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How To Keep Mascara From Smudging?

You never leave the house without your lashes being immaculately groomed, with just the right amount of dark black mascara. What’s the most common outcome of a situation like this? When you look in the mirror at noon, you see that your appearance has gone from being runway flawless to looking like it was run over by a truck.

What does mascara do? Mascara stamping enhances the appearance of your lashes by making them appear longer, thicker, and more full than they actually are. Your eyes will appear wider, making you appear more awake and fresh-faced. But…

Mascara smudges under your eyes will make you look sleepy, hungover, and, to be perfectly honest, a touch less than classy. But wait, before you add layer upon layer of heavy concealer and powder under your eyes to compensate, try these strategies to prevent mascara from running down and retain your natural look. These tips will help you keep your natural look.

Why Does My Mascara Smudge?

It’s not the mascara that’s causing your smudged lashes; instead, it’s your dewy lids that are to blame. Even though you have oily lids that cause your mascara running down and slide all over your face, you should embrace the fact that you have oily lids.

Your eyelid skin is susceptible and thin. Fewer sebaceous glands are found in this area compared to the rest of your skin. Initially, you’ll see indications of aging in your eyelids and around your eyes. We get a crepey, “chicken skin” appearance when our lids are dehydrated.

Why does my mascara smudge under my eyes? Running mascara down to the face is caused by a lack of bonding between the formula and your lashes. You’ll likely wake up with raccoon eyes by 10:00 a.m. if your mascara doesn’t contain chemicals that help it adhere to your lashes.

Fortunately, you have options (more than just waterproof mascara). It is possible to achieve a smudge-free look without using a substance that is nearly hard to remove.

How Can I Prevent Mascara From Smudging?

To avoid having your mascara run, you need to switch from a drugstore brand to a higher-quality product and establish a healthy regimen for your eyelashes. Here are eight easy ways to keep your mascara running down.

Wash Your Face And Lashes

Dirty lashes should not be used as a base for your preferred mascara. Remove any traces of makeup from your eyelashes, eyelids, and brows using a gentle cleansing product.

Also, why not moisturize and nourish your eyelashes while you’re about it? Using raw coconut cream on your lashes cleans and repairs them while hydrating them to a new level.

Fatty acids in raw coconut cream aid in nourishing and enhancing the growth of lashes. Even those with the most sensitive skin might benefit from raw organic coconut cream. 

Apply Primer

Remember that any product you use on the lids to dry them will do just that: dry the skin on the lids and ultimately dehydrate it. While using an eyeshadow primer might help control oily lids, remember that any product you use on the lids to dry them will do just that. 

If you don’t have unusually oily skin, the best way to maintain nourished and smooth eyelids are to use a beauty oil quickly absorbed by the skin. Make sure your beauty oil has been fully absorbed into your skin before applying your mascara. If not, you could end up with clumpy mascara.

An adequately hydrated face will naturally produce less sebum, which will stop your mascara from running down when it comes into contact with your skin.

Use Eyebrow gel

A clear brow gel is one of the most effective ways to prevent unintentional raccoon eye. Even your mascara is held by the product you used to keep your brows in place. Clear brow gel is often overlooked as one of the most effective beauty tools. After applying a couple of coats of your preferred mascara, follow up with a precise brows gel to finish the look.

This will act as a barrier for the mascara underneath, preventing it from smudging, blooming, or leaking through your face. You must allow your brow gel to dry for a sufficient amount of time; otherwise, you will be unable to complete your look. The best part is that brown gel doesn’t add goop or bulk to a clove, which means it won’t dry out and spoil your clove as it fades off, unlike waterproof mascara.

Use Fewer Products (Never Bake)

To prevent mascara running down the face, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to apply too much concealer and powder around your eyes. This will just make the problem worse. Not only does it produce an effect mimicking raccoon eyes that is more dramatic, but it is also about as far off from natural looks as one can get.

The “baking” procedure does exactly what it says it would do: it bakes the areas under the eye, which causes it to become dehydrated and prematurely age. Additionally, this is an outdated approach to putting on cosmetics. Under the eyes, rather than putting a thick coating of concealer followed by a layer of powder that looks like a cake, go for a thin dusting of translucent powder instead.

