how to shower with lash extensions

How To Shower With Lash Extensions: Full Guide 

Before we jump into “how to shower with lash extensions?” or “how do I shower with eyelash extensions?” Let us talk about a few aspects on shower after lash extensions. The lashes will have a higher aesthetic value and appeal if they are shaped to be long and curved. 

However, not everyone has the ability to grow lashes that are attractive and appropriate for their eyes. 

shower with lash extensions
Shower With Lash Extensions (Image Source: Pinterest)

The source of technology has made it possible for today’s cosmetic products to assist you in gaining access to your eyelashes and make your existing eyelashes more appealing. Taking proper care of your eye extensions at home is essential if you want to get the most out of the enhancements you have had to your eyes. 

If you do not properly care for your lash extensions, they may fall out more quickly and may cause irritation to your eyes. It is essential to practice adequate maintenance in order to keep your eyes in excellent condition and to lengthen the lifespan of your extensions. 

If you take adequate care of your extensions, there is a good chance that they will continue to function normally until the natural winds blow them away. 

Let us highlight the information note that you will receive after having eyelash extensions done. This note will give you knowledge on how to care for your eyelash extensions in a more effective manner to guarantee that you have lovely lashes.

How to shower with lash extensions? | What to know about shower after lash extensions?

When can I get my lash extensions? In the first two days after purchasing new extensions, you should make every effort to avoid getting eyelash extensions getting wet. The eyelash extensions undergo flash treatment as a result of the water’s reaction with the adhesive used in the extensions.

what to know about showering after lash extensions
What to Know About Showering After Lash Extensions (Image Source: Pinterest)

It’s kind of like cooking an external chicken, where the bird is cooked on the exterior but remains frozen on the inside. The lash connection basically breaks and becomes weaker as a result of water exposure.

Want to learn how to shower with lash extensions? But before, it is necessary to understand the few aspects below.

Proper maintenance

Even though they are simple to maintain, it is important to give your lash extensions the care and attention they need for them to last as long as possible.

Be conscious of the fact that these simple guidelines, which seem to be neglected, are not being forgotten. The first forty-eight hours are critical to the drying process of glue and establishing a robust, long-lasting connection. Therefore, it is essential to carry out the directions that are listed below.

First and foremost, you need to make sure that your eyelash extensions are kept dry at all times. It would be best if you also didn’t take a shower, wash your face with hot water, or wet the lashes while you have them on. In addition, you should avoid swimming and any exposure to steam, heat, or saunas.

You should avoid getting oil-based creams and lotions anywhere near or on your eyes. Your natural eyelashes should not have been wet for at least two hours; 48 hours is best for adequately bonding the adhesive to a dry eyelid.

Your natural eyelashes should not have been wet for at least two hours. You may prevent your eyebrow extensions from becoming entirely drenched by rolling a dry towel over them while you apply the product. Second, you should not put any makeup on your eyelids or lashes. 

You should not color your eyelashes, and you shouldn’t let chemicals, chemical peels, waxing, or laser treatments anywhere near your eyes. It would be best if you also avoided tinting your eyebrows. 

The final piece of advice is to steer clear of sleeping on your stomach or on one side exclusively.

Special care for 48 hours 

How long to wait to shower after eyelash extensions? You are not allowed to apply water to your lashes for the first eight hours or until they have completely dried out. Within this window of time, the adhesive bond will be able to properly bind the synthetic lash fibers to your natural lash, preventing them from falling out prematurely. 

I’m willing to wager that you don’t want those lashes that appear goofy too soon. After a period of 24 hours, you will be allowed to swim in the pool or the bathtub as you like.

Shower goggles for eyelash extensions

The use of swimming goggles, which are specifically crafted to prevent water from getting into the wearer’s eyes, is a common and effective method. If you happen to have a spare pair of goggles lying around, check to see that they are free of any chlorine residue and well-cleaned before using them in the shower.

Before you use your goggles in the shower, you should examine their quality to ensure that they do not leak and that they fit snugly on your face. You should also make sure that they do not have any other defects.

Take a bath or shower with clean water. It is important for us to keep moisture and heat away from the area around our lashes.

After you get out of the shower, be sure that your lid is completely dry before you remove it.

After applying for your extensions, you should wait at least 48 hours before taking a shower. 

Eyelash extensions are attached to your eyelids with a specialized adhesive. It may take this glue up to two days to dry thoroughly after being applied. 

After putting in your extensions, you should wait at least 48 hours before taking a shower or getting them wet in any other way.

During the course of your session, the technician will provide you with specific instructions for how long you should refrain from having a shower.

Use eye shields during shower

The best answer to “how to not get lashes wet in shower” is by using eye shields during the shower. Shower eye shields, which are also known as facial shields, are the ideal answer for those ladies who wish to preserve their eye shields while still enjoying the benefits of water and steam in the shower. 

The hypoallergenic shield protects even the most delicate skin from being irritated, and it also makes it much simpler to wash and rinse off your face.

Avoid rubbing your eyes during the shower

If you are one of the people who enjoy rubbing their face while they are in the shower, you should try to steer clear of the eye region as much as possible and exercise caution along and close to your lash line.

