how to make scar wax without vaseline

Homemade DIY Tutorial On How To Make Scar Wax Without Vaseline 

It is very easy to know how to make scar wax without vaseline and display it at every beauty event you attend or at certain parties.

diy scar wax
DIY Scar Wax (Image Source: Pinterest)

It is a typical and popular go-to cosmetic style for Halloween and raves events and the television business, to name a few examples. Famous makeup artists utilize it for large-scale shootings, music videos, and runway displays, among other occasions.

Scar wax is also very popular in the YouTube business and special effects makeup. If you want to try this item but aren’t sure how to go about it, stay tuned to find out everything you need to know about “how to make scar wax without vaseline!”

How to make scar wax without Vaseline: Guide

So, how to make scar wax without vaseline? The following items are required to prepare a homemade DIY scar wax. Let us have a look at everything.

Ingredients and tools

  • Beeswax
  • Makeup wipes
  • A bowl and spoons
  • Your preferred foundation
  • Cornflour
  • Brushes
  • Knife
  • Banana powder
  • A sponge
  • Fake blood

Step 1

Make use of your makeup remover wipes to clean your skin, face, or other parts of your body. Every time you sit down to work, you should be working on a clean surface. Your newly generated scar wax will stick to the clean surface in the shortest time and with the least effort. In addition, check to see whether you’re particularly sensitive or prone to allergies before you start this process.

Step 2

Use a knife or a tiny spatula to scoop out the beeswax you have, or experiment with other combinations to create something unique! Using two teaspoons of cornflour and one tablespoon of beeswax, you may create a beautiful masterpiece. Using a spoon or a spatula, combine the ingredients. Use a clean saucepan or a disposable plastic dish to mash the goods.

Step 3

Make little balls out of the mixture you’ve prepared. Due to the possibility of leaving a sticky residue, it is recommended that you apply more beeswax to its outer layers. The product will be easy to move about and manipulate in this manner. Try adding fake blood to the wax you have just made to make it a bit more advanced. It will give it a more realistic look when applying it with the brushes on your skin.

And there you go your DIY scar wax without vaseline is ready! We hope you enjoyed it. Be sure to read how to make fake wounds without latex, until then bye.