how to make a fake scar without makeup

Tutorial On How To Make A Fake Scar Without Makeup

How to make a fake scar without makeup? Finding an authentic-looking spooky costume cannot be easy, especially when the most realistic costumes and cosmetics are out of your price range. Even if you don’t have a stylish costume, transforming your facial appearance into something more terrifying can be more effective than the more expensive choices. 

fake scar without makeup
Fake Scar Without Makeup (Image Source: Pinterest)

Your friends and relatives won’t be able to recognize who the person behind the scars is with a little time and effort.

How to make a fake scar without makeup

Follow the steps mentioned below to learn how to make a fake scar without makeup.

Step 1: The supplies

This basic scar imitation may be completed in a reasonably short amount of time and with little preparation and the bold point without makeup. The only things you’ll need are liquid collodion Mehron Rigid Collodion Scarring Liquid and scar-colored paint, such as the Outdoor Acrylic Paint, which you can find at most art, craft, or paint stores. Collodion is a very sticky liquid chemical that is commonly used in medical and special effects makeup.

Step 2: Do a patch test first

Collodion is a component that has the potential to be irritating to the skin. Because of this, test a small section before proceeding with the main implementation. With this strategy, you may be confident that you will not negatively react to it.

It would be best if you also experimented with the color of your paints. Try it out a little on the spot where you intend to use it to see how it works. Your natural skin tone may clash with the paint color, making it appear less realistic.

Step 3: Clean the soon-to-be scar area

FX makeup adheres to your skin more effectively when your body is clean, forming a stronger seal between you and the adhesive. Your skin will be prepared for your new scar with a baby wipe or light soap such as the Olivella Face and warm water.

Before using collodion, make sure your skin is fully dry.

Step 4: Trace the scar pattern

If you apply the paint to your face, you may need to use the mirror, but imagine the scar pattern you want by gazing at the portion of your body where you will be putting your scar effects.

For more sophisticated scar designs, you may wish to lightly draw out the pattern with a pen beforehand.

You may use hash-mark patterns, jagged lines, or scary x-shaped scars for your style.

Step 5: The liquid collodion in layers

The collodion will draw your skin together and provide the illusion of a scar once it has dried. It is possible to make a more obvious impact by applying the same solution repeatedly. Allowing each collodion layer to cure completely before applying another layer is the best method for applying more layers. The use of liquid collodion in areas of tight skin may be beneficial in slowing the progression of the aging process.

Step 6: Adding the paint

The hue you choose to tint your artificial scar tissue may vary dramatically depending on your skin tone. Paint can be worn on top of or below your collodion scar. If you want to apply the paint beneath your liquid collodion, you’ll need to do it first, allowing the paint to dry completely if required.

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