Before applying your mascara, dust the area directly under your eyes with powder in a gentle, circular motion. If you happen to catch a smudge or a stray bit of excess mascara behind your bottom lashes, dusting off the powder is an easy way to remove it.

Wipe Your Undereyes

Beware of the idea that your mascara should have the adhesive properties of superglue. According to ophthalmologists, it’s bad for your eyes and your lashes. Instead, choose long-lasting, natural treatments and take extra good care of the delicate skin around your eyes.

Make a habit of wiping or blotting the area under your eyes if you’re concerned about smudges. This will allow you to get rid of any buildup of mascara under your eyes, as well as excess oil from your skin.

Blotting the area right below your brow bone can also help prevent smudges from appearing near your eyebrows.

Don’t Shake Mascara

Pumping your mascara vigorously before use does nothing but allow air into the product, causing it to dry, become sloppy, and eventually tangy. Because of this, shelf life is also reduced! That’s what’s causing your expensive mascara to fail so quickly.

Use Blotting

How to keep mascara from smudging? Running mascara is a common problem for oily lashes, and it’s easy to make a slippery platform when you’ve got it on your eyes. It’s pretty simple: just place a blotting paper below your eyes and on the deck to absorb any extra oil.

Apply Mascara Properly

When mascara runs on your face, you’ll get smudges on your upper lid if you continue to coat the backside of your top lashes with mascara. Mascara should only be used on the upper front lashes. For those needing more than one coat, focus on applying extra mascara to the lashes’ tips rather than the entire shaft.

Regarding bottom lashes, it’s best not to apply more than one coat. To avoid a mascara disaster, don’t apply more product under your eyes than you need.

Do Water-Proof Mascara Not Smear?

No, not always. Waterproof mascara coats your lashes with a mixture you can’t simply remove with a mix of hazardous chemical compounds. Polymers and silicones (the same elements you’d find in plastic) are commonly used to coat lashes and protect them from water and sweat.

If your skin is oily enough, these waterproof coatings can still slip or slide off your eyelashes and onto your under-eyes area.

Aside from the fact that it’s not smudge-proof, waterproof mascara is also quite harmful to your lashes. Most waterproof mascaras are drying and don’t let you build them up very well. Tarantula lashes are frequently the result of applying too many coats of mascara to your lashes.

Using waterproof mascara regularly might weaken and lose your lashes of their thickness over time. If you must wear waterproof mascara, use a very thin layer and gently remove it. When removing mascara, never tug, pull, or rub your lashes. 

Can I Use Concealer Over Smudge Mascara?

Using concealer to hide the mascara running is a bad idea. As a starting point, you’ll need a lot more concealer to hide a mascara smudge than you usually would.

You’ll also make an oily mess under your eyes, which will make your mascara run even more quickly, allowing you to use additional concealer. By the end of the day, your face will be caked with concealer, and your mascara will be smudged.

Is It Okay To Use Brow Gel On The Lashes?

In short, it won’t do anything to make your mascara any more smudge-proof or protect your lashes or delicate eye skin from polymers and silicones that aren’t meant for them. When applied directly to the eyelids, a brow gel can irritate the eyes because it isn’t intended for that purpose.

Instead, use dependable, high-quality mascara and follow the instructions mentioned above to keep it from smudging.

Factors To Apply Mascara

Consider mascara as your final touch—it goes on top of eyeshadow, eyeliner, and anything else you’ve applied to your eyes. But before you start swiping, you should choose a product. Which is most important to you: volume, length, or curls? These methods work with any kind of mascara.


What’s a standard piece of advice from makeup artists? Bend the mascara tube’s walls. Snatching your beloved brush may sound intimidating, but gently bending the tip will make it simpler to maneuver around difficult-to-reach spots such as the outer and inner corners of your eye.

Use Curler

Before applying mascara, lift and expand the lashes using an eyelet curler. As a result, your mascara will be able to stick better. Attempt to get as near the lash line as possible without slapping.

