how to make polygel nails last longer

How to Make Polygel Nails Last Longer

In this article, I will show you how to make polygel nails last longer. Here are some tips to make polygel nails last longer.

Clean Your Nails Properly

clean your nails properly
Clean Your Nails Properly (Image Source: Pinterest)

The most critical thing you can do to extend the life of your Polygel Nails is to prepare and clean your nails properly before using Polygel nail product.

This helps remove any oil or debris that may be present on your nails and prevents the Polygel from sticking.

Nail Primer and a Dehydrator

nail primer and a dehydrator
Nail Primer and a Dehydrator (Image Source: Pinterest)

Nail Primers and Dehydrators are necessary for long-lasting manicures, even more so if your manicure is prone to lifting. Dehydrators are used to completely dry the nail plate of any moisture or grease. Both oil and moisture might act as a barrier to the Polygel adhering to your nails.

Nail Primers create tiny microscopic scratches on the surface of your nails to roughen them up. This enables the Polygel to stick to your nail plates more effectively and for a longer period of time. After prepping your nails, apply a coat of the dehydrator to each nail, followed by a coat of the nail primer.

Apply a Gel Base and Top Coat

apply a gel base and top coat
Apply a Gel Base and Top Coat (Image Source: Pinterest)

A nice gel base and topcoat may improve the durability and shine of your Polygel Nails. Gel Base Coat forms a strong bond with the nail plate while also creating a beautiful sticky coating for the Polygel to attach to.

Gel Top Coat forms a tough and lasting glossy coating on top of your Polygel Nails, protecting them from getting scratched. A buffer layer is formed between the Polygel and harsh chemicals, which prevents the Polygel from being damaged by the harsh chemicals.

Purchase a Good Brand of Polygel

There are several brands of Polygel available. And a lot of these products are really cheap but of poor quality, which means they are not durable or long-lasting. As a result, I recommend investing in a high-quality brand that is more likely to be lasting and attractive.

Avoid Chemical Exposure to Polygel Nails

My second suggestion for extending the life of your Polygel Nails is to avoid difficult situations such as high heat from cooking, harsh detergents from washing, and pesticides from gardening.

These conditions damage your Polygel nails, causing them to fade and become more susceptible to lifting. As a result, I recommend using thick rubber gloves while cleaning, cooking, or gardening to preserve your Polygel nails.

Instead of Using Forms, Use Nail Tips

Polygel nails applied with nail tips rather than nail forms are more durable. As you can see, the nail tips work as a support basis for the Polygel, which strengthens it and makes it stronger than if you were to use a nail form. 

Both dual and paper variants now leave the Polygel free-standing, resulting in a weaker and more brittle nail.