how to relax lash lift

How To Use Oil To Relax Lash Lift?

How to relax lash lift at home? The truth of the matter is that nothing in this world is perfect. It’s possible that your lash lift isn’t doing its job, too. So what can you do if you’ve over processed your lift? To relax your lash lift, all you need to do is apply oil to it.

If you’ve ever had a lash lift, your eyelashes will appear curled so tightly that they look like they’re high-fiving your eyelids. You don’t want to wind up with spider-leg eyelashes if your lashes have been over processed.

When you realize that you’ve made a mistake in front of your own eyes, it’s the best part. The situation is the same with videos showing pimples popping up, but people continue to watch them. Even a bad haircut can be disguised with the appropriate accessories. Makeup can be used to cover up a pimple if you touch it by accident. Nothing can be done, however, in the event of an unfortunate lash lift outcome. You can’t cure this situation with nourishment.

What Are The Basic Steps To Follow?

Adding oil to the lift is a straightforward process. To make this at home, you’ll need some time, some good castor or coconut oil, and a steady hand. Here’s how you’d go about it…

Step #1

How to relax lash lift at home? Castor or coconut oil on lashes before bedtime works best. At the base of your lashes, pull oil away from your eyes. Castor oil and coconut oil are safe if accidentally poured into the eyes.

Step #2

Brush the oil through the lashes downward with a clean spoolie to help straighten them.

Step #3

In the morning, gently remove any excess oil from your eyes with a cotton pad or makeup remover. For three to five days, your lashes should be left loose in a relaxed state. If you’d like, you can use castor oil to condition and add definition to your brows.

  • Consider sleeping on an old pillowcase to protect your pillow from stains caused by the oil.

How To Keep Your Lashes Moisten?

After a lash lift, your eyelashes will be naturally softer, but this can quickly wear out if proper care is not followed. What are the things you should and should not do?

  • Before going to bed, avoid using mascara.
  • You don’t have to scrub your eyelashes to remove eye makeup.
  • Using waterproof mascara frequently is not recommended. It should only be worn on important occasions, like a date or a business meeting.
  • Avoid getting lash extensions just after lifting your lashes since the results may be less than satisfactory.
  • You should treat your lashes with Vaseline or coconut oil before bedtime.
  • Maintain the health of your lashes with an eyelash conditioner that contains peptides. Using this lotion will leave your lashes feeling soft and glossy and moisturize them.
  • Vitamin E oil is a good supplement if you haven’t tried it yet. 
  • Make sure to apply a lash-expanding mascara. It promotes lash growth and helps to strengthen weak or brittle lashes over time.
  • Cold green tea is a creative approach to enhancing the look of your lashes. Even though you’re aware of the health benefits of drinking, you haven’t yet tried applying it topically. However, if you stick to this method, you’ll notice fantastic results. Your lashes will grow stronger and longer with the antioxidants in this serum.
  • How to relax lash lift at home? All you need to make your eyelash growth serum is lavender essential oil and refined coconut oil if you already have both. Coconut oil can be infused with lavender essential oil by adding a few drops to a small container. After a few days of taking this serum before bed, you’ll notice longer, thicker eyelashes.

I hope you loved this article on how to relax lash lift at home and find it helpful. Also, you may be interested to read more about how to fix over processed lash lift?