how to lighten black eyebrows to brown

Lighten Black Eyebrows to Brown

Today’s post is about how to lighten black eyebrows to brown. If you have dark hair and you dye it lighter, it is quite possible that your eyebrows will not match the new color of your hair. You probably want to lighten your brows on your own since you already dye your hair yourself, so it seems sensible that you would do that. 

When coloring your eyebrows, you should never forget to observe safety precautions. If you have sensitive skin, you should probably avoid lightening your eyebrows since there is a chance that you may break out in a rash due to doing so.

lighten black eyebrows to brown
Lighten Black Eyebrows to Brown (Image Source: Pinterest)

How to Lighten Black Eyebrows to Brown

Clean Your Face

clean your face
Clean Your Face (Image Source: Pinterest)

First and foremost, your face should be clean and washed, with no makeup, skincare products, or moisturizer. Be aware that you should not try to dye your eyebrows if you have just recently dyed them.

“If you just colored your eyebrows the day before, or if you bleached your brows lately and were unsuccessful, it will appear funny, so wait till it fades out before you try to lighten them on your own,” the makeup artist said. “It will look weird.”

Mix the Bleach

mix the bleach
Mix the Bleach (Image Source: Pinterest)

Remember that the bleaches designed for use at home come with two different parts: the activator and the bleach paste. Combine them with an older (but clean) makeup brush that is not now a part of your regular routine.

After that, pick your spoolie brush and apply the product to your brows, being sure to drag it evenly through them. After coating the hairs, use Q-tips to remove any extra solution that may have collected around the edges.

Neat your eyebrows

neat your eyebrows
Neat your eyebrows (Image Source: Pinterest)

It is best to take things carefully in this area of the face. An orange hue may result from going with a shade that is too light. Instead of going full speed ahead, you should gradually increase the shade until you get it to the desired level.

After allowing the solution to sit on your brows for the recommended three minutes, remove it with cotton balls and warm water from the sink. If you find that the color does not meet your expectations after that, you may try applying it again at intervals of one minute to make it lighter. 

Maintain Your Eyebrows

maintain your eyebrows
Maintain Your Eyebrows (Image Source: Pinterest)

The process of bleaching your brows might seem like a catch-22 at times. “After you bleach your eyebrows, they begin to shed in a normal way; your brows are always developing, resting, and shedding,” Therefore, before you re-bleach your hair, you should always make sure that your eyebrows have returned to their natural, “virgin” state.

This is when things start to get complicated: If you bleach your eyebrows from black to medium brown, for example, and your original color begins to come back in before the medium brown hairs fall out. If you were to re-bleach your hair, the new black hairs would become a medium brown color, and the medium brown hairs could just turn a striking shade of orange. This would happen if you bleached your hair again.

Instead, you use a colored gel in the time between touch-ups. This will allow you to wait until your eyebrows have returned to their natural form before you have to re-bleach them and start the process all over again.

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