how to make a fake cut with pen

Tutorial On How To Make A Fake Cut With Pen

How to make a fake cut with pen? You will only need four items, so what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

fake cut with a pen
Fake Cut With A Pen (Image Source: Youtube)

How to make a fake cut with pen

Required items

  • A red pen such as the Pentel EnerGel RTX
  • A blue pen such as the Pentel EnerGel Deluxe RTX
  • a black pen such as the PILOT G2 Premium Refillable
  • A job glue stick, but I prefer gel. You guys could use purple glue, but I’m pretty sure gel works a lot better. 

Step: 1

Step one is to draw a line across your wrist. Make the middle part thicker than it already is but keep the ends then. If you don’t like the thickness, you can always make it thicker. It depends on how thick you want it.

It’s not how thick it needs to be. Instead, it is supposed to be how thick you want, and then you want to fill the lines in and make sure you keep the edges straight. Next up, I’m going to take the blue pen, and you want to draw a line crossed if you have redness and be careful when you go to the end parts. Do not go too thick in that part.

Step: 2

Make the blue not too thin or too thick, and you want to make sure the red is still visible on the outside. Then when you’re done with that, you want to take the black pen and draw a straight line. 

A thin straight line into the middle of the blue, and if you don’t want to use black, you are going to want to just stay with the blue line, and then you want to take the glue stick, or as I said, I suggest you get a glue gel stick because they work better.

What you want to do is pack it on the sides. I said it makes it easier if you just stick the glue on there when it’s already in a ball-like thing. Still, if you can’t, there’s always another way to do it’s a lot easier to do it this way, but it’s a lot faster to do it the other way, like do this and then just push it into the part you want to do still the glue thing. 

Step: 3

I’m going to finish the glue thing up but what you want to do is you want to take the glue part still and do this. To be honest with you guys, the glue part takes the longest and takes about five to ten minutes or five to seven minutes, but it’s the longest it takes. You could still be kind of sticky if you want to add blood earlier. It’s just the glue won’t dry long enough. 

So let’s add the blood, shall we, and hurry this up. You want to keep dabbing it on the glue to cover the glue-up. You do not want the glue to be shown, or else people are going to think, wow, that’s not real. Just keep it thick and blow the ink into the middle part.

Then there you go, the big cut is done. It may seem like a bear just clawed you up, but that’s the look of using raw materials.

That’s the look. If you still have dot looks on the side-lying because of the ink, all you want to do is just wipe it away. You might smear some on your skin, but it shouldn’t matter. You can always clean it up later. 

You want just to keep adding to cover up the white, then take which is cleaner, and you want just to wipe the access off.

How To Make A Fake Cut With Pen Tutorial

And tada the how to make a fake cut with pen tutorial is completed! We hope you enjoyed it if you did read How to make fake wounds without latex. Till then, see you soon!