how to remove gorilla snot from hair

How to Remove Gorilla Snot Gel From Hair?

How to Remove Gorilla Snot Gel From Hair? Gorilla snot hair gel is a terrific product for putting down thick and curly hair, and it is available in many colors. A highly sticky consistency allows it to smooth down any hair type without leaving a greasy one behind. Because of its strong gluey nature, gorilla snot gel is difficult to remove from your hair without a lot of effort.

However, once you’ve learned the ways we’ve discussed here, getting it out of your hair will be simple. This gel may be used to smooth out the edges of your hair or to create a neat ponytail. You should not keep it in your manes for more than one day since it will flake and become hard to remove. Additionally, it has the potential to cause hair loss.

You may get rid of gorilla snot from your hair by applying a mix of oil and clarifying shampoo on your hair and scalp. The oils dissolve the gel, and the wash removes both of them from the hair. This post will discuss some simple, but efficient methods for removing gorilla snot from your hair.

how to remove gorilla snot gel from hair
How to Remove Gorilla Snot Gel From Hair (Image Source: Pinterest)

2 Ways To Remove Gorilla Snot From Hair

When you don’t leave gorilla snot gel in your hair for more than a day, it’s not that difficult to get it out of your hair. If you want to get rid of gorilla snot, you may simply rinse your hair with water and then rinse it with a clarifying shampoo. However, if you are still having difficulty getting the gel out, one of the two methods listed below may be of use to you.

1. Use Oil and Clarifying Shampoo

use oil and clarifying shampoo
Use Oil and Clarifying Shampoo (Image Source: Pinterest)

Oils can dissolve gorilla snot hair gel into them while also dissolving its bonds with hair strands. Also, clarifying shampoo will readily remove both gel and oil from the manes and hair. To get gorilla snot out of your hair, follow the steps highlighted in the article.

  • Take a small amount of daily hair oil and work it into the areas of your hair where gorilla snot has been entangled.
  • Allow it to rest in your mane for 30 minutes.
  • After that, use a wide-tooth comb and untangle all knots that have formed due to the gorilla snot.
  • Take a shower, rinse away the oil, then wash up with a clarifying shampoo.
  • If the shampoo does not work well, combine a tablespoon of baking soda with it and use it instead.

Make careful to hydrate and nourish your hair after using a clarifying shampoo to avoid drying it.

2. Use a Dawn Dish Soap To Remove Gorilla Snot Gel

use a dawn dish soap to remove gorilla snot gel
Use a Dawn Dish Soap To Remove Gorilla Snot Gel (Image Source: Pinterest)

Dawn dish soap is a powerful cleaning agent that should not be used daily for hair washing. You may, however, use it once or twice a week to eliminate gorilla snot gel. Oil your hair and leave it to sit for 30 minutes to enable the gorilla snot gel to dissolve. Untangle your hair and brush away gel flakes with a wide-tooth comb. 

Wash your hair with a handful of dawn dish soap to get the gel out of your hair. If you want better results, try combining lemon juice with the soap. Both clarifying shampoos and dawn dish soap are powerful cleaning agents that should not regularly be used on the hair. They may also dehydrate your hair and scalp.