how to make a fake cut with makeup

How To Make A Fake Cut With Makeup?

Welcome to another tutorial today’s topic is how to make a fake cut with makeup. If you want to recreate how to make a fake cut with makeup look all you’re going to need is a body part I’m using my arm and some toilet roll literally.

For this look on how to make a fake cut with makeup, I used two or three squares of this some PVA glue the Mod Podge with the mix of some water some flesh-colored face paint such as Vallejo Face/Skin Colors Paint or even foundation that is your skin color some contouring powders such as the Glo Skin Beauty Contour Kit or even eyeshadow powders as an example the Lancome Hypnose either work really well some fake blood because that’s everywhere at the moment some brushes some sponges and some small scissors or even tweezers something sharp that will cut through this paper. 

fake cut with makeup
Fake Cut With Makeup (Image Source: Pinterest)

Tutorial On How To Make A Fake Cut With Makeup

So let’s begin the tutorial on how to make a fake cut with makeup. First of all, you want to put some PVA glue on your arm or wherever you’re going to do it to start the how to make a fake cut with a makeup look. The good thing about this PVA glue is when you peel it off, and it doesn’t hurt. One year, I had to have spirit gum on my face, and trust me, that hurt when you’re to take it off. 

Now in hindsight, I probably wouldn’t have done a rectangle kind of shape here. It might be better to do it in odd shapes because I think that it can look more natural and blend in a lot better but just make sure that when you’re doing this make sure all the edges are entirely stuck down.

I have heard people say that it’s better to wait for each layer to dry before another layer. I am a little bit impatient, so I didn’t. It still works, but you know that’s another thing you can do if you have more time. Let each layer dry also, don’t worry if this is messy if you’ve got the scrunched-up paper. If the paper is flat, it all still works, and you just have to be creative and not think about it too much. 

With each layer, add more Mod Podge, so it’s like a paper-mache in your arm, and just to say, this is the second time I’ve used technology to make the wound. I’ve made one out of glue and made one out of paper, and this is the second time I’ve ever made it, so you do not have to be an expert.

Also, I found that making it a little bit higher in the middle where the cuts will be is better because it will blend in with the outside. Still, on the inside, where it’s going to be cut, there’s a lot more to work with now. Once you’ve done this, let it dry. If you’ve got more time than me, completely let it dry. I probably should have waited a little longer; I put a hairdryer on low heat. It wasn’t too hot. Still, it would have probably been better if I waited a little longer for it to dry.

Now you want to add a few colors to it, so I’m using the complexion pink by snazaroo I’ll be honest with you it’s a little bit too light for my skin color it doesn’t look it in the pack but yeah when I put it on it doesn’t really work so I will go over this with my foundation as well. 

Now, I will say to put it on your arm where the tissue isn’t on, so it blends in and looks the same. They both look the same color as each other now. If this isn’t working perfectly, you can go back with some skin-colored powders. Many people use this for contouring, but you can find eyeshadows of that similar color if you just want to get a little eye shadow palette.

I ended up mixing all the different tones to get the perfect look and remember to blend in because I didn’t round the edges of this. It looked odd, but you want to blend it in now for the slightly dangerous parts. Please be careful, and you need to get some scissors, maybe a little nail scissors or some tweezers. I couldn’t find it now since I’m using tweezers here. You got to make the cut now where this wasn’t completely dry. 

I was using tweezers. It did kind of tear, and although this can work, I think it’ll be more precise if you let this dry and if you use scissors. The great thing about it is that it doesn’t have to look perfect, and, if it looks too normal, if the shapes are too perfect, it almost looks fake, so if you just want to rip bits. It looks quite odd, misshaped. 

That’s perfect for this because, let’s face it, if you’re going to get attacked by a zombie, they’re not going to be very precise. They’re not going to be like, okay, we need a perfect oval here, so just rip it as you like to spread it, push it down, take bits off that aren’t working, just work with it, be creative.

Now you may have noticed that some pieces of toilet roll are now exposed, so it’s a bit white. What I did here is I got the skin-colored powders and went back over that. Also, I found that the glue on those layers dried up a lot more where these powders on it, and it’s good to do a dabbing technique over this rather than spreading it because that will just rip the tissue, even more, so once again just mix all the skin colors and just dabbed it on. 

Now you want to get some black eyeshadow and spread it all over the cut. I find that this works quite nicely, and it brings out a lot of the texture in toilet roll, but also remember to do it on your normal arm where there’s no tissue as well, so it all sort of looks the same also if you fill in where you were going to put the blood that makes the area look a lot deeper so that’s quite cool but if you do have black face paint that works even better because this eyeshadow was just rubbing off those areas.

Once you’re done with the black right around the car, just go around the edges and go on your arm to make everything look natural. Now go back with some red because normally, if you get a car and you’ve got quite similar skin when you get a cut, it gets quite red. I’m not sure what it’s like in everyone else’s skin. 

It’s only like skin colors out there just work with how it would naturally look on you but for me to put some red around the edges of it, and you don’t have to be neat with this, you can spread it out, blend it and put loads of different places wherever you want.

If you’re going to be creative, don’t think about it too much because then it just gets ruined now. Here’s a fun part: add the fake blood there on a side note. If you want to add some bruising, you can have blue, green, yellow, red, purple, all of that, or help with bruising. I did this in a zombie sort of infected look, and it worked quite well. 

Now you can add the fake blood in with a paintbrush but what I found is it looks more natural and better if you just tip tight, squeeze it in there, and then let it move on its own, so that’s why I’m moving my arm right now just to let it drip wherever it needs to go.

And if there are any places you want to add a bit more color into one of those, I added a bit more black around the top, then go for that. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog, and thank you for reading. If you liked it, do read How to make fake wounds without latex, see you soon.