How to sharpen lip liner

How To Sharpen Plastic Lip Liner?

There is nothing worse than sharpening your favorite lip liner just to break off into little pieces, leaving you with a tiny quantity of a product! Knowing how to sharpen lip liner correctly will save you and your lip liners from unnecessary broken hearts and wasted products!

Ever use a dull pencil to apply lip liner? It will make applying makeup even more challenging for you. Using a dull lip pencil might undo all your hard work, so be cautious. Maybe you didn’t know how to sharpen lip liner because you didn’t know how to do it. Fortunately for you, we’ve got plenty of experience with sharpening lip liner pencils made of plastic.

The most incredible pencil sharpener is available. A lip liner sharpener for plastic pencils is called a “plastic lip liner.” It’s not uncommon to find wooden sharpeners for eyeliner and lip liner in drugstores. Plastic pencils should not be used in these. Once you have the proper sharpener, you may use a plastic lip liner like any other beauty pencil.

Plastic lip liner is probably still a mystery to you. Keep reading to find out how to sharpen plastic lip liner in various ways. Never again will you have to use a drab lip liner!

How To Sharpen Lip Liner?

Having a long-lasting and defined pout is crucial, so if you have a favorite everyday lip liner, don’t let it go to waste and run out. Here are some suggestions on how to sharpen lip pencils without breaking them!

Place At Fridge

We know it seems ridiculous, but we’re here to tell you it works! When sharpening a creamy or soft lip liner, be aware that it is more likely to shatter. Make sure to chill lip liners for a few minutes before using a sharpener. The product will harden, making it less likely to break even while using lip liner!!

Gently Use Sharpening

Make sure you’re not too hard to press down on the lip liner when sharpening it. If you use too much pressure, the tip of your lip liner will break, and you’ll have to keep sharpening it, wasting your valuable product.

Grab A Perfect Sharpener

Don’t use that old-fashioned lead pencil sharpener, sister! You’ll need a pencil lead that isn’t too soft to use these sharpeners. Be gentle with your lip liners, use like a $4 sharpener from NYX, designed explicitly for lip liners!

How To Prevent Liner From Breaking?

The last thing you want to do when finding the perfect lip liner is waste it piece by piece by sharpening it. Because of their waxy texture, most lip liners prevent lipstick from feathering. It also causes them to crumble. Because of some creative preparation, you’ll have a sharp point you want on your liner and a clean, precise lip line.

Refrigerate or freeze your lip liner for up to ten minutes before applying. To avoid breaking against the sharpening blades, keep your liner cool. This gives it a harder texture.

Choose a sharpener mainly designed for sharpening lip liner or other beauty pencils. Hard pencil lead, not waxy liner, is the intended purpose of the average classroom pencil sharpener.

To sharpen your lip liner, gently place the liner into the sharpener’s aperture and spin the liner against the blade in a clockwise direction. Too much pressure can break off the liner’s tip, causing it to get stuck in the bottom of your sharpener.

Suppose your lip liner keeps breaking when you try to sharpen it. A broken liner is more likely to be caused by a dull sharpener blade than a perfectly sharp one.

How To Apply Lip Liner Perfectly?

To get an even application of the liner on your lips, draw a few dashes and circles on a piece of paper or the back of your hand. Lip liner can be used to keep lipstick from smudging or feathering, or it can be used all over the lips to give them extra staying power.

What Is Plastic Lip Liner?

Wooden or plastic lip liners are the most common. A wooden or plastic pencil contains the pigment you apply to your lips. Lip liners enclosed in plastic are called “plastic lip liners.”

Many wooden and plastic lip liners resemble each other in terms of appearance. You may not even be aware that you purchased a plastic liner if you are shopping casually.

Glance at the photo of the liner or look at it through its plastic cover; you may not be able to tell whether or not it’s the right product for you. Unless you try to sharpen it with a standard pencil sharpener, you could think it’s a wooden pencil.

How To Sharpen Plastic Lip liner? | Different Ways

Sharpening a plastic lip liner with a standard sharpener isn’t always enough to get a clean, sharp point. Let’s look at the most fantastic types of sharpeners and some valuable tips for making the procedure more efficient.

Use Double-Blade Sharpener

Get a double-bladed makeup sharpener for plastic lip liners if you don’t already have one. Plastic is far more challenging to sharpen when compared to wood in this regard. The reason for this isn’t that plastic is stronger, but instead that it is a lot harder. Pencils made of plastic can be ruined by sharp blades meant for wood.

