how to remove lipstick from baby skin

How to get lipstick off baby skin?

It’s the worst when you’re out and about with your child and get lipstick on their face & skin. Little girls are drawn to lipsticks and often try to mimic their mothers and ruin their skin. This inculcates in the parent anxiety about how the marks will be eliminated.

So, how to remove lipstick from baby skin? You could begin by using baby oil or wipes. Baby wipes are softer than towels and don’t come apart as quickly as napkins. Use soak baby oil wipes over the lipstick traces on the child’s forehead or any part of the skin. 

What Are The Different Ways To Get Lipstick Off The Skin?

There are several ways to get lipstick off skin and clothes, like baby oil, alcohol, olive oil, etc.

Baby Wipe Or Tissue

Baby Wipes

This is the simplest method, but you must be careful not to rub too hard, as this may irritate your child’s sensitive skin. You might also use a moist paper towel rather than just wipes if they’re gentler than the wipes you’re currently using.

If your baby’s face is muddy or untidy after a day out with you, the simplest answer is to clean it with a clean baby wipe! Run straight over the baby’s face as needed until all lipstick is removed, then wipe it away with a dry baby wipe.

Rubbing Alcohol

This is effective at removing lipstick and is hypoallergenic. Contrary to popular belief, it also does not dry out your baby’s skin! Simply wipe the lipstick with rubbing alcohol on cotton pads or tissue.

Apply little to a Q-tip or cotton ball to remove more persistent stains, then rub the stained areas until it’s gone.

Cotton Balls

Cotton Rounds
Cotton Rounds (Image Source: Pinterest)

These are fantastic for getting into tight spaces and removing lipstick! They’re also a good substitute for Q-tips if you don’t want your child to feel anything or have delicate skin on their face that could react negatively to latex.

Simply wipe the stained area with a cotton ball until the stain is gone, then wipe the area dry with a clean cotton pad or tissue.

How To Remove Lipstick From Baby Skin With Lipstick Brush?

Lipstick Brush
Lipstick Brush (Image Source: Pinterest)

For this trick, you’ll want to use one with nylon bristles. Just wet the brush and massage it over your baby’s face until the lipstick stains are gone. This works very well if your baby’s face is rich in red, but it also works with other colors.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil
Olive Oil (Image Source: Pinterest)

Apply the liquid to your baby’s skin with a cotton ball or pad. This will decompose the lipstick, allowing you to wipe it away more easily without harming their sensitive skin.

Do not apply this on the eyelids as it may irritate them! You can also use olive oil that is lighter and more flowing.

It may be more suitable for sensitive skin. Apply the liquid to your baby’s face and wipe it off with a paper towel or a wet washcloth. 

Cold Water

Cold Water
Cold Water (Image Source: Pinterest)

A wet washcloth soaked in cold water can be used if all else fails. However, you must ensure that the cloth is cool enough not to hurt your baby’s sensitive skin!

Baby Skincare Products

Baby Skincare
Baby Skincare (Image Source: Pinterest)

Some cleaning products made specifically for newborns’ sensitive skin may help remove the lipstick, reducing the amount of rubbing required. You can get the products from any baby store.

Baby Oil

Baby Oil
Baby Oil (Image Source: Pinterest)

If you desire, you can also rub baby oil on your child. It may take a few washes, but the lipstick should ultimately dissolve, leaving them clean and stain-free! Wipe a small quantity of it on their face with a baby wipe or a clean cloth.

Dish Soap

Dish Soap
Dish Soap (Image Source: Pinterest)

Another way to get rid of lipsticks is to use dish soap. Apply to any makeup-covered areas and wipe away with a damp cloth.

Makeup Remover

You can also use an oil-based makeup remover, such as coconut or olive oil! Apply it to the baby’s face and wipe it away with tissue paper, being careful not to rub their skin too hard. This should eliminate any lipstick residue on your child’s sensitive skin!

Vaseline Or Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum Jelly
Petroleum Jelly (Image Source: Pinterest)

If you don’t have anything else, you can remove the lipstick with vaseline or petroleum jelly. Apply a small amount to your baby’s skin, then use tissue paper to wipe away the stain.

This is also something you can use in an emergency! If there is no other option, using it alone may be enough to resolve the problem.

Precautions To Get Lipstick Off Baby Sensitive Skin

Be Gentle

When removing the lipstick, be careful not to rub too hard.

Your child’s skin can easily become sensitive and dry, so use a softer touch than you would with their cosmetics! Because babies can’t tell us if they’re feeling something, you must be especially cautious not to injure their skin.

Always Use Wet Q-Tips Or Cotton Pads

This will make it easy for them to wipe the lipstick without causing too much stress on their sensitive skin!

Dip Cotton Pads Into The Milk For a Few Moment

If your baby’s skin is sensitive, consider using milk rather than water.

Simply dampen one end and apply it to their face! For sensitive skin or allergies, milk is a better choice than water.

Before cleaning up, wet the washcloth. If you’re going to use a moist washcloth, make sure it’s not too wet to irritate their skin.

Apply Some Organic Oil On their Skin

If your baby has sensitive skin and wants something gentler than soap, you can use olive oils or coconut oil.

To remove lipstick stains with this type of oil, follow one of the previous procedures. Read about What Is Peach Undertone And How To Know Your Skin Undertone Is Peach?

The most effective and safest methods for removing lipstick from baby skin were given in this article. The proper methods, as well as any precautions, are also addressed. After the guide, you will have enough to remove lipstick from the skin. Finally, there are various methods for removing lipstick from your child’s delicate skin. Everyone can find a way. If you need to remove makeup, you can utilize these ways. Remember to start slowly and gradually increase the strength of your approaches if no adverse effects occur.