them in oils, but in order to remove them properly and with as little harm as possible, you will need to buy a remover.” 

Keep in mind that the binding used for lash extensions is comparable to that of superglue; to prevent causing more harm to your natural lashes, you will need to apply something that can break the connection.

  • Soak a cotton pad in the remover that you are using.
  • Apply this to the lashes in a gentle manner to ensure that the remover begins to loosen the adhesive that is holding the extensions in place for a risk-free removal at home.
  • Lotti cautions, “When applying a professional glue, dissolving remover to the extensions, be cautious to keep it out of your eyes.” 
  • When trying to remove your extensions at home, the most crucial thing you can do is make sure that your eyes and lashes are not exposed to any potential irritants.

Make use of a cleaner that is oil-based

After acquiring a new set of lash extensions, you should not use any cleansers that include oil, as doing so might undermine the integrity of the lash glue and cause your extensions to come out sooner. 

This is something that any lash artist with expertise should inform you. Oil cleansers are your new best friend. 

lash cleaner that is oil-based
Lash Cleaner That Is Oil-Based (Image Source: Pinterest)

However, if you attempt how to get eyelash extensions off without damage, which normally occurs two to three weeks after the installation of the lash extensions, if you want to get rid of any lashes that are still attached, you could try using oil as the first step in your double cleansing routine.

While you cleanse your face, use the oil to make light, circular movements with your fingers to begin the process of dissolving the eyelash glue.

This is not a one-night miracle. Therefore you will need to repeat the process for a few nights in order to release your lash extensions.

After the extensions have been removed, Lotti suggests you use the Lashify The Control Kit to bridge the gap until your next visit. 

“I am a huge fan of eyelash extensions. Therefore I developed the Lashify system to simulate the appearance of real extensions as closely as possible. 

You won’t need a professional service to fill in gaps if you use our Gossamer lashes since you can do it yourself with our lashes.”

Have a steamy bath or shower

Try having a steamy shower if you want to speed up the process of falling out of your relationship and the best way to learn how to properly remove eyelash extensions. 

In the same way that your lash artist should tell you to avoid getting your lashes wet and steer clear of steam to extend your lashes’ lifespan, doing the reverse may help you release any stragglers that are still clinging to your lash line for dear life. 

steamy bath
Steamy Bath (Image Source: Pinterest)

Just bear in mind that you should avoid touching your lashes if you want the best results. Eliminating falsehoods ought to be a simple and painless operation if done correctly. 

Meaning: “Never pluck off your natural lashes or clip your lash extensions with tweezers. It will only create harm to your natural lashes if you pick at them, and your extensions will ultimately grow out and shed along with your natural lash cycle if you do that, “the importance of Richardson.

I hope you liked this blog and learned how to get eyelash extensions off without damage. If you want to read more informative blogs, visit BS Makeup Kits.