how to take care of eyelash extensions after a shower

Tips And After Care Of Lash Extensions When Taking A Shower

How to take care of eyelash extensions after a shower? Eyelash extensions are a form of semi-permanent cosmetics; however, in contrast to strip lashes, they can be worn for several weeks at a time.

If you take the appropriate measures to maintain its appearance, it will continue to be stunning for more than a month. Showering is the single most crucial step in the aftercare routine for lash extensions, although many other steps are involved.

The lash extensions that I have, can they become wet? How to take a shower while having eyelash extensions applied. You can still take normal showers when you have eyelash extensions, but you should avoid getting your lashes wet for at least the first four hours so the eyelash adhesive can properly cure.

Additionally, it would be best to steer clear of touching your lashes, taking very hot and humid showers, and directing strong water pressure straight at your lashes.

Today’s article will help you establish best practices when showering with eyelash extensions, how to take a bath with eyelash extensions, the types of soaps and shampoos you can use, and will debunk a few myths along the way. The article will also help you learn how to take care of eyelash extensions after showering.

How to take care of eyelash extensions after a shower | Eyelash Extensions Shower Tips

take care of eyelash extensions after a shower
Take Care Of Eyelash Extensions After A Shower  (Image Source: Pinterest)

It has already been established that you can get the eyelash extensions that you have moist. If you want your lashes to last as long as possible after getting into the shower with them on, follow these easy instructions.

Stay away from high water pressure

Your eyelash extensions’ ability to stay in place may be negatively impacted if they are subjected to the power of water streaming directly from the showerhead. Because of this, you should avoid pointing the showerhead directly at your lashes and utilizing high-pressure showers or jets.

If you want the water from the shower to hit the back of your head rather than your eyes, you can spin around while under it. Another option is to cup some water in your hands and use that to rinse your face while you are in the shower.

Steer clear of hot, steamy showers

The temperature of the water is very important because hot water generates steam and increases the amount of moisture in the air.

It is plenty on its own, but when coupled with the high temperature, this is enough to reawaken the relationship between the extensions and your natural lashes.

Reduce the temperature of the water as soon as possible if you notice that your bathroom is beginning to generate steam.

Your skin will benefit the most from a shower that is kept at a temperature ranging from 99 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit and should be kept at that temperature.

To prevent dry skin during winter, dermatologist Dr. Rajani Katta advises patients to take lukewarm showers for 10 to 15 minutes. 

You should stay away from hot and humid regions for the same reasons that you should avoid visiting there: the heat and the steam.

For this reason, those who get eyelash extensions should avoid going to tanning salons, saunas, and steam baths.

Purifying your eyebrows and lashes

It is not sufficient to eliminate the oil and dirt from in between your lashes by merely rinsing the lashes with water.

It is recommended that you cleanse your lashes, eyelashes, and face at the very end of your shower after you have finished scrubbing your body and hair.

This will ensure that you remove all traces of oil from your lashes, including oil from any cleaning products used.

When cleaning your lash extensions, you should avoid using your hands in favor of a cosmetics brush instead. This will make the process much simpler.

To begin, load the cleanser onto your makeup brush and proceed to apply it to your eyes in a circular motion. Take your time and clean your lashes carefully with a lash cleanser designed for that purpose.

You don’t have to give your eyelash extensions a vigorous scrub to keep them clean.

Lashes that have been dried out

After showering, most people will reach for their bath towels to dry their lash extensions.

It is crucial to remember not to massage your eyelashes with a towel when you are trying to dry them, regardless of whether the towel is lint-free or made from cashmere.

This is because such towels frequently cause lash extensions to become entangled. When using a towel, gently remove any extra moisture by patting it dry.

After you get out of the shower, you should let your eyelashes air dry. If it takes too long, you should acquire a fan that you can hold in your hand.

If you want your eyelashes to be dry as soon as possible after you get out of the shower, use a low-cool setting on your hair dryer and select the cool-air setting.

If you keep the blow dryer at a safe distance from your face (at least a few inches), your eyelashes won’t be subjected to the high-pressure air that can damage them.

After the natural lashes have had enough time to dry, the extensions can be applied using a clean mascara brush.

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