These two-blade sharpeners have a primary plus secondary system of blades. For cleaner tips and smoother edges, use the secondary blade. When sharpening plastic, having two fine blades rather than one powerful one is preferable. Sharpening plastic pencils with twin blade systems is faster and cleaner.

Glo Skin Pencil Sharpener

This double-bladed sharpener is a great option. Your lip liner will last longer with this German-designed tool because it reduces waste. Additionally, you can choose between a rounded or a pointed tip while sharpening. With this sharpener, you may achieve the look you want with your liner, whether a more defined pout or a more natural one.

Use Single-Blade Sharpener 

Single-blade sharpeners can be used to sharpen plastic lip liners. Just keep in mind that sharpeners with two blades are more effective. If you use a single-blade sharpener, your lip liner is at risk of being ruined, not sharp, or ragged.

Consider the quality of the sharpener before purchasing a single-blade sharpener. Plastic can be sharpened with a sharpener with a blade that’s both sharp and not too strong.

Lord & Berry Jumbo Sharpener 

Here’s a sharpener for one-blade lip liners. It’s made primarily for huge pencils but can handle any type of pencil. Lip liner made of plastic can be sharpened with this tool without fear of damaging or breaking it. After sharpening your pencils, you can use the supplied cleaning pick to remove any remaining residue.

How To Sharpen Lip Liner Without Sharpener?

You may think it’s crazy, but you can use a pencil sharpener to sharpen lip liners! If you don’t have a sharpener or can’t locate one, you can use scissors or a pocket knife until you can locate one. Use the blade to shave the excess away (make sure it’s away from your body!) until you achieve your desired tip. Please take care not to injure yourself at all!

Use X-Acto Knife 

Lip liner pencils can be sharpened with an X-Acto knife if you have one on hand. In a downward motion, press down on the pencil’s tip. Make sure to keep the blade away from your body at all times. These blades are incredibly sharp, so use extreme caution.

Use Scissors

Even if you lose your makeup sharpener, you should be able to find scissors.’ Lip liner pencils can also be sharpened with this in a pinch. Place the pencil head between the blades with great care. Then, carefully shave away the point using a razor or other sharp object. Remember to be extremely cautious and not use excessive force when you’re doing this.

Normal Pencil Sharpener

If you have a conventional handheld pencil sharpener, you may also use it on your makeup pencils. These pencil sharpeners are more likely to waste and destroy your beauty liners. Use them only if necessary.

Why Do You Use Sharpen Lip Liners?

Sharpening is the last thing you want to do once you’ve found the ideal Lip liner. To avoid lipstick feathering, most lip liners have a waxy feel. There is a chance that they could collapse. Your liner will look better, and your sharpening will be less messy if some careful preparation has been made.

  • When it comes to lip and other cosmetic crayons, you’ll want to use a sharpener made just for that purpose. Pencil sharpeners commonly used in schools are made to work with hard pencil lead, not waxy lead. Sharpen your lip liner by squeezing the liner into the sharpener’s opening and rubbing it against the blade in an equal motion. Your sharpener’s tip will break down and become stuck in the bottom if you apply too much force.
  • Keep your beauty pencils, such as kajal/kohl, eyebrow, and lip, sharpened at all times. Before each pencil use, it accumulates a layer of microorganisms that might irritate your skin if you don’t sharpen it often. To clean the sharpener, place it in a bowl with some rubbing alcohol. After roughly five minutes, remove the sharpener from the alcohol and pat it dry.
  • If you have already used your Lip kit for a group and the liner’s tip has been worn, you may feel free to sharpen it. When sharpening, Kylie Cosmetics recommends that your sharpener isn’t sluggish until the liner is utilized. This is sound advice. This is a positive move. By accidentally breaking a bit of your liner in the sharpener, Jenner gets something I’m sure you don’t want.
  • They don’t irritate sensitive lips or the surrounding skin when applied. Kylie Lip’s kit liners have a creamy texture and a rich color payoff. An intense and well-delineated pucker is achieved by tracing the liner and then filling it with a liquid matte lipstick. Is there any harm in slackening the Kylie Lip Kit’s applicator tip? Whether or whether you can sharpen the Kylie Lip Kit Liner is up for debate.
  • You don’t even have a choice in the matter! The liner is a crayon; thus, you must ultimately sharpen it. It’s also not a self-sharpening bundle that you have to twist. Sharpening is not included in the system. Since the KLK liner is plastic, you’ll need a maquillage pencil sharpener to get the most out of it.
  • It is one of the worst things that can happen to a makeup lover like you or me when a lip liner or eye pencil is dried out and impossible to use. Let’s face it; this is far worse than heartbreak.
  • Even if you don’t mind having a spotty application, utilizing dry lip liners and eyecaps is a difficult task. Those who think the only solution to dry eye and lip pencils is to throw them away should pause and re-read this article.