They can be harmed by vigorous rubbing, pulling, or anything else that might cause your lashes to experience friction. As a general rule, the less you fuss with your eyelashes, the longer they will continue to look their best.

Handle with care

It can be all that’s required to keep your cloves in place at all times with the finest care and attention to detail. To properly care for your face, you nearly always need to touch it, whether you are drying it, applying cosmetics, or exfoliating it.

When doing any of these things, be gentle with the lashes and try not to vigorously massage them in your hands. You may choose to wash your face independently either before or after a shower, but in any case, you should pay close attention to how your clogs manage facial hair.

Review your cosmetics

Washings, soaps, and shampoos containing alcohol or oil should be avoided at all costs. Because these products do not gel with your eyelash extensions, the adhesive link between your natural lashes and the extensions eventually breaks down, which causes your natural lashes to fall out. 

One further advantage of oil-free products is that they do not create acne since they do not clog your pores like traditional products. To determine whether or not your goods are suited for natural laminating, you will need to check with your laminated stylist.

Because it contains oil, a humidifier cannot be put directly on the face without causing the adhesive to degrade. This fact in no way precludes using these creams in any capacity. However, you should use extreme caution and stay away from the area around the cloves.

Don’t go for steamed baths

Maintain a low temperature in the shower to prevent creating an excessive amount of steam. The adhesion that exists between the eyelids and the adhesive might be weakened by steam. 

If you take really hot and steamy showers, you might want to try lowering the temperature to prevent the extended adhesive from becoming more brittle on a daily basis.

To get rid of the steam in your shower more quickly, you may turn on the fan in your bathroom. You should also avoid using eyelash extensions in environments with high humidity levels, such as saunas and steam rooms.

Pat dry upper and lower area of your eyes

Drain both the top and bottom of your laps so that they are completely dry. When you are drying your face, you should avoid placing the towel directly on your eyelashes. 

Your extensions can be deleted if you do this. Instead, you should take the towel and place it over and under your eyes in order to dry the region. 

Before you apply your makeup, give your eyelashes some time to dry out naturally.

If you want to maintain your face hydrated, you should focus on keeping your eyes or eyes moistened. 

The oil in an eye-extension moisturizer has the potential to dissolve the adhesive holding the extensions in place.

Use eyelash shampoo

Even though rubbing your eyes is a major no-no, there are eyelash extension shampoos that are easily accessible on the market that you may use to clean your eyelashes. 

These contribute to the preservation of adhesive and give your semi-permanent cloves a longer shelf life. Some individuals are unable to give up their cherished eye makeup, even after having extensions. 

In order to keep your lash bonding intact, eye products, especially the remover, should not include any oil. Instead of using cotton balls or pads to remove the eye makeup, it is advised to soak a Q-pin in the remover and use that to gently remove the makeup. 

Cotton particle extensions have the potential to cause interference. In a nutshell, the extensions of the lash should not be tampered with in any way, shape, or form.

How To Take Care Of Eyelash Extensions After Shower?

After 48 hours have passed, you can take another shower without risk. It is a common misconception that after getting a new set of eyelash extensions, you should avoid getting them wet under any circumstances.
In reality, the reverse is true. A useful piece of advice when taking a shower is to avoid putting your head in the path of the water’s full force. You should instead let the water drip down your face.

After Getting My Eyelash Extensions Filled, Is It Okay To Get Them Wet?

If you care about them, you shouldn’t use any oil-based makeup remover or mascara, and you should also take a few extra measures, such as avoiding hot showers for at least an hour and avoiding coming into contact with them at any time. You shouldn’t have any problems at all.

After A Day, Is It Safe For My Eyelash Extensions To Become Wet?

Yes, you can get your lash extensions wet after 24 hours have passed; the following are some aftercare recommendations for lash extensions. Avoid rubbing your fingers together and instead wipe the upper eyelid carefully.
It’s important to remember not to gaze straight into your eyes while you’re showering. A loss of form and an early decline in height may result from exposure to high water pressure.

What Kind Of Face Wash Should You Use After Getting Your Eyelashes Extended?

Aftercare for eyelash extensions, remember to be careful. After your session, be sure to keep the eyelash extensions dry for at least four to six hours. Avoid getting any oil-based products in your eyes at all costs, and keep in mind that anything you put on your face will eventually reach the area around your eyes. Washing your face with a washcloth in the sink is one way to circumvent getting anything in the eye area.

Lash extensions are a professional technique for increasing your natural lashes’ appearance without falsifiers or mascara. The procedure involves adhering synthetic lashes to each of your natural lashes using an adhesive.

Hold for just a second, and go see your local lash stylist before you go! Because this is an artificial technique, you won’t be able to enjoy all of your liberties if you continue to use your natural lashings. Eyelash extensions are a semi-permanent method that may be used to ensure that you always need to apply mascara or false eyelashes.

They are individually applied by an eyelash specialist who has been qualified to do so using a specialized adhesive. If you are thinking about getting eyelash extensions but are concerned that you will ruin them in the shower, you should not get in the shower for the first two days after getting your extensions applied. 

Instead, wash your face in the sink, and use oil-based cleansers and removers to keep your eyelash extensions looking good for a longer period of time.

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