how to prep your nails for polygel

How to Prep your Nails for Polygel

Here are the following steps on how to prep your nails for polygel:

  • Hands and nails should be cleaned and sanitized. Remove any extra cuticle from the surrounding nail plate by pushing it back.
  • Using a file of your choice, shape the natural nail (Select a high-quality filer)
  • Remove the shine by gently buffing the nails with a decent 100/180 Nail Buffer. a
  • Wipe and wash the nail using an Alcohol Nail Pad or Nail surface cleanser and a Lint-free Nail Wipe to ensure that all dust is removed from the nail.
  • Apply a thin layer of Nail Dehydrator) on the nail plate.
  • Apply a small coat of Nail Primer to the nails.
  • Last but not least, it is now time to begin applying your base coat and doing whatever it is that you want with your nails! Just keep these suggestions in mind, and you’ll find that it lasts far longer than you expected.
How to Prep Your Nails and Remove Dead Skin

What Is Polygel?

Polygel is a hybrid nail polish product that was originally developed for nail technicians (Even though there are now kits that you can buy at home). It combines the advantages of acrylics and gel nails. To put it simply, it’s a nail enhancement product made of acrylic powder and clear gel that may be used to create the ideal set of nails for you. 

In the form of a malleable gel formula, you can mold it into whichever shape you choose! The all-in-one formulation, which does not need any ratios, mixing, or monomers, is intended to provide nail technicians the ultimate amount of power when it comes to shaping and layering your perfect nails. In addition, since poly gel does not set until it is cured, your technician will have more time to create the seamless nail look you want.

Polygel is available in a variety of colors and textures. It is available in various hues and shimmers, exactly like conventional nail polishes. An acrylic brush is used to apply the gel, and it may be put over your natural nails in the same manner as it is done to tips or nail extensions. It is cured with a UV or LED light, exactly like gel polish, after being brushed on and shaped.

Does Polygel Damage Your Nails?

Another reason why we like Polygel nails is that they are completely safe and will not harm or damage your nails. There is no need to be concerned about damaging your natural nails if the application and removal are made correctly. Your nail technician will file the Polygel away from your nails to remove the majority of them. 

Any leftover formula and product will be removed with acetone, leaving your nails clean and ready for your next manicure session. It’s important to file off the poly gel gently if you’re going to be removing it at home since filing off any nail product too violently might cause harm to your nails.

how to prep your nails for polygel
How to Prep your Nails for Polygel (Image Source: Pinterest)

Does Polygels last for a long time?

As far as nail care products go, poly gel seems to have taken over. The formula is widely used and may last for up to 21 days if applied and maintained properly. They don’t have a strong chemical smell to them at all.