how to make your lash extensions last longer

How To Make Lashes Last Longer?

After six months of avoiding them, I finally gave in and got lash extensions for two events and New York Fashion Week. My latest appointment was last night, but I’ve already had lash extensions applied seven times. The procedure may be time-consuming (my appointments are about two hours; sometimes I nap!), but the outcome is well worth the effort.

How to make your lash extensions last longer? I no longer have to spend time curling or applying mascara to my lashes; they now look longer and fuller without any effort. Their dramatic effect means I can skip the rest of my eye makeup. (Are you convinced?) The following are thirteen tried-and-true methods that I’ve found to be effective in maintaining the health and beauty of my extensions for the entire two to three months I use them.

13 Tips On How To Make Your Lash Extensions Last Longer?

Maintaining your eyelash extensions for as long as possible can seem difficult when you initially get them. With that in mind, I’ve decided to put my experience to good use and share my secrets for extending the life of my eyelash extensions.

If you follow these steps, you can enjoy stunning eyelashes for weeks! Come on, then; let’s get cracking.

Be Gentle With Your Extension

This may seem obvious, but you would be shocked at how many individuals are careless with their lash extensions.

You can prevent premature loss of your eyelashes if you refrain from touching your eyelashes or pulling them.

Take special care while touching your eyes with any cosmetics or cleansers. It’s common for folks to lose their lash extensions before their time simply because they are too rough with them.

Use Lash Extension Sealer

You can think of a lash sealant as an insurance policy. A consistent layer applied with a morning swipe can keep your extensions in place much longer.

Here are the three simple steps you need to follow to complete an application if you need a little more explanation.

Step #1

You might discover there’s some leftover on the brush. Just wipe the opening of the tube with the brush to remove it.

Step #2

Start at the top of your lash line and work down, gliding the lash sealant brush over the adhesive.

Step #3

Apply a thin layer of mascara under your eyelashes if your natural lashes are particularly sparse. In this case, dabbing rather than sweeping is what you want to do.

Pro-Approved Eyelash Extension Sealers Sprays

As with any beauty product, the selection of lash extension sealers is overwhelming. Fortunately, I’ve tried several different ones over the years, and I’ve had the most success with the following two:

The acrylic and hyaluronic serum in Blink Black Diamond Sealant will keep your extensions firmly in position. 

Coating and sealing your eyelashes with BL Crystal Drop. It produces a protective barrier around your eyelash extensions and is enriched with essential B vitamins and acids, so it can withstand the elements without causing damage (sweat, water, etc.).

Avoid Waterproof Mascara

How to make your lash extensions last longer? For eyelash extensions to last longer, especially on volume lashes, I advised avoiding waterproof mascara at all costs. Why? since taking off eye makeup while wearing extensions is significantly more complicated, and you risk tangling them!

If you’re going for an edgier appearance, you should steer clear of waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Extremely premature loss and poor retention of lash extensions might be brought on by the rubbing required to remove the products at night. No one would want that.

Sleep On Your Back

I’m sorry to all the pillow-smashers out there, but you’re not aiding the longevity of your lash extensions.

If you want to keep your lash extensions in the best shape possible, you should try sleeping on your back. Furthermore, a silk pillowcase is a worthwhile purchase, in my opinion. If you roll over, your eyelashes won’t get pulled out as easily.

Use Oil-Free Makeup Removers

You must only use an oil-free makeup remover when you get eyelash extensions. If you use anything else, you’re doomed to have problems with your extension. Why? Because the oil dissolves the glue and makes your extensions fall.

Applying oil-based cleansers or serums to your face is another no-no; avoid getting these products near your eyelashes.

Regularly Cleanses & Brush Your Lashes

Keeping your lash extensions clean is the most critical factor in ensuring their longevity. If you have a skincare routine established, you have accomplished half your goal!

However, an oil-free, extension-safe cleanser used twice daily will help you maintain clean, healthy lashes extension.

After you’ve finished your regular cleansing routine, use a clean mascara wand or lash cleansing brush to brush your lashes. Extra care before bed might prevent your eyelashes from becoming tangled while you sleep.

Here’s a pro’s guide on cleansing and brushing your eyelash extensions.

Step #1

Use a cleaner for eyelash extensions that do not contain oil or alcohol. Be cautious and use only a product designed for use with extensions to avoid harm. Always be careful when working around the eyes.

Step #2

Apply the cleanser to your lash line and massage it using your fingertips or an eyelash cleansing brush. The skin around the eyes is quite delicate, so be careful not to rub it.

Step #3

Wash your face well with clean water to remove the cleanser. When you’re done, give your face a light patting, and then use a clean mascara wand to give your lashes a little extra volume. This will not only make them last longer but will also help them maintain their amazingly chic shape.

Use A Protective Lash Sealant

If you’ve spent money on lash extensions, you should also get a lash sealant to keep them in place. As a result of using this product, the adhesive used to secure the extension to your natural lash will last a lot longer. It helps your extensions stay in place for a longer time.

To sum up, a lash sealant is the ideal aftercare treatment to boost retention between lash fills and lengthen the life of your lash extensions. Getting a lash sealer is a minor expense compared to the cost of getting eyelash extensions in the first place.

Schedule Your Refills Appointment

Staying on top of your biweekly lash refill appointments is the most important thing you can do to extend the life of your extensions. It’s the only way to maintain the complete appearance of your lash line. Your stylist will clean and condition your natural lashes before applying new extensions to increase their length and thickness at your scheduled refill visit. Your lash line will always look full and beautiful when you come in for refills frequently.

However, if you don’t get your extensions refilled regularly, your stylist will have to add more of them to restore the volume. This may indicate that an upgrade to the service is necessary. 

