how to safely remove eyelash extensions

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Safely Remove Eyelash Extensions

Let us start with this tutorial if you want to learn how to safely remove eyelash extensions. To begin, eyelash extension removal is not something that is advised to be done at home by lash professionals. Even the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) recommends leaving this sort of stuff up to qualified aestheticians to handle for the best results.

Christina Clark, a certified esthetician who has also received training from NovaLash, says that “professionally educated lash techs have lash extension removers (cremes, gels, and liquids) from the firms they purchase from.” Clark has also received training from NovaLash.

safely remove eyelash extensions
Safely Remove Eyelash Extensions (Image Source: Pinterest)

If you are determined to remove eyelash extensions on your own at home, Clark offers some helpful advice that you may find below.

Tutorial on how to safely remove eyelash extensions

1. Refuse to pick or pull at the skin

You got eyelash extensions because you adore the way your natural lashes look when they are full and fluffy, right? Your natural fringe will look worse if you pluck or pull at the falsies, so avoid doing any of those things.

In conclusion of, eyelash extension removal, even if you are extremely careful to pull solely at the extension, the motion of tugging might nonetheless weaken the natural lash that lies beneath the extension.

2. Obtain a product that is composed of oil or glycerin

If you want to know what to use to remove eyelash extensions, then oils or any other lubricant is the best answer. Do you remember how your lash specialist warned you not to use cleansers that include oil in order to preserve the quality of your extensions for as long as possible? 

According to Clark, this is due to the fact that oil, glycols, and glycerin degrade lash glue, which results in your eyelashes falling out. Several products, in her opinion, that could operate to your advantage are as follows:

Vaseline, Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture, Johnson’s Baby Oil, and Neutrogena (petroleum jelly) are the best answers to what to use to remove eyelash extensions.

3. Make sure you use your new glue-removing solution every day

“There is nothing that is going to work as rapidly as a professional lash remover,” explains Clark.

A beauty product that contains adhesive-dissolving chemicals may take a few days to work its way between the extension and the natural lash for your eyelash extensions removal. Have some patience, young grasshopper.

A few ideas are as follows:

To begin, remove your eye makeup by massaging a small amount of baby oil, coconut oil, or an oil-based cleanser into your eyelids.

Do you prefer to avoid using oils? Apply a moisturizer that is high in glycerin to the skin around your eyes and pat it in.

Before you go to bed, take a cotton swab, dip it in Vaseline, and then run it very lightly along your eyelashes.

4. Take special care of your own lashes when the extensions begin to come out

Even with the assistance of agents that dissolve the glue, it is likely that your extensions will remain in place for several days. Be patient and redirect your emphasis from the removal of the extensions to the nutrition of your natural lashes.

Using lash serums or moisturizing oils will help preserve your natural lashes in good health, which is why Clark suggests using them. “It’s been said that castor oil might help strengthen lashes,” she explains.

A word of caution: At this stage, your eyelashes will have the appearance of being spidery or uneven. Some people maintain their fringe is appearing fresh during the changeover by applying mascara or magnetic falsies to their strands.

5. Determine what steps will follow

Going back to your natural hair after having extensions can make you feel as though you are missing something. You have choices if you find yourself missing the filler!

  • Have a go at making your own fakes.
  • Castor oil will provide nourishment for your lash hair.
  • Use serums to encourage the growth of your lashes.
  • Contact a qualified aestheticianContact a qualified aesthetician to get another set of lash extensions.
  • It is also never too late to be grateful for what one already possesses. If you give it some time, you could find yourself falling in love all over again with the natural look.

This is the end of our tutorial, and I hope you liked it if you want to read further on beauty and fashion, visit BS Makeup Kits.