how to make fake nails stay on without glue

How to Make Fake Nails Stay On Without Glue

In this post, we will talk about two ways to maintain fake nails without glue.

how to make fake nails stay on without glue
How to Make Fake Nails Stay On Without Glue (Image Source: Pinterest)

Applying Fake Nails with Double-Sided Tape

If you need a more secure grip, use nail tabs. Certain kinds of fake nails have sticky tabs instead of glue. These self-adhesive, double-sided tabs are pre-cut to fit fingernails and often stay in place for many days. Adhesive nail tabs are similar to double-sided sticky tape.

Wash your hands and use a cotton ball coated in non-acetone nail polish remover to wipe each of your nails. This helps to remove dirt and grease from the tape and ensures that it will adhere properly.

Then, align one of the tape pieces with one of your nails and peel away one side of the backing. Carefully apply the adhesive side of the tape to your nail, then rub one of your fingers over the top (non-sticky) side to ensure it is smooth.

If the tape begins to fold in on itself or bubbles up after being applied to your nail, you may need to discard it and replace it with another piece. It’s simplest to work on a single nail at a time.

Remove the tape’s backing from the top side. After adhering the tape to your nail, take away the top side of the backing gently. You should now have nothing except glue remaining on your nail. Take care not to touch the tape after the last piece of backing has been pulled off.

applying fake nails with double-sided tape
Applying Fake Nails with Double-Sided Tape (Image Source: Pinterest)

Match the artificial nail’s bottom edge with the nail bed or the very bottom of your actual nail. Gently place the nail over the tape. You should gently press and smooth the tape over the nail to get rid of air and make sure it sticks even. After applying the first nail, complete adhering the remainder of your whole set.

This is a simple application, made even easier because there is no drying time! Remove the tape to reveal the nails. You can effortlessly remove tape-applied nails. Peel the nails carefully and gently away from the tape, then remove the tape from the natural nails. This is the most effective way in this article how to make fake nails stay on without glue.

Apply False Nails using double-sided tape

Applying Fake Nails with Clear Polish

Hands should be washed and nails sprayed with a dehydrating spray. If you do not have dehydrating spray, use a non-acetone nail paint remover to clean each nail. This is a critical step to remove debris and grease, which will help in the adhering of the nail paint to your nails.

Use enough polish to create a fairly thick layer, but not so much that it smushes out from under your nail during application. The quantity you would regularly apply to your natural nail should be enough.

You may use any brand of clear polish, even ones that include glitter. Avoid applying colored polish. Apply the nail polish to your natural nails. Allow 15-30 seconds for the nail polish to dry. Allow the polish to dry for a few seconds before applying the fake nail. Don’t let the polish dry completely. It will stick better if the clear polish is tacky rather than wet.

If you’re using a fast-drying polish, you may not need to wait for it to dry, although certain polishes may take a bit longer to get sticky. Simply apply another layer of clear polish if the first coat dries off. If it seems to be very thick, dab it away with a cotton swab dipped in nail paint remover.

Allow for thorough drying of the nail before applying another clear coat. Once the nail polish is tacky but not entirely dried, fit the artificial nail’s bottom edge with the natural nail bed. Keep the nail pressed on your natural nail for 30 seconds to 1 minute to enable the clear polish to dry.

applying fake nails with clear polish
Applying Fake Nails with Clear Polish (Image Source: Pinterest)

To remove polish-coated nails, you must first remove the polish. Soak your nails in a shallow bowl of nail polish remover for 5-10 minutes. Then carefully pull out the nails. Avoid trying to rip the nails off, as this may cause pain and may harm your natural nails.

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How to put on fake nails with clear nail polish