how to sharpen kkw beauty lip liner

How Do You Sharpen Your KKW Beauty Lip Liner?

Everyone has experienced the pain of sharpening their go-to lip liner only to have it shatter into tiny pieces, leaving them with almost little product left. It may not seem like much, but learning the perfect way to sharpen a lip liner will prevent frustration and wasted product.

How to sharpen KKW beauty lip liner? When you find the ideal lip liner, you don’t want to waste it sharpening. Since most lip liners are waxy, they are great for avoiding lipstick feathering. As a result, they are more likely to break. A sharp point on your liner, a neat lip line, and minimal mess in your sharpener are all rewards of a little effort.

Refrigerate or freeze lip liner for two hours. If you sharpen your liners while they are cold, they will be more durable and less likely to crack under the pressure of the blades.

Pick up a pencil sharpener made for cosmetic pencils like lip liners. Unlike its hard lead counterpart, waxy liners are not compatible with the normal classroom pencil sharpener.

Lip liners can be sharpened by gently placing the tip into the sharpener’s aperture and then rotating the lip liner back and forth against the blade. Don’t apply too much pressure, or the liner’s tip will snap off and get stuck in the sharpener’s hopper.

If your lip liner keeps breaking when you sharpen it, you should get a new sharpener. When the blades in your sharpener are dull, they’ll shatter your liner as they press against it, rather than sharpen it to a fine point.

Before applying the liner to your lips, soften it by drawing a few dashes or circles on your fingers or palm. Lip liner can be applied just to the outside lip line to keep lipstick from bleeding or to the entire lip area to make it last longer.

How To Sharpen KKW Beauty Lip Liners?

kkw beauty lip liners
KKW Beauty Lip Liners
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If you want your pout to last all day and look defined, then you need a lip liner, and the last thing you want is for it to run out. Learn how to safely sharpen your lip liner here!

Chilled It

This may seem ineffective at first but stick with us. Lip liners that are very soft and creamy like KKW lip liners may be more likely to crack when sharpened. Put lip liners in the fridge for a while before sharpening them. If you do this before adding lip liner, the product will solidify slightly, making it more durable.

Sharpen Softly

You should be careful not to use excessive pressure when sharpening your lip liner. If you use too much pressure, the lip liner’s tip will crack and you’ll have to keep sharpening. In that case, you are wasting a valuable product.

Pick A Suitable Sharpner

Please put down the regular pencil sharpener made of lead, sis. The lip liner is too soft for these sharpeners, which are designed for hard pencil lead. Use a sharpener designed for lip liners, like this NYX lip liner sharpner, to preserve the life of your lip liners.

How to sharpen KKW beauty lip liner without a sharpener? Although it may sound crazy, lip liners can be sharpened without a sharpener. You should probably invest in a sharpener at some point, but in the meantime, you can get by with scissors or a pocket knife. Cut off the extra with the blade (carefully, of course) until you reach the desired point. Be extremely cautious so that you don’t hurt yourself.

I hope you loved this article on how to sharpen KKW beauty lip liner and find it helpful. Also, you may be interested to read about the best liners available in the market.