Use Only Lash Extension Friendly Products

It’s important to know that not all cosmetics can be used in conjunction with lash extensions. Avoid using any cosmetics or items that include oil or alcohol, including waterproof mascara. Of course, this includes using oil-based moisturizers in the eye area.

Talk to us if you’re ever confused about the safety of the products you’re using or if you’re worried that something you’re doing is damaging your lashes. This is why we’re here! Tell us about your lash experience before, during, or after your visit, and we’ll make things right. Care for eyelash extensions is something we can do together!

Consider A Lighter Lash Extension

Lashes come in various thicknesses, with the thicker ones standing out more visibly against the eyes. Is there any adverse side to this? In addition, they are more prone to peeling or falling out due to the additional stress. Consider asking your technician about lighter options if you’re concerned with longevity. (To give some context, I hardly ever go over. No longer 15mm.)

Show Some TLC For Natural Lashes

I’ve been receiving extensions for years and wonder if they damage my lashes. After a year of not picking at them when they begin to grow out, I’ve found that they’re healthy and beautiful as they are.

First 24-Hour 3S’ Care 

It includes taking a shower, using a steam room, or going for a swim before the adhesive has had a chance to dry thoroughly on your lashes. A few techs have urged me to give it 48 hours, but by then, I generally break and have to shower (albeit a cautious one, with my back to the water).

Swap Out Your Eye Cream

When applying my eye serum, I avoid getting it too close to my eyelashes and instead go for a lighter formula. And while we’re on the subject, I take the same precautions with facial oils and lotions. If I were a panda bear, for example, I wouldn’t apply any creams or lotions to my patches other than the eye serum I just described. Oils might dilute the adhesive, leading to premature lash loss.

Why Do My Lash Extensions Only Last A Week?

  • In most cases, the poor retention of your lash extensions can be traced back to one of two primary causes.
  • It’s possible that you didn’t follow proper aftercare procedures or the application was low-quality.
  • If your lash extensions don’t last more than a couple of weeks despite your best efforts, it’s time to locate a new specialist.

How Long Do Various Kinds Of Eyelash Extensions Last On?

Compared to natural lashes, volume lash extensions will stay significantly longer. The key to understanding why this is true is considering how both methods are applied.

In the case of classical lashes, the bonding surface between the glue and the natural lash is restricted due to the one-to-one application method.

On the other hand, volume lashes are applied in a more pronounced fashion. The volume fan encircles the natural lashes, increasing the bounding area significantly and making lash extensions last.

How To Make Lash Extensions Look Fuller?

There isn’t a single lady in the world who doesn’t secretly wish for thick, long eyelashes and wouldn’t go to any lengths to get that goal. Some people wear false eyelashes, others use mascara, and some genuinely brilliant individuals opt for eyelash extensions, saying goodbye to the daily hassle of perfecting their appearance and hello to lush, fluttery, skyscraping lashes or a more organic effect, whichever they prefer.

After spending two to three hours getting the eyelash extensions done, some of us still feel that they aren’t full enough. The length of their lashes is a possible contributing factor. The longer your lashes are, the less defined the lash line seems.

Everybody wants long, thick lashes, so they get extensions. In the procedure, the technician is almost like the person applying eyeliner to your lids by drawing on fake lashes to make them look real. The lash line region remains the same regardless of how short or long you cut your lashes, but the lashes themselves will appear either thicker or sparser depending on the length you choose. You can pair this with any classic set.

Since the length of the lashes significantly impacts the overall appearance, a person should exercise extreme caution while selecting the proper set of lashes.

For a thicker set of classic lashes, the recommended sizes range from 8 to a maximum of 13 in the middle, with the number dropping back down to 9 on the outer corner. In addition to the classic set of eyelashes, we also offer volumes, which are the ideal extensions for people who adore having a greater overall lash volume.

If we are going to use larger sizes, for example, 14 in the center and 10 on the corner, then the smaller sizes, for example, 12’s in the middle with 14’s and 8’s or 9’s on the corner with 10’s, need to be appropriately mixed in with the larger sizes. In addition to the length, achieving the desired volume also requires having a good sense of aesthetics.

Curls added to the extensions also contribute to the overall effect of having fuller eyelashes. Mixing the B’s and C’s Curls produces the most satisfactory results in giving lashes the desired fullness.

In addition to the lash curl, length, and appropriate mixing of the sizes, selecting the proper studio with the right specialists and aesthetics is essential if you want more significant eyelash extensions. How successfully they execute a look depends entirely on the level of competence, experience, and artistic skill that they possess.

The lash artist manipulates the lashes and has the tools and knowledge to give the client an exact look they want, including the proper size, the ideal mix of curls, and the right texture of the lash being applied, which can be thick or light depending on the client’s natural lash.

It’s up to the artist’s skill to give you a complete set of lashes that complement your natural ones in length and thickness, so sometimes it’s best to leave the job in their hands.

How To Make Lash Extensions Look Fluffy?

The perfect symmetry of the fans is crucial for making the beautiful, fluffy lashes your clients love. It may be tempting to employ nonstandard fans, but remember that the result will reflect the components’ quality.

The term “fan symmetry” refers to a pattern in which the distance between adjacent lashes is constant throughout all fans of a given size. Using 2D fans to create a look will create more space between the lashes than using 5D fans.

Although eyelash extensions are a significant improvement, they have the drawback of requiring frequent trips to the lash technician. With these tips in mind, you may get the most out of your eyelash extensions and extend the time between refills.

I hope you love this article and find it helpful. Also, you may be interested to read about how to choose eyelash extensions for your next appointment.