how to make fake blood for makeup

2 Ways To Know On How To Make Fake Blood For Makeup

We are back with another fake blood blog, so we will learn 2 ways to know how to make fake blood for makeup. These methods are very simple and easy because if I can do it, anyone can.

fake blood for makeup
Fake Blood For Makeup (Image Source: Pinterest)

Some filmmakers are extremely picky when it comes to their fake blood. Others are simply looking for something that appears authentic enough while not ruining the set or wardrobes.

So, whatever your splatter goals are, whether they’re useful or purely cosmetic, there’s a DIY fake blood formula to suit your needs.

How to make fake blood for makeup

The best fake blood recipes were discovered when searching the internet for today’s post.

The more known you are of the various special effects makeup options, the better prepared you will be.

How to make fake blood

Dick Smith is a special effects makeup artist that you may be familiar with if you work in the industry. The Exorcist, Scanners, and Poltergeist III are just a few terrifying films that have benefited from his mastery of splatter.

It has become a standard since he first published his DIY fake blood recipe. The following are the fake blood ingredients:

  • (1 quart) corn syrup crystals
  • (1 tsp) Methylparaben is a preservative
  • (2 oz) Red food coloring in powdered form
  • (5 tsp) Yellow food coloring in powder form
  • (2 oz) Kodak Photo-Flo is a type of photographic film (Caution: this is extremely poisonous.)
  • (2 ounces) Water

For the actual preparation, begin by mixing your methylparaben with a portion of your corn syrup in a cup.

Fill a large bowl halfway with the large bucket’s red and yellow food coloring. After that, add the water and stir well.

You’re ready to use it once you’ve achieved the color you desire (see below for more information).

However, exercise caution!

Two chemicals in fake blood are dangerous, so use caution when applying them to your actors (particularly around their mouth, nostrils, and eyes).

How to make stain proof fake blood

Creating fake blood for clothing is simple if you follow the instructions above but simply add dish soap to the formula, and you’re done.

Additionally, if you’re having trouble achieving the consistency you want, dish soap will help to make the blood more even inconsistent.

If you’re applying your homemade fake blood recipe to an actor’s skin, make it important to ensure with them to see if they have sensitive skin or skin allergies before you start working.

While filming Amityville: The Awakening, Bella Thorne said that a fake blood mix made of sugar and detergent (and the following scrub-off) caused a severe flare-up in her skin. If at all possible, avoid this situation!

And that concludes our talk on “how to make fake blood for makeup,” we hope you enjoyed being sure to check out “How To Make Fake Blood For Makeup.” We hope to see you soon.