how to make semi-permanent hair dye last

How To Make Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Last Longer

I used to get bored easily and switch colors every few months, going from red to teal to purple until I eventually settled on my ultimate favorite, hot pink, the previous year. Performing maintenance may be a major pain in the posterior. 

Every time you shower, the temporary color comes off, which means that your once-vibrant blue might swiftly turn into a sickly-looking seafoam green after only a few washes—throwing money down the toilet. Regrettably, you will need to apply the dye more regularly if you want the color to retain its vibrancy and intensity.

Methods To Make Semi Permanent Hair Dye Last
Methods To Make Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Last (Image Source: Pinterest)

The process may be rather pricey because I do not color my hair. I indeed have a daring sense of style regarding my hair color. Because of the pace at which temporary color fades, I had to have touch-ups every four to six weeks, which cost more than I had budgeted. It was a difficult problem to solve: how to make semi-permanent hair dye last without spending an arm and a leg on it?

It has come to light that needs is, in point of fact, the mother of innovation. I’ve had some successes and failures over the years, but by experience and learning from my mistakes, I’ve been able to polish my techniques. 

You’ll discover some of my tried-and-true recommendations below on how to make semi-permanent hair dye last, verified by industry professionals for maximizing the use of daring temporary colors.

Methods to make semi-permanent hair dye last longer

Here I have listed the best-affected ways to know how to make semi-permanent hair dye last longer for you to try.

Do not wash your hair every single day

It should be no surprise that if you wash your hair less often, you will reduce the amount of color loss. 

My routine consists of washing my hair twice a week, and in between, I use dry shampoo to absorb excess oil. On the other hand, there are points when you just can’t beat putting your head under a strong current of moving water. 

If I’m dying to cleanse my scalp in between shampoo days, I’ll use a conditioner that’s particularly developed for color-treated hair since it’s kinder in color than shampoo is. 

The Pureology Hydrate Sheer Conditioner is my go-to product. It is entirely free of silicone and does not include any animal products. 

Bonus advice: According to Scrivo, it is advisable to steer clear of silicone products since they take the shine off of color-treated hair.

Stay away from heat styling

I don’t blow dry my hair very often, mostly because I’m lazy and it takes a long time to do it. On the other hand, my laziness has its advantages when preserving the color of my hair. 

According to Scrivo, “heat style also exposes the hair’s cuticle, causing the color to fade.” This is similar to when you rinse your hair with hot water. 

I have been guarding my Pink Palazzo all this time without even being aware. However, Maya Angelou once shared with Oprah her belief that “when you know better, you do better.” 

I’m a sucker for a nice wand and hair full of waves, so I can’t avoid heat styling. Therefore, I need to prepare my hair with a product that protects it from heat. 

The Tresemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray is something that I’m considering testing out. More than 400 customers at Ulta gave it a rating of four stars or higher, and considering purchasing it won’t put a strain on your finances.

Please wait at least three days before washing your hair after applying the new color

After I had my hair colored teal for the first time, I immediately subjected it to washing, which is a beginner error. My kickass blue-green hue lost its luster far more quickly than a famous relationship. What a fool I once was. 

The next time, I let a few days pass between the dying process and the first post-dye wash. My color seemed to be more stable and lasted for a longer period. It has come to light that there is a justification for this. 

According to Y. Claire Chang, M.D., a board-certified cosmetic dermatologist at Union Square Laser Dermatology, “it may take roughly 72 hours for the cuticle layer to seal and lock in the hair color.” 

This can take place anywhere from 24 to 48 hours. Eva Scrivo, a hairdresser and proprietor of a beauty business, says, “if you wait the entire 72 hours before washing, you will notice a huge difference in the life of your color.” 

After going to the salon, I don’t wash my hair for at least three days and often even a full week before doing so. This allows the vibrant hue of Pink Palazzo (by Aloxxi) to permeate properly.

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