how to make a fake cut with vaseline

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Make A Fake Cut With Vaseline

A new day is a new thing to learn. Today we will be learning how to make a fake cut with Vaseline, along with a quick recipe for fake blood that you can make at home.

fake cut with vaseline
Fake Cut With Vaseline (Image Source: wikiHow)

So, let us get started!

How to make a fake cut with vaseline

Skin putty items that you will require.

•Vaseline Pure Petroleum Jelly


•Cocoa powder 

•2 Disposable plastic spoons

• One disposable plastic cup

For the Fake blood

•Glycerin for Skin, Body, Hair, and Crafts

• Red food coloring  (optional)

•Cocoa powder

Step 1: Making the skin putty

A combination of Vaseline and flour is used to make the skin putty.

Fill the plastic spoon with flour until it is full, then set it aside for later use. Using the second spoon, scoop up a little of Vaseline until it fills the spoon, but no more or less than that.

CAUTION: This is the factor where it becomes confusing

Once you’ve done that, use the back of the same spoon that you used to scoop out the flour and the spoon that you took to scoop some Vaseline and deposit it in the cup.

Gently fold the Vaseline into the flour until well combined (you must fold it in; you cannot simply mix it).

After it seems to be a solid mass, it should take some time to reach its final state. Pour the mixture into your palm, knead it until it is mailable, and do not crumble when squeezed.

If you want to vary the hue of the putty’s skin tone, you can add some cocoa powder to the mixture.

Step 2: Making the blood

The blood, which is mostly constituted of glycerine (I believe it is a laxative, but I’m not sure), is colored with red food coloring, which is used to achieve this effect. After being heated, glycerine transforms into an anti-abrasive substance that dissolves red food coloring, making it a great choice for this application.

Using 5 drops of red food coloring, fill the glycerine bottle halfway or until the blood resembles the way you want it to appear.

Add some cocoa powder to the recipe before mixing it all together to give the blood a chunkier consistency. You have total control over how much cocoa you add.

Step 3: Assembling the cut

Before moving on to step two, apply whatever amount of skin putty you like to the area where the cut will be made. When you have completed spreading the putty using the spoon that you used to scoop the Vaseline, use the back of the spoon to make long strokes across the surface of the putty.

Tape the edges of the putty together after sealing them with a small amount of Vaseline. If you want to cut something, use whatever you want; a knife, a spoon, or even your teeth will do. Cut in it and inject blood into it.

To make the wound appear more natural-looking, dab some blood onto a paper towel and spread it over the wound. Use a small amount of cocoa powder to the wound and the surrounding region to give the appearance of infection.

To be clear, I did not have the correct components for blood on hand, so I had to make do with red food coloring, which dries quickly, so yours will flow more freely and appear more coagulated than mine.

And that is how to make a fake cut with vaseline. We hope you enjoyed it if you did be sure to check out How to make fake wounds without latex and enjoy. Until then bye!