how to make a fake cut with tissue

Tutorial On How To Make A Fake Cut With Tissues

Today, we will be discovering how to make a fake cut with tissues. So just follow the steps given below, and pay attention to make this look right.

fake cut with tissue
Fake Cut With Tissue (Image Source: wikiHow)

How to make a fake cut with tissues

As a result of how to make a fake cut with tissue, I receive the liquid latex and the tissues. Kleenex Expressions Ultra Soft Facial Tissues are what I’m using, and I’m using liquid latex to draw a line where I want my cuts to be, which I’ll be doing right now. Then I’ll rip the tissue up and apply some liquid latex over the area where the cut is going to be. 

In order to complete the process of how to make a fake cut with tissue, I’m meant to just layer tissue over liquid latex, and then I’m expected to put latex over the tissue on top of the tissue and then layer the tissue back over it again.

And then I am going to repeat that a couple of times, like around four to five times over each place where I have a cut or where the cut is supposed to be. Now that I’ve done that and made sure it’s right, it must be completely dried.

The liquid latex and tissues will be covered with foundation, which I will apply over the top of the liquid latex and tissues. Please, please, please, this is critical. Please make sure that the liquid latex is the final thing you put on, rather than the tissue, and that it is completely dry at this point. All I’m doing is mixing the foundation over the bits of tissue, checking to see whether it matches my skin tone.

If you already have makeup on, simply apply it over the top of your existing makeup, and now I’m going to set it with a skin tone setting powder, or you could use translucent anything like that. To finish it off. It doesn’t have to be skin tone, like the Hourglass Veil Translucent Setting Powder.

With the scissors, I’ll cut the slices from their respective positions. Please use caution; I nearly cut myself a million times while creating this, so please proceed with caution. There’s no need to hasten things. 

So I’m simply directing you where all of the cuts are right now, just to be safe. I’m going to apply some black paint on a cosmetic sponge and dab it all over the areas of my skin that are showing through.

Where they just cut open my supposed to be sliced so I’m just telling you that and I’m going to draw each one then I’m going to grab some and orange and black eyeshadow, but now I’m just putting on the block I shall to set the paint so the paint wouldn’t be wet, so that’s what.

And now I’m putting the red and the orange, and I think I used a little bit of yellow, too, if I’m not mistaken, over the slices just to make them look more realistic, and now I’m putting on the coagulated blood

For the time being, I’ll use it on some fake vampire blood, similar to the more loose one in the console. I’m just trying to make it appear as though it’s new and bleeding, so that’s what I’m doing.

I then put on a heavy coat of blood and went into the kitchen to get a knife. I’m just smearing the fake blood all over the knife to give it that realistic appearance, and I’m smearing some on my lip because I did put some thicker blood in the corner of my lip before, and that’s all there is to it.

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