Start From The Center

According to experts, the mascara should be applied in a fan pattern, the inner cleaves peeking out of the nose, the center cleaves pointing towards the temples, and the outer cleaves thickly brushed towards the temples.

Choose Product Wisely

Take your time when shopping for mascara. Determine the mascara’s function before making a final decision. Both of these things can be identified by their distinctively different appearances. To make the mascara with essential oils last longer on short eyelids, choose a volumizing mascara.

Look Down While Applying

It may sound like the most straightforward piece of advice in the world, but the truth is that many women forget to wear mascara, which is why it is essential to emphasize this step. Instead of looking in the mirror while applying mascara, just look down at your hands.

You may avoid mascara spoiling your eye shadow by shifting the lattice down, so it doesn’t get in the way of applying the mascara. You won’t have to worry about dealing with smudged mascara if you use this method. Who would have thought that a seemingly insignificant change could have such a profound impact?

3 Best Mascaras To Prevent Smudging

Even though certain long-lasting mascaras can resist sweat, tears, and greasy eyelids, it’s recommended to use a waterproof formula to ensure smudge-proof mascara.

Elizabeth Mott It’s So BIG Volumizing Mascara

Elizabeth Mott’s no-smudge mascara gives long lashes. It’s created with flexible tubing polymers that coat each lash and resist water and sweat. It’s So BIG uses carnauba wax instead of paraffin to extend lashes. Hypoallergenic, lightweight carnauba gives lashes a glossy sheen and is hypoallergenic. This smudge-proof mascara has a peanut-shaped brush for smooth application. This is the most excellent anti-smudge mascara, even for sensitive eyes.

Neutrogena Healthy Lengths Mascara

How to prevent mascara from smudging? Neutrogena’s Healthy Lengths Mascara has a unique lengthening composition. Vitamin E and olive oil maintain and strengthen eyelashes to withstand cosmetics and pollution. Rice protein lengthens lashes for a fuller look. Neutrogena’s non-clumping mascara has a bristle brush and antioxidant-rich pigment. No raccoon eyes or clumping here!

Revlon So Fierce! Mascara

Falsies aren’t necessary for a full-glam eye. So Fierce! Mascara gives you long lashes. It’s a great alternative to false lashes. It contains lash-lifting polymers, rice bran waxes, and paraffin to volumize lashes. With 252 multi-layered bristles, no eyelash is missed. So Fierce! gives you glossy, slaying lashes when feeling empowered and carefree.

How To Apply Mascara To Prevent Smudging?

After completing the preceding steps, it is time to put on your mascara. The first step is to make sure that your lashes are clean, as this is what the experts advise. When you apply additional mascara on top of lashes that still have some, the lashes will have a greater tendency to smudge and shed more. 

After cleaning them, grab your go-to mascara and apply it regularly. If you apply mascara to your lower lashes, try using a waterproof formula and find that it still smudges. 

When applying mascara to the bottom lashes, begin at the base of the lashes and work your way outward, avoiding getting the product on the tips of the lashes. This will prevent the mascara from coming into contact with the skin directly under the eyes.

You are welcome to keep using your go-to mascara because, even though there are proven waterproof formulas that can resist sweat and humidity, various techniques still help your formula remain put.

To begin, beauty experts recommend using a clear brow gel after applying mascara to prevent the formula from smudging. Then, according to beauty experts, you can make your go-to formula bulletproof by applying a coat of waterproof mascara on top of it. 

We recommend the La Roche-Posay Respectissime Extension Mascara if you’re looking for one that is lightweight, won’t clump or flake until the end of the day, and won’t smudge.

The use of mascara is the quickest and easiest technique to give the impression that you are awake, making it one of the best beauty inventions ever made. However, this is also one of the most challenging mascaras to use, and not only do you run the risk of getting it everywhere besides your cloves, but you also run the risk of making other mistakes that can cause your cloves to become damaged.

If you use too many coats of mascara, it may weigh down your lace and may even cause it to come undone. If you take care and remember to follow these expert pointers, you won’t ever have to worry about your mascara running.