how to keep press-on nails from popping off

How to Keep Press-on Nails from Popping Off

Press on nails is inexpensive, simple to apply, and much more beneficial to our nails than typical gel or acrylic treatments. Additionally, they may be removed quickly and without the need for many harsh acetone treatments. In this post, we discuss how to keep press-on nails from popping off. They are the ideal companion in the case of an emergency.

However, you may choose to use them for a single occasion or a few days. They may last for up to two weeks with proper care. You should take certain precautions to increase the endurance of your press-on. If you want to know about how to do polygel nails at home, then take a look at this post.

how to keep press on nails from popping off
How to keep press-on nails from popping off (Image Source: Pinterest)

File Your Nails

file your nails
File Your Nails (Image Source: Pinterest)

The nails must be able to fit tightly against your nail without contacting the cuticle if you want them to remain in place. If the fake nail is in contact with anything other than your nail plate, you will have difficulty lifting the false nail. Once you’ve obtained lifting, it’s only a matter of waiting.

Dehydrate Them

dehydrate them
Dehydrate Them (Image Source: Pinterest)

It’s also good to remove any natural oils from the nails before placing fake ones. This is comparable to buffing the natural nail surface. For this purpose, I include prep wipes with all of the nail sets; just clean your nails after washing your hands, and you’re ready to start.

If you do not have a prep wipe, you could use pure isopropyl alcohol or pure acetone. However, avoid using nail polish remover, especially if it contains acetone. This will include some kind of moisturizing agent that has the opposite effect.

Push Back Cuticles

push back cuticles
Push Back Cuticles (Image Source: Pinterest)

Pulling back and removing the extra cuticle is usually a good idea. It’s remarkable how deep down your cuticle may develop, even if it’s not seen at first. To check this, you gently run the sharp end of an orangewood stick along the base of the nail, right below the living area of the cuticle. You’ll be shocked at how much old dead cuticle begins to pull away.

Excess cuticle elimination is really rather simple, and you don’t need to cut it! It just takes around 5-10 minutes with an orangewood stick and a bottle of cuticles remover, and doing so once every two weeks should be enough to keep them in good condition. Simply apply the remover to your cuticles and let it rest for the time specified by the manufacturer (typically about a minute.)

Then, using the flat side of the stick, gently push the cuticles back. This should be pleasant and soft; if it hurts even slightly, you’re pressing too much. You’ll see little blobs of milky gel form as you do this, and you’ll want to wipe your stick clean every now and then with a tissue. Once all of your cuticles are pushed back, properly wash your hands to eliminate any signs of the product, clip any hangnails using cuticle nippers, and you’re ready to go.

Avoid Using Water

avoid using water
Avoid Using Water (Image Source: Pinterest)

Obviously not the whole time you’re wearing them. Your nails will eventually come into touch with water, *because ewwwww* however, the longer you can wait after applying your nails, the more chance your glue will have of thoroughly bonding. Rubber gloves and hand sanitizer may be effective friends in this situation.

That’s all, guys. Nothing too difficult, costly, or showy. Just a few quick tips and tricks to keep your nails in their proper place.

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