how to make liquid latex

How To Make Liquid Latex: Step By Step Tutorial

Liquid latex is used in makeup as we all know specifically in SFX makeup. But what if you need to go to a fantasy costume party asap, and want to look the best. But unfortunately, you have run out of liquid latex.

diy liquid latex
DIY Make Liquid Latex (Image Source: Pinterest)

Well, do not panic because today we will discover how to make liquid latex! With the comfort of your home.

Steps to make liquid latex

It is now common knowledge that the spooky realistic gashes and gouges and warts and sores that make for a memorable Halloween costume are all due to one thing: liquid latex. Even the most casual lover of horror films and Halloween haunts are aware of this. This super rubber has a lot of movement, is simple to handle, and can be transformed in limitless ways. 

The disadvantage is that the genuine liquid latex may include allergic reactions in some people, it also has a strong odor, and is not always as simple. It is not easily available (especially if you live outside of a big country).

But do not be alarmed! With this DIY latex, you can still frighten people and create eerie effects, manufactured from readily available unflavoured gelatin and a few other ingredients that you already have laying around in your kitchen.

Ingredients required:

  • Using a wooden stirrer, combine the ingredients in a cup.
  • Two packets of unflavoured gelatin (for a total of 4 packets)
  • Food coloring in the red color
  • Food coloring in the color yellow
  • Makeup Brushes in different sizes

Step: 1

Two packets of gelatin should be combined in a large mixing basin. You may wish for more than one of these packets for a large region. 

Step: 2

Two teaspoons of boiling water should be added.

Step: 3

Stir the mixture with a wooden stick until the gelatin is completely melted. It will begin to thicken and cool down as you continue to stir it. Do not be concerned about leaving a few lumps in the wound mixture if you are forming a wound.

Step: 4

If you’re making an open wound, you’ll want to add red food coloring to make it seem more realistic. The gelatin will solidify if you leave it out for too long, and the color will become less evenly distributed throughout the remainder of the mixture.

So, those were the steps on how to make liquid latex? How it is to make liquid latex at home. With just a few steps you can make your very own liquid latex at home and it is not that hard. 

Now you can go to that fantasy costume party that you were running late too.

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