how to properly curl eyelashes

Tutorial On How To Properly Curl Eyelashes

How to properly curl eyelashes? Eyelash curlers have the potential to divide opinions just as strongly as cilantro. There are two schools of thought when it comes to eyelash curlers: those who adore them and those who hate them. If you fall into the second group, we won’t hold it against you.

properly curl eyelashes
Properly Curl Eyelashes (Image Source: Pinterest)

We’ve seen our fair share of lash curling disasters, from crimped lashes to broken lashes and even lashes that don’t curl at all, no matter how hard you try to curl them. However, if you have the appropriate expertise and want to learn how do you curl your eyelashes, curling your eyelashes is simpler than you may think.

Step By Step On How To Properly Curl Eyelashes

Step 1: Make sure that the eyelash curler you use is appropriate for the form of your eyes

Eyelash curlers, much like the other items you use in your skincare or beauty regimen, do not come in a single universal size. Understanding the form of your eyes is essential while searching for a curler that can provide desired results for you.

Katsuk recommends that you “look for one that matches our eye form.” The curvature that is used to make curlers varies from product to product. If your eyes have more of a round shape, choose an item that has a more pronounced curvature. If you have mono-lids or eyes that have more of an almond shape, you should look for a lash curler that has a gentler curve.

Step 2: Establish your position

According to Baker, you should arrange the lash curler around your lashes and place it at the base of your lashes when your eye is just halfway open—having trouble seeing what you’re doing and where you’re going. 

Looking down into a mirror will assist if you are having trouble visualizing where to position the curler along your lash line. You should try reaching as near the root of your lashes as possible without snagging any surrounding skin. 

“I squeeze very, very gently to make sure that I have no skin (no one enjoys being pinched by a lash curler), and if I need to re-adjust, I do,” explains Katsuk. “No one loves having their skin squeezed by a lash curler.”

Step 3: Repeat the process a few times

When you have reached the point where you are satisfied with the placement, it is ready to begin curling. According to Baker, one should “clamp down” on the curler for five to ten seconds while applying mild pulses. 

Again, you want to make sure that you start gently so that you don’t accidentally catch any skin in the curler. Katsuk continues, “There is no need to squeeze as firmly as you can. If you want to learn how to properly curl eyelashes, always remember gentle is best. 

In addition to this, you need to make sure that you are curling your lashes at two different points: the base and the area closer to the tip of the lash. This will assist in preventing your lashes from curling into an “L” shape.

Step 4: Use mascara to keep it in place

Next up on our quest for the perfect cosmetic product is mascara. If you want to learn how to get your eyelashes to stay curled, consider using a mascara that curls the lashes before you apply it. 

A volumizing mascara such as IT COSMETICS Lash Blowout Salon Volume Lift Mascara in Black will give your lashes the appearance of false lashes and boost their volume. 

This mascara will also keep the curl in place all day (no lash strip or glue needed). 

Are you going to be going out in the snow, rain, or sleet? Make sure that those nicely curled lashes look luscious and lifted throughout the day by using a waterproof solution.

So these were the 4 easy steps on how to properly curl eyelashes. I hope you find them easy for yourself; if you want more such content to read, visit BS Makeup Kits.