how to use eyeliner stencils?

How to Use Eyeliner Stencils

Eyeliner stencils are the clear plastic arrangements that you may directly place on your lash lines to create eyeliner. The finish obtained by eyeliner stencils is practically identical to the finish offered by normal eyeliners. 

In this article, we will teach you how to use eyeliner stencil. No one can discern between an eyeliner done naturally and an eyeliner applied using a stencil – except that liner applied with a stencil tended to seem more perfect.

Steps to Use Eyeliner Stencils

There are 4 steps to using eyeliner stencils.

how to use eyeliner stencils?
How to Use Eyeliner Stencils? (Image Source: Pinterest)

Step 1:

Place the edge of the eyeliner form just above the lash line and adjust the position of the shape to suit your eyes. The stencil should be held in place using the index and middle fingers.

Step 2:

Apply black eye makeup using an eye shadow brush in the form of eyeliner, pushing down on the shadow instead of sweeping it. Continue along the black line drawn on the stencil.

Step 3:

If you want a more strong color, you may dampen the brush and apply more pressure to it. Apply your favorite gel, liquid, or pencil eyeliner once you’ve removed the stencil from your face.

Step 4:

After removing the stencil, you may adjust the length and width of the wings to your liking. Before applying the stencil to the second eye, be sure to wipe it well with a tissue.

Instructions on how to apply a cat eyeliner stencil?

apply a cat eyeliner stencil
Apply a Cat Eyeliner Stencil (Image Source: Pinterest)

Place the liner stencil on top of the lid, aligning it with the sharp wing.

Fill in the liner portion of the wing with the same dark eyeshadow that you used for it. As you make your way through the stencil, use fast, pressing motions to apply the color.

Use a cat eyeliner stencil as a guide.

Not to worry if the stencil does not reach the corner of your eyeball exactly as you would want. You may bring it closer and fill in the gaps with an open eye if you want to do so.

How to Apply an Eyeliner Stencil on the Bottom Eyelashes?

First, read what are the best eyeliner stencils. The bottom liner stencil should be placed just beneath your lower lashes. Fill in the area around the eyes with fast swiping strokes, using the same black eyeshadow.

Additionally, make certain that it connects to the outside corner of the wing. This will only take you about two-thirds of the way over your bottom lashline. You were applying gel liner to the bottom of the waterline. Line the waterline of your eyes with a gel-based eyeliner.

Apply Mascara

Mascara should be applied to both the top and bottom lashes. So, here’s how to get the stunning cat eyeliner effect with just eyeshadow and a stencil. It’s delicate, subtle, and really realistic! The next step will teach you how to achieve a more dramatic appearance by darkening the look.

Add Gel Eyeliner

If you want to perform the cat eye with the gel liner, you already have the guidance in place to help you. To complete the look, all you have to do is gently go over the darker eyeshadow with your black gel eyeliner.

Use a pencil to trace over the stencil lines. You’re just tracing over the line, and it’s a fantastic technique to improve your drawing abilities.

Tip: If you don’t have a steady hand, place the eyeliner stencil back over the eyelid for improved precision.