how to make a fake cut with eyeshadow

Tutorial On How To Make A Fake Cut With Eyeshadow

A new blog a tutorial, but this time on How To Make A Fake Cut With Eyeshadow. So let us get started on the How To Make A Fake Cut With Eyeshadow tutorial.

fake cut with eyeshadow
Fake Cut With Eyeshadow (Image Source: Google)

How to make a fake cut with eyeshadow

So if you want to set it before showing you how I got this look, I’m just going to list what I used quickly.

I use this NYX matte lipstick in the shade of your trash. I used this Max Factor lipstick in the shade Sheila and this is what I used for blood and I used a concealer this is the Maybelline fit me concealer I also used eyeshadow palettes now I only used a few shades from this palette and a few shades from the other palette so we don’t need all of these shades and last but not.

At least I use a black liquid eyeliner I think that is all and also these makeup brushes but let’s just get to the actual tutorial.

So before drawing on the actual scar, I’m trying to draw a scar on my cheek and the lipsticks really bring out your pores just be aware of that so I put a good amount of this filler the Filorga Time-Filler so hopefully it won’t look too bad today.

First, I’m taking this NYX matte lipstick in the shade trash, and I’m just going to sweep this on my cheek, and I’m going to neat out, obviously, and the reason why I’m doing this is just a Creed, and infected look because that’s glory.

Now then I’m going to take my Maybelline to fit me concealer, and I’m going to put this on my wrist just so that I can mix it with your tres lipstick and I’m going to take this small concealer-like brush and put this in the middle of what we just put on and mixing them open up the lipstick that’s Wahpeton shotgun down to now I can always fix that so I’m going to move on.

And I’m going to take a liquid eyeliner such as the HUDA BEAUTY Life Liner Double Ended Eyeliner Liquid and this is the most the difficult part for me, so I’m just going to shut up while I’m doing it and this doesn’t have to be perfectly straight because I don’t think that many cuts are perfect but are messed up I’m just going to highlight the area then I’m going to use this purple shade.

It’s from the mechanized color edition palette and I just use anything that I should approach to do this, and I’m going to go around the highlighted areas just create like a shadow with this and this is going to make it look like a movie boost.

So I adjusted some blending and some small adjustments to the camera, so I’m just going to move on to the final step, and that is to put red lipstick in the middle, you know, is the blood, and to do that, I’m going to use an angled brush and this red lipstick, and this is not a matte lipstick. I think that’s important because you know blood is mad, so I’m just going to dig into this, and it will be messy.

With the same brush, I will pick up some of the black shadows and deepen them up a little bit. I’m just like dotting this thing up the areas where there isn’t too much of the red, and then I’m going to pick up some more red lipstick.

I just blended some more and such to make the highlighted part look more infected and less white. I’m taking this lip liner. It’s the NYX matte lip liner in the shade with caviar and this coupling that is on top of the highlight and now that the highlight is not so obvious anymore I’m going to take this flat eyeshadow brush again and just draw like some shadows. I’m just blending with this fresh that came with the remote palette, which is for the cut.

I would say this got a bit too dark out here, and I would like to make it a little slimmer because I feel like that looks more realistic. I think, from afar, it looks somewhat realistic, so when you get closure, you can see that it’s just drawn on.

I just wanted to add that you can also do this look on your arm. I think it looks a lot more realistic on the arm, so if you want to do a split here, it will probably turn out a lot better than this because there’s a lot easier to blend on your arm.

I guess that’s it for this blog on how to make a fake cut with eyeshadow. I hope you learned something from this blog about how to make a fake cut with eyeshadow.

Thank you so much for reading how to make a fake cut with eyeshadow. I hope to see it in the next blog.

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