how to make gel nails look shiny again

How To Make Gel Nails Look Shiny Again? | Guide 2023

Your gel polish manicure has become dull or has some scrub marks, but you still have a few weeks before you can get a new one. So, how to make gel nails look shiny again? Applying a new layer of gel topcoat is a simple and fast way to restore the manicure’s previous shine and luster when using gel polish. After applying a new layer of gel top coat, a little prep work is required for the best possible shine.

How To Make Gel Nails Look Shiny Again? Step-By-Step Guide

To restore the luster of your gel nails, simply apply a minimal layer of gel topcoat. However, if you’ve worn gel nails for a long time and lost their luster, you may need to exert additional work.

Buffing older nails back to a smooth state is essential before applying a new topcoat to restore the glossy sheen, as the top layer is more likely to have scratches and markings as weeks old. Also, you’ll need to conduct some prep work before adding the new gel top layer to ensure a high-quality shine.

Following these steps before applying another gel top coat will help your gel manicure last longer and look beautiful.

Step #1

Get started by thoroughly cleaning your hands with soap and water. And then pat them dry with a cloth or tissue.

Step #2

Quickly remove any dirt or dust from the nail’s surface with acetone or alcohol, and then allow it to dry. If a dull film appears on your nails, you need not worry. After applying a new gel topcoat layer, it will blend in seamlessly.

Step #3 

If the gel polish has bubbled or lifted at the cuticle or along the sidewalls, simply buff it down using the edge of a nail file or a buffer, and then clean up any stray dust with a nail file.

Step #4 

Put a dab of gel color on any chip and let it dry for 30 seconds.

Step #5

Get rid of the dust and use a buffer to blend in the chipped areas lightly.

Step #6

Apply a gel topcoat to all of your nails and cure them for 30 seconds. Make sure the edges are completely covered and sealed.

Step #7

To get rid of any sticky residue, use alcohol. You can once again admire the brilliance of your gel nails.

How To Fill Deep Scrubbed Gel Nails And Restore Its Shine?

Scuffs and other significant scratches can be concealed by using a gel top coat. How to do it:

Step #1

Make sure the nail surface is ready by applying cuticle oil to the nail bed.

Step #2

Carefully apply the correct gel polish to the deep groove, and let it cure for 30 seconds. Don’t paint the entire nail, as this can make it look darker than the others if you use more than one layer of color.

Step #3

Buff the area lightly to eliminate any lingering dust and lumps.

Step #4

Apply a gel topcoat to your entire nail and let it cure for 30 seconds. It works wonderfully to restore the shine of a gel manicure.

Step #5

Use alcohol to remove any sticky residue if necessary.

In conclusion, this article on how to make gel nails look shiny again has provided you with all the information you need to restore the original shine to your gel nails. The easiest way to bring back the luster of your gel manicure is to use a gel top coat. It improves the smoothness and shine of your nails and may even help your gel manicure last longer. Furthermore, keep the gloss and strength of your nails by giving them adequate time to cure after prep.

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