3 Best Lip Liner Sharpener

Charlotte tilbury

The Charlotte Tilbury Pencil Sharpener is the best way to keep your pencils in tip-top shape. This Charlotte Tilbury duo pencil sharpener has the gold and crimson Charlotte Tilbury characters, an attractive makeup tool with the most incredible look.

Color Chameleon, Rock & Kohl, and Classic & Lip Cheat pencils are all compatible with this fashionable pencil sharpener, making it great for use on a bedside table or in a makeup bag.

The Sharpener Pencil by Charlotte Tilbury keeps the Cleopatra outfits in the Cat-Eye and lip-line pouts turning heads by keeping the pins sharp.

Key Benefits

  • A sharpener for a variety of makeup crayons is included in the package.
  • Charlotte Tilbury’s is available in signature hue.
  • They are designed to complement the brand’s eyeliner and liners.
  • Properly sharpens pencils for precise work.
  • A makeup bag is a convenient place to keep travel-friendly equipment.

REVLON Universal Points Sharpener

  • Quick And Easy Sharpener: The beauty tool that sharpens practically every sort of cosmetic crayon is a must-have.
  • Suitable For Both Wood And plastic Liners: Sharpen eyeliner, lip liner, and brow pencils with wood or plastic crays.
  • Suitable For 3 Pencil Sizes: This pencil sharpener comes in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. To sharpen more excellent dimensions, simply remove the specialized adaptor ring.
  • Durable Sharpening Tool: A reliable, essential pencil sharpener that won’t break pencils when sharpening. An essential part of any cosmetic bag.
  • Easy To Clean: It’s effortless to clean and empty. Use a safety pick to clean out the design’s blades by lifting the top and then using the safety pick. Spread shaves aren’t an issue because the cap will stay in the bag.

2-in-1 Pencil Sharpner

2-in-1 Pencil Sharpner
2-in-1 Pencil Sharpner (Image Source: Pinterest)

The German-designed cosmetic pencil sharpener is built to exact standards for quick and easy sharpening, cleaning, and long-lasting use. This spherical metal sharpener has two openings, one for standard size and the other for chubby/jumbo size lips and eyes. Also great for Arts & Crafts projects!

If you want to buy eyeliner pencils that you have to sharpen yourself, the site should allow you to do so in the past. – It was a long time ago. One of these was shipped to me from Germany. It’s well worth the twenty dollars. If you’re asking, I think one of them would be an excellent gift for any woman. Every woman’s makeup bag should include one of these. Germans can’t get enough of this stainless steel sharpener. Having your pencil sharpener is a dream come true for any lady.

FAQS About Sharpen Lip Liners

Do Kylie Lip Liners Twist Up?

Since the liner is a pencil, you must sharpen it before each use. A twist-up, self-sharpening package isn’t available. There is not a mechanism for sharpening that is built in. As a result, you must use a makeup pencil sharpener to get the most out of your KLK liner, which has a plastic-like outer shell.

How To Push Up Kylie Lip Liner?

How To Sharpen NYX Lip Liner?

It can be misery when the tip crumbles or drags it down, specifically when a lip pencil sharpener is not given because a lip sharpener can be a tool that can make or break your everyday appearance. Lip liner can be used successfully in various ways, which is quite fortunate.

The most acceptable instrument for cutting plastic sharpening your maquillage plastic crayons has never been more accessible than the Lip Liner in Style sharpener. Most sharpeners sold at drugstores are designed for use with wooden eyeliner and lip liner pencils. Crayons made of plastic are not the most desirable option. When you have the appropriate sharpener, the plastic lip liner can be sharpened in the same way that any other beauty pencil can be sharpened.

I hope you loved this article and find it helpful. Also, you may be interested to read about how to relax eyelash perm.