how to put shower cap on

How To Put A Shower Cap On

Today’s post is about how to put a shower cap on. Shower caps have largely been used to prevent your strands from becoming wet. However, Vinnie Ferrara, a top artist for Nioxin, explains that this hair tool can also prevent water and steam from breaking down products that have already been applied, which can cause harmful chemicals to seep into your scalp. 

Historically, shower caps have been used to prevent your strands from becoming wet. It is crucial to keep these hair products off of the scalp, as he explains since the fundamental function of the skin on the scalp is to protect the glands and to expel toxins and waste from the body, including sweat, oil, and dead skin.

What about the other advantages? If you use them at night, as our specialists recommend, you may even protect your hair while you sleep since they reduce the amount of friction and help maintain styles. 

The most fundamental purpose of these products, which is to keep hair dry in the shower, should also not be overlooked since it enables you to avoid over-washing your hair and continually aggravating any underlying problems. Diane Stevens, the owner of the Cole Stevens Salon as well as a Nioxin global stylist, notes that during dry seasons such as winter, customers usually report that their scalp is dry as well as sensitive. “Consequently, I have two suggestions for you. 

how to put a shower cap on
How to put a shower cap on (Image Source: Pinterest)

First, use a scalp-specific product that contains aloe, such as Nioxin Scalp Relief System ($45.50,, to calm the scalp and leave the hair feeling nourished. This will help prevent further hair damage.” Next, she recommends shampooing less often and using a shower cap to prevent getting your hair wet while washing your body.

When you’re in a rush to get out of the shower, it’s hard to find the time to dry your hair. A shower cap provides a very simple solution to this problem. However, there is a challenge that faces some people. Here is a video that will instruct you on how to put a shower cap on.

How to wear a shower cap


  • You should style your hair back into a messy bun. To begin, grab a hair tie and put your whole hair through as if you were about to put your hair into a ponytail. After that, give the elastic a twist around itself, and then draw your hair completely through it. Last but not least, give your hair elastic another twist, and then draw your hair through it partway. Your messy bun is done.
  • Place your palm on your neck, just behind the messy bun. Then you should turn your head so that it is facing the upside direction as the messy bun, and you should push it upside down with your hand.
  • Position the shower cap so that the edge rests on the nape of your neck.
    The other side of the shower cap should be extended to cover the top of your forehead and where your front hair stops.
  • Adjust the shower cap as necessary and tuck any stray hairs inside the cap. Adjust your shower cap to cover your ears to enhance the chance that it will stay on your head during your shower.
step on how to put a shower cap on
Step On How to put a shower cap on (Image Source: Pinterest)