How to reverse a lash lift

How To Reverse A Lash Lift At Home Without Kit?

A lash lift might be a fantastic method to enhance your lashes, but this beauty treatment doesn’t always work correctly. A lash lift may have caused your eyelashes to become too curled or uneven, in which case you may be wondering, how to reverse a lash lift at home without a kit.

It is possible to reverse a lash lift that hasn’t been fully set by cleansing your lashes and brushing them with a spoolie or brush. An oil-based cleanser can aid in the breakdown of the lifting solution. Afterward, you can leave your lashes as they are or give them a fresh lift.

How To Reverse A Lash Lift At Home?

As a semi-permanent therapy, lash lifts are reversible and entirely non-permanent. If you’re not satisfied with the results of your lash lift, you may always go back to the salon and get your lashes done again.

What Are The Basic Steps To Follow?

  • Cleanse your lashes using an oil-based makeup remover on a cotton round. Cleanse your lashes afterward to remove the lash lift solution.
  • Starting at the roots, comb your lashes with a spoolie to adjust their shape.
  • Apply a nourishing oil, such as castor oil, to your eyelashes with a mascara brush and let it dry. These steps should have restored your lashes to their previous condition. 
  • Continue using an oil-based cleanser on your eyes if you’re still unsatisfied with the shape of the lashes.
  • If you can’t entirely reverse the lift on your first effort, you can gradually adjust your lashes until you’re satisfied with the results.

Can I Get A Reverse Lash Lift Right After?

The health of your eyelashes will significantly impact how long it takes to reverse a lash lift.

  • Lashes in good condition can be lifted immediately after the first lift, ensuring the results are as desired.
  • It’s best to wait if your eyelashes aren’t doing well before getting a second lash lift, as this will allow them time to heal. 
  • Applying a nourishing oil to your lashes once a day might help speed up this process.
  • Avoiding products that dry out your lashes, such as waterproof mascara, might also be beneficial during this time. 

You should wait at least six weeks between treatments even if your lash lift went well. A ten-to-twelve-week delay is a bit of formal advice from hairdressers. As a result, you won’t have to strain your lashes to get the full benefits of a lift.

Is Lash Relaxing And Reversing Same?

The terms “reversing,” “relaxing,” and “straightening” are sometimes used identically in discussions about restoring lash lifts. This is a common misconception. It’s important to note that not all people who want to fix their lash lift have the same goals.

Although it may be challenging to reverse the lift you’ve already had, there are techniques for making your lashes less curly without reversing the lift completely.

Using a spoolie or a clean mascara brush, coat your lashes with castor or coconut oil. Additionally, the lifting solution will be weakened and your lashes nourished. By brushing the oil downward, you can have even more dramatic results.

To avoid getting oil on your clothes or your eyes, ensure you remove any excess with a cotton round.

Applying hyaluronic acid to your lashes is another approach to relaxing a lash lift. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance that attracts and holds moisture in the body. It might help to restore your dry lashes over time, making them appear less brittle.

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