how to make scars with liquid latex and toilet paper

Guide On How To Make Scars With Liquid Latex And Toilet Paper

In the aftermath of my boyfriend’s rejection, I sought activities to keep me occupied. Unfortunately, one of them was learning how to make scars with liquid latex and toilet paper. 

scars with liquid latex and toilet paper
Scars With Liquid Latex And Toilet Paper (Image Source: Pinterest)

I have no prior knowledge, and this is how I go about doing them; they don’t seem spectacular, but some of them come out to be fairly realistic.

How to make scars with liquid latex and toilet paper: Step-by-step tutorial

Follow the steps given below to learn how to make scars with liquid latex and toilet paper.

Step 1: Get what you need

  • 1 bottle of Liquid Latex is required 
  • A Syringe is a kind of needle (optional) Latex is pumped through this tube in a fine, controlled stream.
  • Paintbrushes with medium and extremely fine bristles
  • Paints in the colors red, dark pink, and light-medium brown
  • Toilet paper

Step 2: Latex and toilet paper

Take your bottle of latex and syringe, if you’re using one, and pull some liquid into the bottle. Add your toilet paper neatly onto the latex.

Apply a small coating of cream to the region where you want your scar to be visible before adding your latex.

Because I didn’t have someone to use as a test subject or cameraman, I decided to place my scar on my left wrist for convenience.

Wait for the first coat to dry before proceeding. Pass the time by doing something enjoyable; for example, I spoke to my pals on MSN and played Grand Theft Auto for a few minutes.

Using a tiny rubber strip, press it to the surface of the liquid after the color has changed somewhat, and you can detect a noticeable shift in viscosity has occurred. 

This generates an uneven surface, giving the scar a more genuine appearance; otherwise, it would be too polished and unnatural. At the same time, the toilet paper gives it wrinkles and a more realistic look.

Step 3: Add the paint

Take your pink paintbrush and start painting. The color of the paint is pink in order to represent the color of irritated skin.

Using a tiny bit of paint, gently press it into the paper to absorb as much moisture as possible.

The paintbrush should still have some paint and not be completely dry.

Gently paint the latex and the toilet paper. The scar mustn’t seem excessively pink. It should have just had a tiny color shift, giving it the appearance of being irritated.

Allow the paint to completely dry before continuing.

Step 4: Repeating the process

After the paint has dried, you want to repeat the process given in steps 2 and 3, and you can mismatch the pain as you like but be sure to mimic the latex and toilet paper step as said above. This way, you will learn perfectly how to make scars with liquid latex and toilet paper.

Step 5: Protective coating

Apply a final latex layer over the dry red paint to seal it in. This will prevent it from flaking off when the vehicle travels forward.

The importance of blotting cannot be overstated, as this is the LAST layer, and you do not want it to shine through.

When this coating has dried, your scar will be complete.

In addition, you may add little threads to create stitches between the initial layer and the first coat of paint.

After you’ve placed your first line of latex, you may begin to thread your needle. 

Add a little drop of latex on top of the thread to help keep it from unraveling too much. Continue until the scar is completely covered, then continue to paint and then further in the same manner.

And there you have it, your guide on how to make scars with liquid latex and toilet paper has been completed, be sure to check out how to make fake wounds without latex, for such content. Till then bye.