how to push up kylie lip liner

How To Push Up Kylie Lip Liner?

Essential to the Kylie Lip Kit, the Kylie lip liners are a dream come true. Really! Lips and the surrounding skin are protected from pulling or tugging while applying the Kylie Lip Kit liners because they are so pigmented, creamy, and easy to work with.

After outlining your pout with the liner, filling it in with the liquid matte lipstick creates a sharp, dramatic lip shape. What, however, occurs when the tip of the Kylie Lip liner becomes dull or a nubby remnant of its former self? How to push up kylie lip liner?

Do Kylie Lip Liners Twist Up?

Truthfully, there is no way out of this! Since the liner is a pencil, it must be sharpened before each use. Also, this is not some sort of self-sharpening, twist-up packaging. No automatic sharpening feature is included. Since the Kylie liner’s outer shell is plastic, you’ll need a makeup pencil sharpener to get the most out of it.

However, there is one essential safety measure you must take. Kylie Cosmetics has pointed out that their liner is simple to sharpen. Ensure your sharpener isn’t dull, as this will cause you to mistakenly break off a piece of the product and waste it.

Additionally, I advise using a separate sharpener for your Lip Kit liner. Since you don’t want streaks of black on your gorgeous pink liner, I avoid sharpening it with the same tool I use for my MAC Smolder black eyeliner. Please don’t make any messes.

Lip liners are essential for creating the Kylie Jenner signature pout. The liquid lipstick is suitable for use without a lip liner. However, the liner that comes with it makes a world of difference in how it looks because of how the colors match. So there’s no room for doubt!

3 Best Lip Liners For A Defined Pout

When you’re younger, lip liner may appear like your grandmother’s beauty secret weapon and an unnecessary luxury. Wrong. When applying lipstick or lip gloss, lip liner works its subtle magic. A neutral lip liner or one in a color that precisely complements your lipstick is the best way to give your lips a smooth, even surface upon which your lipstick can linger all day without smudging. For individuals who need a more subtle enhancement, it might provide the impression of fuller, more defined lips. 

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil

Customers adore lip pencils from Urban Decay. Consider purchasing a few neutral shades to rotate around to expand your wardrobe’s potential. Wear it with your favorite lip balm, lip gloss, or statement lipstick. It can withstand moisture and serves as a lip primer for a polished appearance.

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Lip Liner

This classic velvet matte lip liner will have you in its hypnotic grip, and you won’t want to let go. You can pick from more than 15 colors, but you’ll always be sorry you didn’t get a tube of the brand’s distinctive Pillow Talk to go with your equally essential lipstick or lip gloss. (Another fantastic everyday color is Iconic Nude.) It goes on smoothly, stays there without smudging, and looks natural when blended toward the center of the pout.

 NYX Slim Lip Pencil

We might as well give this drugstore lip pencil the prize for the most shades available. There are a whopping 35 different tones available, including neutrals (for all skin tones), berries, and reds. It has a matte finish that won’t feather and applies like butter. You can quickly line, contour, and fill in your lips with the ultra-fine tip, and the affordable pricing makes it easy to stock up on colors to complement your existing lip glosses and lipsticks. Colors like “Nude Pink,” “Peekaboo Neutral,” and “Hot Red” tend to be crowd-pleasers in stores.

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